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Planet Talzor Needs Brides by Eva Gordon #Giveaway Blitz

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October 10 - November 10, 2018

Planet Talzor Needs Brides
Shalhinari Space Chronicles
By Eva Gordon
The Misadventures of an Earthling Matchmaker
Author: Eva Gordon
Genre: Science Fiction Romance (with strong elements of humor, action adventure and suspense). Space opera, romance comedy, alien lover, science fiction fantasy, science fiction romantic suspense, action/adventure, humor, space warrior.
Series: Shalhinari Space Chronicles
Publisher: Eva Gordon
Publication Date: October 3, 2018
Print Length:  235 pages  


Mitzi leads a quiet life as a professional matchmaker. Her cozy life is turned upside down when she is chosen as the matchmaker for an alien species searching for wives. Naturally, she refuses. Unfortunately, she’s having a hard time saying no to the dashingly handsome but domineering alien warrior. Although, he makes her heart flutter, it’s a good thing he’s not her type.

Jax, captain of the Talzor starship, is ordered to hire a shalhinari, a spiritual matchmaker, to find soul mates for six of his men. He locates the best shalhinari on Earth; yet, Mitzi Selig the earthbound woman tries his patience. To his distress, he is drawn to her beauty, questioning his judgment. Worse, his long suppressed empathy gene awakens, a trait not seemly for a warrior.

The magnetic pull between Captain Jax and Mitzi is astronomical. Yet, can a tormented warrior and a woman who refuses to leave Earth find love? A long light-year distance relationship is one thing, but looming danger could curtail any chance for their star-crossed passion.

Follow the misadventures of an earthling matchmaker.

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Mitzi followed Jenkins down the hall to the office where she’d meet the alien. Her laptop in hand, ready to work. The sooner I get this over with, the sooner I can go back to my life.
Jenkins knocked on the door. “Captain.”
“Enter,” said a deep voice, somewhere between a growl and a command. All grouchy. Possibly hangry for human flesh.
“Captain Jax. This is Mitzi Selig, the shalhinari.”
Mitzi gaped at the tall man with a broad chest and shoulders. He looked more like a warrior from some popular battle game or fantasy movie. Nothing like the skinny gray alien creature she expected to see. His dark uniform gave him a strong military bearing, as indicated by his title. Black hair, sapphire blue eyes and dashing defined jawline. A scar near his left eye, the only noticeable flaw. She felt like she was meeting an actor in a casting call for a superhero role. Or worse, her latest book boyfriend from a historical romance novel about a devilish, handsome pirate who took a duchess prisoner. She’d only been attracted to alpha-type men in the novels she read. If she ever married, she’d choose the sweeter beta male. Although, didn’t she make the mistake of thinking her ex-fiancĂ© was the sweet type? “I thought you would be gray, green…” Shit. “I mean, not so human looking.” Great, his first impression of her was a babbling fool.
Jax lifted a brow as if scolding an ill-mannered child. “You are referring to the reptilian drones. We Talzorians are humanoid.”
Get your shit together, Mitzi. She bowed her head. “A pleasure to meet you.”
Jax turned to Jenkins. “That will be all.”
“Understood.” Jenkins gave her an encouraging nod and left.
The gorgeous alien captain’s scowl remained. “I’m pleased you finally relented to being our shalhinari.”
Like I had a choice? “Colson Tate has a real knack for convincing people.”
“To both of our benefits.”
Yeah, I get to live and you get six women. “I understand the term shalhinari means matchmaker.”
“Correct. The shalhinari understands not only bringing together people with similar likes and goals in life, but the union of their spirits.”
“I learned that from my grandmother, which is why all her matches have the lowest divorce rate of any other matchmaking service.” Still, this had to do more with properly vetting the eligible couple, not magic.
“Good, my men deserve the skills of the best.”
“I tend to be very thorough and scientific. I will require the profiles of your men.” She tilted her head at the man who belonged in fantasy dreams. “Please, don’t take this personally, but is this your actual form? The women of earth must know your true appearance.” Because if this was his real look, she’d have women lined up around the globe. Even she might take a number.
“I don’t take anything personally. As I mentioned earlier, we are humanoid, and yes, this is my real appearance.”
“Got it.” She reached for her laptop. “Let’s get started.”
“I have better technology on my ship.”
No one mentioned space travel. Mitzi stepped back. “I rather not leave terra firma. I figure since I get sea sick, I’m not a good candidate for zero gravity.”
“Our medical lab is fully equipped. Don’t worry. We’ll remain stationed on Earth.”
How could she trust him? “I’d feel more comfortable here, thank you very much.”
Jax stiffened and stared at her as if she had grown a horn or something. He swallowed and his tone softened. “Don’t be frightened. We are not going anywhere, for now.”
What about no spaceship don't you understand? “I’m not scared. I figure, why waste a perfectly good office set up that accommodates my needs?”

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