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Demon Hunter by Jenny Schwartz (The Collegium, #1)

Demon Hunter
by Jenny Schwartz

My rating: 4 stars

Series: The Collegium - Book 1
Publisher: Jenny Schwartz (December 14, 2014)
Publication Date: December 14, 2014
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 126 pages
Available from: Amazon

You can bleed and die banishing a demon, but Fay Olwen discovers there are worse hurts. Betrayed by the Collegium and by her father, she must build a new life away from New York. Leopard-shifter Steve Jekyll would have her build it with him. But loyalties are never simple and new love never easy. When demons are unleashed, Fay tracks the evil back to the Collegium, and now all hell will break loose because Fay fights for the innocent, and Steve will protect what is his.

For fans of kick-ass heroines and shifter heroes who are alpha-male and sinfully sexy.

Demon Hunter by Jenny Schwartz (The Collegium, #1)

Demon Hunter (The Collegium, #1)Get ready to be dropped right into the middle of the action, the intrigue, the betrayals and the romance that grows between Fay, the most powerful mage in the world and Steve, the sexy shifter who wants her more than he lets on. Who is the last person most people would say would betray them? Fay’s father has his own agenda and Fay is at the top of the list as his favorite pawn in his twisted games. When all that is evil points back to her father and the Collegium, Fay won’t let that stop her fight for justice and Steve won’t let her go it alone.

This is only a novella? It packs the same punch as a full-sized novel and Jenny Schwartz has done a remarkable job of turning up the tension in so few pages!

DEMON HUNTER is THAT quick read that satisfies, while still leaving readers with a need for more stories in the series! Fay has emotions, she also has principles and a need to do the right thing. She is a great heroine. Steve has the sex on a stick thing down pat and together, they make for a great read! (Although, yes, I would have loved more pages to get lost in!)

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