Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Stygian by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Dark-Hunter #22)


Written by: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Series: Dark-Hunter Novels
Sequence in Series: Book 22
Hardcover: 656 pages
Publisher: Tor Books
Publication Date: August 28, 2018
ISBN-10: 1250102685
ISBN-13: 978-1250102683
Genre: Paranormal Romance

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My Rating: 4 stars (but you can't really rate it until its complete and I, unfortunately, don't have my hands on the full book until my preordered copy arrives August 28th)
While the books don’t have to be read in order, if you haven’t read Dragonsworn, this synopsis will contain massive spoilers for DS. We just wanted to warn you!

Born before man recorded time, I lived for thousands of years, believing myself to be something I’m not. Someone I’m not.

Lied to and betrayed by gods, Daimons, and Dark-Hunters, I’ve struggled to find my way in a world where I’ve been cursed since the moment a vengeful goddess prematurely ripped me from my mother and planted me into the womb of an innocent woman who thought me her son.

Trained as a slayer and predator, I’ve learned to fit in and stay low. To become a tool for evil. Until I was sent to kill the one woman I couldn’t. My hesitation cost her, her life. Or so I thought. In an act of betrayal that makes all the others pale in comparison, I’ve learned that things are not what they seem in this world and that my Phoebe still lives. Now I will have to travel into the very pits of Hades to try and save her, even as everyone around me attempts to steal what little soul I have left. There’s only one person at my back and I’m not sure I can trust her either, for she was born of an enemy race. Yet sometimes the road to redemption is one that singes us to our very core. And if I fail to find the answers I need to save Phoebe, more than just my wife will die. We will lose the world. Both human and Daimon.

~Urian of the House of Aricles
Stygian (Dark-Hunter, #29)Stygian by Sherrilyn Kenyons

This is an excerpt, not the complete novel so I can only tell you want I thought of the excerpt I read. I can't believe we are at 29 books in the Dark Hunter series, yet Kenyon still manages to provide a fresh, surprising plot that gravitates the reader right into the Dark Hunter's world. This is a huge series and to really enjoy it, it should be read in order...you don't want to miss a thing. To give a brief description of the series, I'd have to say the Dark Hunter series is a world where magic and myth, legends and romance collide with a paranormal romance, historical paranormal romance and urban fantasy...MAKES FOR SOME AMAZING READING.

This excerpt of Stygian provides details and back history, that even me, a devoted Dark Hunter fan found startling and thrilled to learn. I can't wait to get the entire story, I was definitely left wanting more!

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