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#Cover Reveal - Boundary by Ebony Olson

Ebony Olson
Publication date: September 20th 2019
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance
Vera Cana has given her life to escape her abusive ex. She’s earned her freedom and has the scars to prove it. Now, she’s starting a new life. Purchasing a cottage in a lush forest, she’s ready to live out her days in peace. The goddess has other plans.
If Vera thought by hiding out in her little cottage she could avoid any more packs and their alphas, she was wrong. When her new neighbor knocks on her door, the draw to him is magnetic, but the scars of her past are a barrier higher than the boundary fence between their properties. Dale’s presence causes a heady mix of calm and excitement, which only adds to the potency of his patient, but determined personality. Vera is about to learn a lot about the way packs work, and she’s going to discover how strong she can be.
Nothing takes more inner strength than learning how to trust someone with your heart.
A stand-alone paranormal romance.

Author Bio:
Ebony lives in Sydney, Australia, with her husband, daughter, and six cats. She loves to read fantasy, thrillers, and paranormal romance, spending most of her free time with her nose in a book or writing.
Having always possessed an over-active imagination she spent her younger years regaling friends with fantastic stories, holding her audience captive with the passion and suspense of her characters plights.
Now in adulthood she has numerous published works and shows no signs of stopping her imagination from spreading across as many pages as it can find.


Meant to Be by Nan Reinhardt Blitz and #Giveaway

Meant to Be
Nan Reinhardt
(Four Irish Brothers Winery, #2)
Published by: Tule Publishing
Publication date: July 18th 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Can a near-tragedy help two best friends realize they’re meant to be so much more?
Best friends since grade school, high-powered Chicago attorney, Sean Flaherty, and small-town mayor Megan Mackenzie have always shared a special bond. When Sean is shot by a client’s angry ex, Megan rushes to his side, terrified she’s about to lose her long-time confidant.
Upon his return to River’s Edge to recuperate, Sean discovers that his feelings for his pal have taken an undeniable turn for the romantic. While Megan struggles with an unfamiliar longing for Sean, she worries that he may be mistaking a safe place to land for love.
Can Sean help her realize that they are truly meant to be so much more than friends?
Meg was afraid to ask, but she did anyway. “What happened?”
“Sean’s been shot.” Sam crumpled back into the booth, sobbing.
Megan gasped as bile rose in her throat. She couldn’t even comprehend Sam’s words. Sean was shot? The invincible Sean Flaherty? Her buddy? Her best friend? His handsome face flashed into her mind—the lock of dark hair that invariably fell across his brow, the blue, blue eyes that sparkled sapphire with wit or turned dark navy with emotion, that killer smile, those amazing Flaherty dimples… impossible!
“What?” She sat down across from Sam. “Shot?” She could hardly catch her breath. “When? Where?”
Sam grabbed a napkin from the dispenser on the table and swiped at her eyes. “I–I don’t know much. Charlie Smith at the firm said it happened right outside the courthouse in Evanston early this afternoon. Some crazy woman. The wife of his current client. They took him to Northwestern; he’s in surgery right now.” She took a shaky breath. “Conor’s driving up to meet Aidan and Brendan at the airport, then they’re heading to the hospital.” She covered her mouth with both hands as if that could stop her lips from trembling, then shuddered. “Dear God, Meg.”
Megan closed her eyes, trying desperately to banish the dreadful pictures in her head—Sean on a gurney, pale and bleeding—and replace them with ones from the last time she’d seen him—grinning and pouring sparkling wine on New Year’s Eve.
They’d hugged each other at midnight because neither of them had had a date, and Sean had pressed his warm lips to her forehead. “You’re the best, Megs,” he’d murmured and held her close to his brawny chest for a long moment. She felt the even beat of his heart under the navy sweater he wore—the one she’d knitted for him for Christmas that made his eyes look deep blue.
“I’m going up there.” Megan stood and gazed at Sam. “I have to, Sam. He’s my oldest and dearest friend. Maybe there’s nothing I can do, but I can spell the guys at visitation and maybe, I dunno, give blood or something. I just know I can’t stay here. I’ll go crazy. I have to see him.”
Sam stared at her silently, then sighed. “Come on. Let’s trade cars. I don’t trust your old beater to make it to Indianapolis, and you sure as heck can’t ride Big Red all the way to Chicago.”

Author Bio:
Nan Reinhardt is a USA Today-bestselling author of romantic fiction for women in their prime. Yeah, women still fall in love and have sex, even after 45! Imagine! She is a wife, a mom, a mother-in-law, and a grandmother. Nan has been a copyeditor and proofreader for over 25 years, and currently works on romantic fiction titles for a variety of clients, including Avon Books, St. Martin’s Press, Kensington Books, and Entangled Publishing, as well as for many indie authors.
Although she loves her life as an editor, writing is Nan’s first and most enduring passion. Her latest novel, Meant to Be, Book 2 in the Four Irish Brothers Winery series from Tule Publishing releases on July 18, 2019. A Small Town Christmas, which is the first book in the Four Irish Brothers Winery series from Tule Publishing, is available now, and she is currently hard at work on Book 3.
Visit Nan’s website at, where you’ll find links to all her books as well as blogs about writing, being a Baby Boomer, and aging gracefully…mostly. Nan also blogs every sixth Wednesday at Word Wranglers, sharing the spotlight with five other romance authors and is a frequent contributor the RWA Contemporary Romance blog, and she contributes to the Romance University blog where she writes as Editor Nan.


The General's Daughter Series by Breanna Hayse Feature & #Giveaway

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The Siren
General's Daughter Book 1

Up a Notch
General's Daughter Book 2

Caught in a Net
General's Daughter Book 3

General's Daughter Book 4

Under Cover
General's Daughter Book 5

General's Daughter Book 6

General's Daughter Book 7

BDSM/AP lifestyler Breanna Hayse strives to give her readers truth and reality of the BDSM/Age-Play/Total Power and Erotic Exchange lifestyle.

Who am I?
I'm a native Californian gone 'wild', and had the opportunity to travel the globe and discover the world through the eyes of both a Marine Intelligence specialist and a BDSM lifestyler. I left the service to go into hospice nursing and grief counseling, eventually working as a marriage and family therapist for those involved in alternative lifestyle development. This experience has allowed me to gain unique inspiration for my books and offer realistic plots and relatable characters.

In 2004, my husband, John, and I joined forces to work with both submissives and dominants- teaching, training, listening and loving. Our goal was to take the mystery and fear out of the lifestyle and mentor people in safe, consensual and healthy relationships.

My first book, The Game Plan, was published in 2012 and opened the door to the now-booming world of Age-Play literature. Since that time, I've devoted my 'spare' time to writing, researching, community involvement, and private and group pro bono counseling in deviant behavior, alternative lifestyle, and addiction recovery.

I was formally 'dungeon trained' as a Domme before discovering my submissive side when I joined the service. My scenarios are pulled primarily from either personal experience or observation, including spending time in BDSM clubs as the safety/medical officer. My multi-faceted background allows me to glean from many avenues and give a unique and intelligent literary experience through elements of fantasy and fiction. I also discuss the questions and psychology of the lifestyle in a manner that is fun and informative, and based on 'the real deal.'

I live with my husband, musician, and fellow-author, John Hayse, and two border collies in southern California. We practice a 24/7 D&S relationship with speckles of AP (and many trips to Build-A-Bear), and happily spend every moment together that we can. My hobbies include my puppies, hiding my vanilla salt-water taffy where John can't find it, exotic art, collecting inspirational trinkets, and developing my own paddle line. You can also see me as a featured author/instructor in professional conference settings and as a Sexpert for

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Matthew Connor Adventure Series Tour & #Giveaway

City of Gold
Matthew Connor Adventure Series, Book 1
by Carolyn Arnold
Genre: Action, Adventure 

Finding the Incas' lost City of Gold would be the discovery of a lifetime. But failing could mean her death…
Archaeologist Matthew Connor and his friends Cal and Robyn are finally home after a dangerous retrieval expedition in India. While they succeeded in obtaining the priceless Pandu artifact they sought, it almost cost them their lives. Still, Matthew is ready for the next adventure. Yet when new intel surfaces indicating the possible location of the legendary City of Gold, Matthew is hesitant to embark on the quest.
Not only is the evidence questionable but it means looking for the lost city of Paititi far away from where other explorers have concentrated their efforts. As appealing as making the discovery would be, it’s just too risky. But when Cal’s girlfriend, Sophie, is abducted by Matthew’s old nemesis who is dead-set on acquiring the Pandu statue, Matthew may be forced into action. Saving Sophie’s life means either breaking into the Royal Ontario Museum to steal the relic or offering up something no one in his or her right mind would refuse—the City of Gold.
Now Matthew and his two closest friends have to find a city and a treasure that have been lost for centuries. And they only have seven days to do it. As they race against the clock, they quickly discover that the streets they seek aren’t actually paved with gold, but with blood.

What to expect from the Matthew Connor Adventure series:

Action-adventure books for the mystery lover. Does treasure hunting excite you? What about the thought of traveling the globe and exploring remote regions to uncover legends that the world has all but forgotten? If so, strap yourself in for an adventure with modern-day archaeologist Matthew Connor and his two closest friends. Indiana Jones meets the twenty-first century.

This is the perfect book series for fans of Indiana JonesLara CroftNational Treasure, and The Relic Hunter.

Read in any order or follow the series from the beginning.

The Secret of the Lost Pharaoh
Matthew Connor Adventure Series, Book 2

In Egypt’s Western Desert lies the tomb of an unnamed pharaoh that hides a secret so powerful, it could destroy the world as we know it.Archaeologist and adventurer Matthew Connor has made a career of finding legends the world has all but forgotten. Though there’s one in particular that has fascinated him for years—the Emerald Tablets. Myth says that they possess the knowledge of the universe, allowing humankind to traverse Heaven and Earth, and have the power to bestow wealth and wisdom upon whoever possesses them. But if they fall into evil hands, it could cause a global disaster.

So when a former colleague stumbles across an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic map that promises to lead to a pharaoh’s tomb
and the Emerald Tablets, there’s no way he’s turning down her invitation to join the dig. He only has one stipulation: his best friends Robyn Garcia and Cal Myers come with him.

The road ahead isn’t going to be an easy one, and their shared dream of recovering the Emerald Tablets is being crushed at every turn. And just when they think it’s all over, they learn there are a few clues they have overlooked. But they’re no longer the only ones searching for the Tablets. Now, the fate of the world hangs in the balance, and soon they’ll find out that when it comes to hunting legends, they can’t trust anyone.

CAROLYN ARNOLD is an international bestselling and award-winning author, as well as a speaker, teacher, and inspirational mentor. She has four continuing fiction series—Detective Madison Knight, Brandon Fisher FBI, McKinley Mysteries, and Matthew Connor Adventures—and has written nearly thirty books. Her genre diversity offers her readers everything from cozy to hard-boiled mysteries, and thrillers to action adventures.

Both her female detective and FBI profiler series have been praised by those in law enforcement as being accurate and entertaining, leading her to adopt the trademark: POLICE PROCEDURALS RESPECTED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT™.

Carolyn was born in a small town and enjoys spending time outdoors, but she also loves the lights of a big city. Grounded by her roots and lifted by her dreams, her overactive imagination insists that she tell her stories. Her intention is to touch the hearts of millions with her books, to entertain, inspire, and empower.

She currently lives in London, Ontario with her husband and beagles and is a member of Crime Writers of Canada and Sisters in Crime.

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Magic Bound by Kate Gellar (Irish Rogue Series, #2)

Magic Bound
by Kate Gellar

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Irish Rogue Series - Book 2
Publisher: Kate Gellar Books (July 23, 2019)
Publication Date: July 23, 2019
Genre: Paranormal Reverse Harem
Print Length: 214 pages
Available from: Amazon

Continue the story from Magic Destiny with Magic Bound.

Can Abby Brennan gain control over her new powers, before they control her? Will all the boys accept her for what she is?

Get more of Abby, Liam, Brendan, Murphy and Sam in the next instalment of the Irish Rogue series!

*Note, this is new adult slow burn reverse harem.*
Magic Bound by Kate Gellar (Irish Rogue Series, #2)

Magic Bound: Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (Irish Rogue Series Book 2)Perhaps Kate Gellar should be called the “slow-burn, high tension” queen of reverse harem romances! MAGIC BOUND, the second addition to her Irish Rogue series continues to heat up with passions without losing the momentum of the paranormal conflict going on.

As Abby struggles to control her powers, she still doesn’t understand how she could have both light and dark magic within her or if she can control which power will win her soul. Meanwhile, there is tension among the four guardians as time is running out to bond with their queen, keep evil at bay and save the castle from financial ruin, because on the earthly plane, money IS an issue. Is this part of why Sam has been so standoffish with Abby or is there more to his behavior?

Abby is haunted by the past, but is it real? As she learns more about her ancestors, her own doubts build, is she really the queen to help save the world or is she a harbinger of evil? Why is she losing track of time? Is someone turning her into a puppet for their own purposes?

Kate Gellar has struck the perfect balance between those sensual and passion-filled moments and a tale of fantasy that shines like the facets in a diamond. Great character development with just enough mystery to keep me turning page after page!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Kate Gellar!

Cabin Fever by Annabelle Costa

Cabin Fever
by Annabelle Costa

My rating: 4.5 stars

Publisher: Rose Bud Press (July 8, 2019)
Publication Date: July 8, 2019
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 185 pages
Available from: Amazon
I was a damsel in distress. 

Trapped in a car. Slowly being buried by the unrelenting snow. No cell service. No way out. 

And then when all hope felt lost, he appeared—a shadowy figure emerging from the depths of the blizzard. Except my dashing hero on a mighty steed was instead a hulking beast of a man with an eyepatch and a beard, driving a pickup truck. He offered his small cabin as shelter until the storm blew over. 

He saved my life. 

But this mysterious, rugged stranger is no prince. He’s not even the simple woodsman he pretends to be. I don’t know exactly what he wants from me. 

But I’m beginning to think I want the same damn thing.
Cabin Fever by Annabelle Costa

Cabin FeverIt was supposed to be a romantic weekend getaway in a remote cabin, or so Natalie thought. Apparently, the blizzard didn’t get the memo that two privileged and wealthy young adults were coming. That is when Jake appeared, a mountain of man, grizzly and scruffy and their savior. But could he be trusted?

And that is when Natalie learned there is more to a REAL man than the labels in his clothes, that evil can lurk anywhere and lies can fall from lips like diamonds from a Tiffany's bag.

Annabelle Costa’s CABIN FEVER is about waking up to what is truly important and discovering there is more to life than the things money can buy.

I can honestly say I struggled with the shallowness that Natalie projected. I didn’t like her, but as the story progressed, she grew and became more “human.” Chase was another story, the little rich boy who had no concept of most of the world sees as reality.

Jake made this story for me! Rugged, hardworking, honorable and dealing with the cruel hand life had dealt him, yet a hero at heart.

On to the tension that grew between Natalie and Jake, a slow burn created through simple things uncovered more of each character and gave Natalie a depth even she didn’t’ know she could possess.

A quick read, where one could definitely feel the frigid snow and the warmth of a spark of an emotional bond growing!

I received a complimentary copy from Annabelle Costa! This is my honest and voluntary review.

#Cover Reveal - Tides of Time by Luna Joya, coming from City Owl Press

Tides of Time
Luna Joya
(The Legacy Series, #1)
Published by: City Owl Press
Publication date: August 20th 2019
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance
A “good girl” witch hiding secrets from her family…
Cami wants a normal life. Or at least as normal as a life in a family of witches can be. She can’t tell her sisters about her violent ex. Or that she broke the first rule of magic to “harm none.” When her youngest sister asks for help unraveling the death of a 1930’s star abused by those she loved, Cami can’t say no.
A reformed bad boy who doesn’t know his own family’s secrets…
Sam lives for his restaurant and coveted screenplay expertise of Hollywood history. He avoids the entanglements of relationships since even his own parents didn’t want him. But when the enchanting Cami needs his help to crack an unsolved mystery, he can’t resist. The closer they come to finding a killer, the more they crave each other. But someone is determined to stop them.
Can they solve the mystery before history repeats itself?

Author Bio:
Award-winning author Luna Joya writes hex and sex in The Legacy Series, a witch family saga of romances about kickass heroines and the men who love them.
Fluent in sarcasm and penal code, Luna prosecutes sex crimes and homicides by day and writes paranormal romance at night. She loves history, especially Los Angeles and Hollywood lore. A survivor of traumatic brain injury with steel body parts, she lives in SoCal with her combat veteran husband and their two-pound terror of a rescue pup.
Her debut novel TIDES OF TIME releases from City Owl Press in August 2019. The next two novels in The Legacy Series will be released from City Owl Press with dates to be announced later this year.
In 2018, her manuscripts won First Place Speculative Fiction in the San Francisco Heart-to Heart Contest, Second Place Paranormal Romance in The Cleveland Rocks Contest, Third Place Paranormal Romance in the 2018 The Catherine Contest, Third Place in the FF&P On The Far Side Contest, and Honorable Mention in The Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense.


Nine Cocktails by J. V. Speyer Blitz and #Giveaway

Nine Cocktails
J.V. Speyer
Publication date: July 20th 2019
Genres: Adult, LGBTQ+, Romance, Suspense
Boston detective and Army vet Abby Morgan got into police work because she wanted to help people, but it seems she only gets to show up after they’re past helping. When a man is murdered outside popular cocktail bar The Gin Barrel, she finds a case that isn’t quite so cut and dry as it seems – and a bartender who arouses more than just her protective instincts.
Paige Lim knows, as soon as she finds out about the body outside her bar, who the killer is. She also knows the police won’t do anything about it. They never took it seriously before, why would they start now? The pretty detective seems sincere, but Paige knows there is a whole system set up to make sure she’ll never be safe – and neither will anyone in her orbit.
Abby is determined not to let the system fail Paige again, but getting the proof they need to arrest the killer is going to take ingenuity and risk. Can they catch a murderer before he kills again?
“‘I’ve served my country with my body, now I want to serve my country with my art.’” Abby turned away. “Have you ever heard such pseudo-patriotic nonsense in your life? At these prices the dude isn’t looking to serve his country. He’s looking to serve himself.” She rubbed her temples. “Ugh. I get they have to eat and pay rent and all that. I do. And I’m not a hundred percent sure why that mission statement rubs me so much the wrong way. But it does, so here we are.”
Mark laughed and lifted his head from his computer. “I think it’s probably got something to do with his prior relationship to pretty miss Paige.” He wagged his eyebrows. “I dug into Manda’s stalker. She did not involve the police. She has four brothers, all of whom play hockey. They figured out what was going on and put the guy in the hospital. He had the gall to try to press charges while admitting he was trying to claim his ‘property.’ The DA, needless to say, was not amused.”
Abby tried not to laugh. She was a cop. Vigilantism wasn’t supposed to be funny, not to her. And a case like this only came up because Abby and the system she supported didn’t do their jobs. At the same time, she had to laugh at the stupidity of a stalker who thought he could get away with it when the victim had an active, involved family armed with big clubs. “I can’t imagine she would have been.”
“So it looks like we’re circling back to Paige.” Mark laced his fingers in front of him. “Not that she’s likely to have been able to do it. You’re right. I took a look through the autopsy report while you were digging into her ex. I don’t know a lot of people, of any gender, who would have the upper body strength to strike that kind of blow from that angle without some kind of struggle.”
Abby nodded. “But our boy here, he was in the army. Who knows what kind of training he got, and whether or not he keeps up with it?”
“True. Some of these guys like the physique they came back with and work hard to keep it up.” He rubbed his belly. “Me, I’m not a fan of the six pack abs myself. I wanted to forget the army as soon as I got my discharge paperwork. But hey, more power to them. The thing is, going into the service should have helped him move on from Paige. That’s a huge hole in our theory right there.”
“Not necessarily.” Abby tapped her jaw. “The guy’s obsessed. Stalkers are. It’s a sickness. Going off and getting a bad haircut isn’t going to help.”
“Oh, don’t you forget, I was there too, buddy.” Abby laughed. “I know just how bad those haircuts are. At any rate, that’s up to the DA. We should dig into Jack a little farther. The murder was related to one of the women at The Gin Barrel, and right now he’s our best bet.”
“Agreed. I’ll look into Private First Class Stalky McStalkerson. Why don’t you go pay Paige a visit and see what else she might have to say?”
Abby’s cheeks burned. She cursed the pale skin that made her embarrassment so visible. “Are you just trying to give me a chance to go see her again?”
“Maybe.” Mark raised his eyebrows. “I’d never suggest you go flirt with a witness or anything. But I do think you’ll have an easier time getting answers out of her than a man will.”
Abby couldn’t be so sure about that one. She’d barely avoided shooting herself in the foot with questions about stalkers. She didn’t point that out, though. She didn’t want to make herself look any more incompetent than she was.
And she couldn’t deny she wanted to see Paige again.

Author Bio:
J. V. Speyer has lived in upstate New York and rural Catalonia before settling in the greater Boston area. She has worked in archaeology, security, accountancy, finance, and non-profit management. She currently lives just south of Boston in a house old enough to remember when her town was a tavern community with a farming problem. (No, really. John Adams complained about it. A lot.)
When not writing, J. V. enjoys watching baseball and seeking out all of New England’s creepiest spots. Her Spawn has turned her into a hockey enthusiast. She can be bribed with gin, tequila, and cats.


Friday, July 19, 2019

Blindsided by Narc Narcisse

by Narc Narcisse

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: May 25, 2019
Publisher: Narc Narcisse
Genre: Thriller | Mystery
Print Length: 265 pages
Available from: Amazon

"I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm curious. What will he be like? What will he look like? How tall will he be?" Tonight, Emma embarks on her first-ever blind date. Mark's not what she expected. Emma's not what he expected. Whoever set these two up knew this beforehand...1-Tattoos. 2-Wine. 3-Pills. 4-Blindfolds. 5-Handcuffs. 6-Sex. In twenty-four hours, Emma experiences five of the six; Mark, two. This innocent rendezvous has guilt written all over it!
Blindsided by Narc Narcisse

BlindSidedYou know how it goes, great cover, great description and yet, until you begin reading, who knows what you will get! I was BLINDSIDED by Narc Narcisse’s ability to create one of the most exquisitely gritty and twisted tales of suspense, I have read in a very long time! From the horrors one human can rain down on others to how far people will go looking for love, acceptance and revenge.

It all started with a new dating service, BLINDSIDED where couples are paired not by similarities, but by differences, and from there, a deadly game of cat and mouse begins, but who is the real villain?

Brilliant character development by Narc Narcisse actually gives us a chance to get to know what makes his characters tick from the honorable to the deviant and he does so smoothly and as part of the flow of the story. There was no predictable ending early on, there are victims of life, death and circumstance that fuel this powerful tale like a juggernaut.

An incredible read from start to a finish that will NOT disappoint readers! If you are looking for “that” read, the one that stands above the crowd, this is it! Narc Narcisse has a permanent spot on my radar and I look forward to seeing him raise the bar even higher!

This one is definitely a hidden gem!

I received a complimentary copy from Narc Narcisse! This is my honest and voluntary review.

The Long Call by Ann Cleeves (Two Rivers, #1)

The Long Call
by Ann Cleeves

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Two Rivers - Book 1
Publisher: Minotaur Books (September 3, 2019)
Publication Date: September 3, 2019
Genre: Mystery Thriller
Print Length: 384 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

For the first time in 20 years, Ann Cleeves—international bestselling and award-winning author of the Vera and Shetland series, both of which are hit TV shows—embarks on a gripping new series.
In North Devon, where two rivers converge and run into the sea, Detective Matthew Venn stands outside the church as his father’s funeral takes place. Once loved and cherished, the day Matthew left the strict evangelical community he grew up in, he lost his family too.

Now, as he turns and walks away again, he receives a call from one of his team. A body has been found on the beach nearby: a man with a tattoo of an albatross on his neck, stabbed to death. 

The case calls Matthew back into the community he thought he had left behind, as deadly secrets hidden at its heart are revealed, and his past and present collide.
The Long Call by Ann Cleeves (Two Rivers, #1)

The Long Call (Two Rivers, #1)Sometimes you cannot avoid having to go home, even years after you left, losing all you held dear. Detective Matthew Venn went “home” for a funeral and became part of a local murder investigation. Now he must face the demons of his youth, the strict and cultish religious group his estranged family clung to and still hold on to all he holds dear today, including his self-confidence and ability to do his job.

THE LONG CALL by Ann Cleaves is a good old fashioned mystery that slowly builds, page after page, weaving its story into an intricate tapestry that explodes with a riot of action and color as it begins its rapid race to the finish.

Each character comes to life, flawed, unique of personality and carrying their own baggage that at times weighs them down, yet gives them the strength to carry on. The main character is a man of substance, deeply thoughtful, emotionally charged and far from the sniping, edgy and slightly roguish detectives we often meet. He follows the rules, attempts to keep his own set of values while fighting an uphill battle with the ghosts from his past.

An excellent read for British-style mystery lovers who enjoy the darkness and suspense of a well-written tale.

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Minotaur Books! This is my honest and voluntary review.

Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu by Kaitlynzq

Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu
by Kaitlynzq

My rating: 4 stars

Included in Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu audio set is
Ancient Script of Lovecontu audio poem
Legend of Song de Light audio book
Legend of Song de Light audio play

The stories within Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu
connect, unfold, interweave many character's stories
needs, feelings, desires, dreams
Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu  by Kaitlynzq 

Lovecontu Song de Light LovecontuStep outside of your reading comfort zone and feel the words that come alive in LOVECONTU SONG DE LIGHT LOVECONTU by Kaitlynzq.

Told from the heart, through a series of diary entries, poems, there is an ever-present feeling of love, joy, sadness and pain as this kaleidoscope of emotions comes alive. We are invited to feel the sense of loss and the memories it evokes in the voices the author creates.

Lyrical and flowing, sometimes a little too slowly, there is time to savor each word.

A wonderful reading experience that is both unique and memorable.

I received a complimentary copy from Kaitlynzq!