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Night Over Water by Ken Follett

Night Over Water
by Ken Follett

My Rating: 4.5 Stars

Publisher: Penguin Books; Reprint edition (April 6, 2004)
Publication Date: April 6, 2004
Genre: Historical Fiction | Intrigue
Print Length: 448 pages
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September 1939. England is at war with Nazi Germany. In Southampton,  the world's most luxurious airliner—the legendary Pan Am Clipper—takes off for its final flight to neutral America. Aboard are the cream of society and the dregs of humanity, all fleeing the war for reasons of their own . . . shadowed by a danger they do not know exists . . . and heading straight into a storm of violence, intrigue, and betrayal. 

Night Over Water by Ken Follett

Seemingly unconnected people and events all come together over the Atlantic Ocean aboard the luxurious American airliner, nicknamed The Clipper. The year is 1939, trans-Atlantic crossing is for the wealthy and the daring, but as England has just declared war on Germany, many will flee to the United States. Some for political reasons, some for love, some for business and some from the law.
What no one knew was that one crew member would be making a desperate attempt to save his young wife or that he would risk the souls of all on board in his attempt.

NIGHT OVER WATER by Ken Follett is an intriguing and twisted drama that plays out among a group of passengers aboard and each outcome is never quite clear until the end.

Ken Follett is a master at subplots driving together to create a kaleidoscope of tension, passion and humanity at both its best and worst. Prepare to witness each thread of this tale come together as each mile is traversed and each lie and every truth is exposed.

Fasten your seatbelt and prepare for takeoff…this journey is one you’ll never forget!

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