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The Hysterical City by Andrea Berthot

The Hysterical City

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Written by: Andrea Berthot
Print Length: 232 pages
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Publication Date: July 31, 2018
Genre: Historical Fantasy
After surviving the deadly scandal at Tom Casey’s Broadway theatre, Bonnie Campbell jumps at the chance to accompany Cambrian Branch to his new film studio in Paris. She doesn’t particularly enjoy swooning and making ridiculous faces for the camera, but she hopes the City of Light will help her find her own illumination. She is determined to escape the past, gain her independence, and - most of all - never be trapped or controlled by a man again.

At first, Paris is a dream come true. Bonnie finds a progressive, like-minded friend in Laura Sayer, and a handsome, entrancing mystery in Laura’s twin brother, Leslie. When Bonnie discovers her own talent for directing, the three of them - along with a fierce, proud actress named Marie - team up to create new, daring films that electrify Paris.

But, the city isn’t without its dangers. Laura’s uncle, a doctor at the famous Salpêtrière insane asylum, is obsessed with curing hysteria and believes Tom Casey’s hypnosis victims could provide the answers. Bonnie fears if he uncovers her past she’ll be imprisoned once more, and the city’s growing hysteria over her films only sharpens the doctor’s obsession and focus on her. Meanwhile, the film studio has been beset by sudden, strange disappearances, and Bonnie is worried she or one of her friends could be the next victim.

Both fans of The Gold and Gaslight Chronicles and new readers alike will enjoy this stand-alone/final chapter in which Bonnie and her friends from London, New York, and Paris struggle to find themselves, find love, and finally end the destructive legacy of Dr. Jekyll.

The City of Light might be hiding the darkest, most dangerous secret of all.
The Hysterical City (The Gold and Gaslight Chronicles #3)The Hysterical City by Andrea Berthot

The Hypnotic City was a marvelous conclusion to The Gold and Gaslight Chronicles. This is a progressive plot, F/F relationship, filled with a cast of quirky, fun and entertaining people you wished you could meet in person. They struggle to find love and happiness even with difficulties hanging over their heads. Real, genuinely written, this cast jump right off the pages.

Don’t get me wrong, The Hypnotic City had so much more than a quirky cast. The antagonist is a proper villain, with zero conscience causing quite a bit a mayhem…leading to mystery, hear and pulse pounding suspense.

I really enjoyed blast into the past of entertainment field, the entire premise and the over all execution of the story telling. The Hysterical City is a magical journey you won’t want to miss.

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