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A woman with the mark of the wolf.
An Alpha trying to save his pack...

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By Eva Gordon

Series: Wolf Maiden Saga- Book 1
Publisher: Eva Gordon; 2 edition (August 12, 2018)
Publication Date: August 12, 2018
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 257 pages
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An authority on wolves, Veterinarian, Dr. Madeline Styles is hired to stop a disease killing the wolf pups at the Shadow of the Moon Wolf Sanctuary in Montana. Wyatt Weylan who runs the sanctuary is drop dead gorgeous, mysterious, and domineering. A man one does not deny.

The minute Wyatt sees Madeline, he is smitten—no—obsessed. Unfortunately, he is forbidden to mate a human. Could she be a rare wolf maiden? A woman with the mark of the wolf. Not possible.

Madeline discovers the pack’s true nature and unexpected dangers that come with living in a secret society. Wyatt does his best to ease her into the truth, yet, an immediate threat from an enemy werewolf shadows their tentative relationship.

Wyatt glanced at his watch. “I’m running a few minutes late. Where’s Dr. Styles speaking?”
She pointed her pen. “Down past the reception area, to the right. You can’t miss it. There’s a photograph of her in front of the lecture hall. Don’t forget to turn off your cell phone. She’s already started her presentation.”
“Thank you.” He moved fast. In front of a closed room was a huge poster with her name, Dr. Madeline B. Styles, and her topic, ‘Distemper in Wild Populations of Afroalpine Ethiopian Wolves’. Her photograph was bigger than life. She sat on a boulder holding a young red wolf pup. Her lusciously curly hair was a deep brown auburn with red highlights that accentuated her stunning face and big brown eyes. She wore a white, button-down, sleeveless shirt and khaki safari shorts that displayed well-toned, tanned legs. His heart hammered with lust. Damn. She is strikingly beautiful. Wyatt took a deep breath and, in his excitement to enter, he accidentally slammed the door open. All eyes turned to him at the momentary disturbance. He mouthed, “Sorry.”
Dr. Styles cast him a brief glance before showing the next slide. “As you can see, this female had five healthy pups.”
His intention had been to sit in the back and try to stay awake. After many years of attending such conferences with his parents, Wyatt had lost interest in wolf biology. However, he’d have no problem staying awake for this one. He stood there, staring like a lovesick idiot. Her hair was up, with a few loose curls around the nape of her pale neck. He could almost taste her flesh. She wore a classy, red silk shirt and a straight, tapered black skirt that flaunted subtle curves on a svelte body and a deliciously beckoning bottom. Her e-mail about a hot lap dance played in his mind like a musical tune stuck in his head.
Wyatt scanned the small auditorium for closer seats. There was an empty one in the front row. The better to smell her. He walked, no, stalked to the empty chair close to the aisle. He sat and watched her, ignoring the power point, except for the occasional slide that had her in it. He focused all of his senses on her. The scent of her shampoo, the look of her body, and the small sound of her tongue nervously licking her lips were all enough to drive him mad with desire.
He noticed that her pulse had quickened and she smelled nervous as his eyes bore into her. He eased her tension by turning his attention back to the slide show. Her voice was deep for a woman. It reminded him of sultry, old-generation Hollywood actresses with lower, richer tones that advertised sensuality.
A wolf’s howl ringtone sounded from his pocket. Shit, he’d forgotten to turn off his phone. He pulled it out. It was Tilda. Fumbling, he turned it off after the fourth ringtone howl. The audience laughed. He looked around sheepishly. “Sorry, I forgot to turn it off.”
Her big, brown eyes sparkled in amusement, as if relaxed that she now had the power. “Next time, tell your wolf to call you after my talk.”
More laughter.
She lectured for another twenty minutes while displaying photographs of distemper-damaged cells and the endangered small wolves. Anyone else would’ve sounded boring, but not Madeline. Especially not with that sultry voice that made him want to howl, as if she was a moon goddess. She entertained rather than lectured, using humor and sharing interesting experiences with local customs and politics. The way she described the geography and history of Ethiopia and its wolf population, he felt like he’d been there with her. All thoughts of calling up women from a recommended escort service vanished from his mind. He would pursue her. Boyfriend or not.
The projector was turned off and the lights turned back on. “Any questions?”
A few hands shot up and a page walked around with a mike. Most of the questions were about wolf diseases and, in particular, distemper and her work in Ethiopia. The questions he wanted to ask were not meant for the public. Did she like going out to Italian or French restaurants? Would she disrobe so that he could inspect for the mark of the wolf?
After she answered all the questions, a man came up to the podium, complimented her work and asked for a round of applause. “After a thirty-minute break for drinks and refreshments, please join us for a banquet in the dining area,” he announced.
Wyatt stood. He wanted to talk to her, but it looked like she was too busy, packing up her equipment and still talking to a few people, their notebooks out. Patience. Now would be a good time to call back Tilda. He turned his cell phone on, then raised it and clicked a picture of Madeline as the last of her admirers left. His reaction was so strong. Was it because she was a wolf maiden? Tilda may be able to do a search on their lycan bank of possible wolf maidens.
Wyatt stepped out of the lecture theatre and overheard her name mentioned by a man down the hall. He tuned in.
A man with light brown hair in his twenties was talking to a tall blonde guy. “I know Maddie is upset about her break up with Mark, but just call her in a few weeks. Ask her out for coffee or something. Anything.”
The blond guy, a subordinate lacking confidence, looked hesitant. “I don’t know. I’ve only been out of vet school for a year. What makes you think she’ll want to go out with me?” He asked the male matchmaker.

Wyatt grinned. If he had to ask someone else that question, then he doesn’t have a chance, not with such a woman. He stared at her display photo again. So, she’s free. This trip was turning out better than he planned.

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Eva Gordon writes genre bending paranormal/fantasy/steampunk and historical novels with a strong romantic element. She loves to create stories that combine her passion for mythology, steamy romance, and action/suspense. Her imagination takes her from one universe to the next. Thus far, she has several series lined up as well as single titles waiting in line for production.
Eva has a BS in Zoology and graduate studies in Biology. She once taught high school Biology, Environmental Science and Anatomy/Physiology. When not in her den writing, she can be found at steampunk conventions, at work at the raptor rehabilitation center, wolf sanctuaries, or to satisfy her inner Hemingway on some global eco-adventure.

Connect with Eva Gordon
Eva Gordon
Award winning author of epic paranormal/fantasy/historical romance.
Animal Lore Specialist

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