Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The Point by John Dixon

The Point
by John Dixon

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Del Rey (August 7, 2018)
Publication Date: August 7, 2018
Genre: YA Science Fiction | Fantasy
Print Length: 320 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
What if you had a power you had to hide from everyone--until now? In this bold sci-fi action thriller, a secret training program at West Point is turning misfits into a new generation of heroes. 

Welcome to The Point, future leaders of the Posthuman Age.

New Cadets, society is not ready for you. The oldest, fiercest fear is ignorance. The general population would burn you at the metaphorical stake.

Here, you will train alongside other posthumans. You will learn to control and maximize your powers and to use them for the greater good. You will discover camaraderie and purpose.

You will become a part of something bigger than yourselves: the Long Gray Line. 

Scarlett Winter has always been an outsider, and not only because she's a hardcore daredevil and born troublemaker--she has been hiding superhuman powers she doesn't yet understand. Now she's been recruited by a secret West Point unit for cadets with extraordinary abilities. Scarlett and her fellow students are learning to hone their skills, from telekinetic combat to running recon missions through strangers' dreamscapes. At The Point, Scarlett discovers that she may be the most powerful cadet of all. With the power to control pure energy, she's a human nuclear bomb--and she's not sure she can control her powers much longer.

Even in this army of outsiders, Scarlett feels like a misfit all over again, but when a threat that endangers her fellow students arises from the school's dark past, duty calls and Scarlett must make a choice between being herself and becoming something even greater: a hero. 
The Point by John Dixon

The PointScarlett was a rebel without a cause, a daredevil, a born troublemaker, a teen with a secret and now she has met her match. She is about to become part of a secret training program hidden deep within the bowels of West Point, but is she ready to become a hero?

THE POINT by John Dixon is a brilliantly edgy young adult science fiction tale that is jam-packed with action and danger, but where does the danger really lie? Teens with superhuman powers are being trained covertly to become the nation’s secret weapons, but is everything as it seems?

Called “posthumans,” these teens are raw, untrained and possess potentially deadly abilities. They are also highly intelligent and something just doesn’t feel right. Scarlett will be forced to choose between her own survival and the survival of her fellow students and her country.

John Dixon just blew me out of the water with his creative talents! THE POINT opened with a bang and never let up! Feel the emotional turmoil of young adults thrown into an unknown world, sense the tension that is building and witness some incredible characters rise to the challenges set before them. Personalities will clash, lies will be told, and blood will be shed as we become part of an incredible world filled with characters who come alive with the intensity of a fireworks display finale!

Magnetic from start to finish, horrifying at times, mesmerizing at others, science fiction lovers, this one’s for you!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Del Rey!

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