Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Fractalistic by Gerardo Delgadillo

by Gerardo Delgadillo

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: The Parliament House; PublishDrive edition (July 9, 2019)
Publication Date: July 9, 2019
Genre: YA
Print Length: 308 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
After moving to Mexico with her parents, Winter Gutan had been hoping the local alternative medicine doctor would cure her mother’s illness. When her mother does not survive his controversial treatments, Winter’s life spirals in despair. Her father, a software engineer, insists his computer program, Fractalistic, will enable them to communicate with her mother’s spirit. But as his sanity begins to slip, Winter confides in her friend Rafa, a computer wizard, who tells her he’s found information about using fractal technology to treat false memories—nothing paranormal about it, leaving Winter confused and without hope. Will she lose her mother forever?

Suspecting her dad is hiding a deep secret, Winter runs Fractalistic behind his back, unveiling a sea of computer-generated imagery swirling on the screen. Her mother appears to her…begging for help! But is this all just Winter’s imagination?

Fractalistic may enable Winter to communicate with her deceased mother, but it might also unleash more mysterious memories buried within Winter’s mind. To figure it all out, Winter must hack into her father’s system to uncover a horrifying truth...or remain in the dark forever.
Fractalistic by Gerardo Delgadillo

FractalisticHer family had hoped for a miracle when they moved to Mexico, hoped that the alternative medicine offered there would save her mother’s life, but Winter and her father were left alone, heartbroken and engulfed in a sea of grief. Now the seventeen-year-old and her software engineer father would find themselves disconnected from each other, except for the hope that his program, FRACTALISTIC would allow them to communicate with her mother from “beyond.” Was this the ravings of a man losing his grip on reality or would Winter truly be able to “talk” with her mother again? Or could there be something more to this high tech wizardry that her father isn’t sharing?

How many times have you wished for one more chance to be with a loved one who has left this life? Winter has made friends and begun to piece her life back together, but her father seems obsessed with his program, with communicating with his wife. And he is determined that Winter will, too, but if it works, what will she discover? With the help of a computer savvy friend, she will learn there is truth to her father’s words, but not what she was expecting…

Gerardo Delgadillo has done more than create a tale of technology, he has created a tale of salvation, of finding truths suppressed within Winter and he has done so in a brilliant and entertaining way for readers of all ages. He has told a tale of friendships, grief and the healing of a family in crisis.

Let this tale reel you in page by page as the hidden becomes revealed and your heart strings are pulled. What starts as a teen attempting to rebuild her life in a foreign country turns into so much more and Gerardo Delgadillo’s powerful imagination turns those pages into a powerful tale of life and the things we do for love.

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Gerardo Delgadillo!

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