Friday, August 3, 2018

Second Chance at Two Love Lane by Kieran Kramer (Two Love Lane #3)

Second Chance at Two Love Lane
by Kieran Kramer

My Rating: 3.5 Stars

Series: Two Love Lane - Book 3
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks (August 28, 2018)
Publication Date: August 28, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Number of Pages: 336
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Sometimes love is waiting in the second act...

In her professional career, Ella Mancini plays matchmaker at Two Love Lane but, in her personal life, she takes the stage at the Dock Street Theatre. Now she has a chance at a new role in a Hollywood movie that happens to be filming in Charleston—one that features a big-name actress, Samantha Drake. Long ago, Ella passed up a major audition while awaiting a marriage proposal. Not only didn’t she get the role; she never got the ring, either. Instead, her boyfriend Hank went on to become a huge film star…leaving her, and all her dreams, behind.

But now Hank’s back in Charleston, cast as the male lead in the same movie Ella’s in. In spite of the dramatic tension off-screen, he and Ella try to stay cool onset. But when their old feelings start to heat up—at the same time leading-lady Samantha tries to play cupid—all bets are off. How can Hank convince Ella, after all this time, that she’s the one he really wants to be with in real life—and that some happy, rom-com endings really can come true?

Second Chance at Two Love Lane by Kieran Kramer
(Two Love Lane #3)

Second Chance at Two Love LaneElla is a professional matchmaker at Two Love Lane, but her personal love life tanked years before when she lost the man of her dreams and her dreams of becoming an actress in the time it took to say “CUT.”

Hank and Ella were in love, but stardom called Hank and as he rocketed to fame and fortune, Ella became the girl he used to know, the girl he left behind, the girl he still loves.

Now they are together again, Hank as the lead male and Ella as a bit part cast member, can they rekindle the love they once shared? Can Ella trust in Hank? Can she trust herself to know what she wants or have the scars of love lost hardened her heart and shattered her self-confidence?

SECOND CHANCE AT TWO LOVE LANE by Kieran Kramer is the story of love lost, the fear of being hurt again and hanging on to the past a little too hard. Meanwhile, quirky supporting characters take a run at playing matchmaker themselves and it is nearly lost in the lack of communication and honesty between Ella and Hank. I wanted to see these two actually speak up and get out of their heads, particularly Ella, who acted more like a child than an adult at many points.

All told, not bad, just not my favorite from this author or this series!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from St. Martin's Press!

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