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On the Count of Three by Carolyn Arnold (Brandon Fisher FBI Series, #7)

On the Count of Three
by Carolyn Arnold

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Brandon Fisher FBI Series - Book 7
Publisher: Hibbert & Stiles Publishing Inc. (December 4, 2018)
Publication Date: December 4, 2018
Genre: Suspense
Print Length: 378 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
And they thought prison was hell… 

When a woman’s disappearance ticks off all the same boxes as two unsolved murders, Miami homicide detective Kelly Marsh is convinced there’s about to be a third. If she’s right and the killer sticks to their previous MO, she only has three days before Jenna Kelter’s decapitated head will show up somewhere in the city. With no time to waste, Kelly reaches out to the one person she knows can help: her former mentor and family friend Jack Harper, who just happens to lead a team with the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit. 

BAU special agent and profiler Brandon Fisher easily sees the similarities between Detective Marsh’s missing person case and the two cold cases: all three victims served time for DUI vehicular homicide and disappeared three days after being released from prison. But is that enough to assume Kelter has been abducted by a serial killer? Brandon’s not so sure and fears his boss may have let his personal connection to Marsh cloud his judgment. Surely there isn’t any other explanation for why they jumped into an investigation less than twenty-four hours after Kelter was reported missing. Then again, maybe Brandon is letting his own differences with the detective affect his perspective. He’ll need to move past it, though—and quickly. 

After all, this killer has evaded capture for the past six years, and they may be looking at a lot more victims than originally suspected. This serial killer is calling the shots and pulling them into a macabre game of cat and mouse. While the team has no choice but to play, if they don’t make the right moves, one of them may not make it out of Miami alive.
On the Count of Three by Carolyn Arnold
(Brandon Fisher FBI Series, #7)

On the Count of Three (Brandon Fisher FBI series Book 7)Personal feelings and misgivings add an extra layer of suspense to Carolyn Arnold’s ON THE COUNT OF THREE. When a woman goes missing in Miami, a favor is called in and the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit is wheels up, enroute to the tropical paradise. In the past, two women were found decapitated and a Miami police detective has found what she thinks is a horrific and compelling link to believe this is more than a missing person case. Now it’s up to Brandon Fisher and his team to find the needle in the haystack before the latest victim becomes another statistic.

Is three the unlucky charm or does this unknown monster have more bodies hidden away? The biggest lead is the fact that these women all have DUI convictions and went missing only days after their release from prison. Does someone think they haven’t paid for their crimes? Are they giving out their own brand of justice? Evil lurks in the shadows and the clock is ticking…

Carolyn Arnold’s style is gritty, intense and layered in rich detail. Each scene read like a movie running across my mental screen as I sat riveted to each page. Dark, graphic and gut-clenching at times, the personal interactions among the FBI team may make this case even harder as seasoned veterans re-think their life’s work as they dance to the Unsub’s tune.

Edgy and bold writing make this another hit for Carolyn Arnold and suspense lovers everywhere!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Hibbert & Stiles!

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