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Emmeline, Bride of Arkansas by Carra Copelin

Emmeline, Bride of Arkansas
by Carra Copelin

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: July 12, 2018
Publisher: Carra Copelin
Genre: Historical Romance
Print Length: 107 pages
Available from: Amazon
Emmeline Weidner arrives in Arkansas, after being left at the altar by her intended, a young man from a prominent Philadelphia family. Seeking to heal her bruised feminine ego, she moves in with her sister. While learning to cope with her new life, she discovers she isn’t content to live the life of a spoiled society woman. Can she let go of her new-found independence, when the right man comes along? 

This book was previously published in the anthology Pistols and Poplin 

Lincoln Bass returns to Flat Rock Point, Arkansas a year after the accident that almost cost him his life. His friend and former employer has asked him for help at the lumber mill. He is apprehensive, but feels he owes the man who saved his life. He decides to stay and help with the investigation to save the lumber mill, and face his anxieties. He’d planned on going back to his home in Little Rock, until he crossed paths with the most delectable, yet bewildering female he’d ever encountered.

Emmeline, Bride of Arkansas by Carra Copelin

Emmeline, Bride of Arkansas: Sequel to Laurel: Bride of ArkansasLike some sass with your romance? Want a rugged setting, a swoon-worthy hero and a heroine who may have been left at the altar, but doesn’t let that slow her down? How about a little suspense as a side dish?

Carra Copelin’s EMMELINE, BRIDE OF ARKANSAS may be short on pages, but it is long on entertainment as Emmeline heads to Arkansas to begin a new life far from her pampered Philadelphia home and has a rather startling meeting with Lincoln Bass, a logger returning to help out a friend, Emmeline’s brother-in-law, at the lumber mill. From that moment on, let’s say these two are destined for something, whether it’s trading attitude or kisses! Why, Emmeline may even learn how food is actually made!

I loved this quick little romance that took me back in time to a rather unique setting, because really how often do loggers get to be the hot hero? For that matter, how often does the privileged heroine roll up her sleeves and get dirty without any qualms?

Ms. Copelin’s writing style is light with just the right amount of romance with a pinch of danger, both enough to cause sparks to combust!

I received a complimentary copy from Carra Copelin!

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