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Plague Land: Reborn by Alex Scarrow (Plague Land, #2)

Plague Land: Reborn
by Alex Scarrow

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Plague Land - Book 2
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire (September 4, 2018)
Publication Date: September 4, 2018
Genre: YA Science Fiction
Print Length: 416 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Two years ago, a virus hit London, killing thousands of people and driving the rest into hiding. But Leon has somehow survived, making it through two harsh winters. Now he's living on the fragile hope that the freezing snow and ice of the English climate wiped out the virus for good. Word even reaches Leon of a rescue boat on its way.

But all is not as safe as it seems. The virus has been busy...
Plague Land: Reborn by Alex Scarrow (Plague Land, #2)

RebornSequel alert! I think when I saw this book, I missed that part, but guess what? Alex Scarrow didn’t make me feel like the new kid at school who has no idea what everyone is talking about!

The post-apocalyptic PLAGUE LAND: REBORN is tense, intelligent and so well-thought out that even someone coming late to the party will grasp the concept that “something” has decimated the world’s population with nary a zombie in sight. Flashbacks between present day events and “The Event” two years prior connects characters and gives this tale that “worldwide” devastation feel as well as the determination and grit it takes to survive against all odds.

The main characters are great, not too worldly, in spite of what they have survived, not too over-the-top “larger than life,” just victims who grew into the world they existed in. The main characters can be fooled, want to believe in the positive, in the near miraculous and need the hope that has been provided.

Meanwhile, there are always those who take advantage of every apocalypse, power-hungry egomaniacs who see an opportunity to gain personal power and grab it. Then there are those who believe their family must be alive and are in a position through Fate or fabulous writing to possibly find their loved ones. Will they?

Hive minds, growing mass-consciousness and evolution will keep this “plague” alive and trust me, it will thrive while humanity is clueless. I loved it. Yes, I will read book one, I’m good with the rest of the story coming a bit late, honest, I am because Alex Scarrow gave me just enough information to understand the past and I have just enough curiosity to want to live next to the survivors, I want to see their ordeal and I want to feel how the past two years carried them forward.

Brilliant world-building, or is that world-destruction? Fabulous characters, the good, the bad and the mysterious and a sense of tension throughout that is so sharp, I’m surprised I didn’t cut myself turning the Kindle pages!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Sourcebooks Fire!

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