Thursday, September 13, 2018

Tranquility by Jon D. Zimmer (Death Chronicles Trilogy, #2)

by Jon D. Zimmer

My rating: 4 stars

Trilogy: Death Chronicles - Book 2
Publisher: SynergEbooks (June 21, 2018)
Publication Date: June 21, 2018
Genre: Fantasy |
Print Length: 181 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Tranquility is a beautiful place where life after Earth continues, where the pursuit of love, knowledge and truth is its purpose. 

Yet in this blissful environment, there are odious earth traits that continue in some of those who arrive. Some still want power and control; some even believe that they have become deities. Michael rapidly becomes acclimated to the essence of Tranquility, and soon becomes the head of security at a time when Tranquility and Earth are threatened by one who believes he has become a deity and who has acquired many followers.

There are electrifying conflicts, journeys into outer space, and finding eight lost souls who left Tranquility twelve thousand years ago in search of eternity.

Tranquility by Jon D. Zimmer (Death Chronicles Trilogy, #2)

TranquilityIs there life after death? Is it another dimension of existence in the form of energy where only good should prevail? Is it the Heaven we have been taught to believe in or is it something different, equally as pleasant, but different?

TRANQUILITY by Jon D. Zimmer is a world of existence after we die on the earthly plane. Its purpose is to pursue knowledge, love and truth. But is it pure or can evil still twist its beauty into something threatening not only to Tranquility, but to Earth, itself?

Part science fiction, part fantasy, TRANQUILITY and its inhabitants can travel back to the earth plane and beyond with just a thought. Michael died knowing he would meet up with his loved ones one day, but as on Earth, everyone needs a purpose. Michael has become the head of security at a time when one being, still having his lust for power plots to take over both planes of existence as a deity. Now it is up to him to ensure that evil does not take a greater hold on Earth, tainting Tranquility. His investigation will take him beyond the matters of Earth into an eye opening truth of other beings in the universe, travelers from thousands of years prior and what could be one of the greatest discoveries of life.

Mr. Zimmer has not created a rapid-fire tale of space travel, he has given a view of the possibilities of life after death, the first aliens to come to Earth and how deities were first “created” here. A tale of good conquering evil, unveiling the secrets of the universe and life beyond death, this is a read that is easy to follow and a nice way to spend a few hours of escape, although action and adventure lovers may find it too tame.

I do think that reading the first book is essential to fully understand Michael and the beginning of this book in order to gain the “rest of the story.”

I received a complimentary copy from Jon D. Zimmer!

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