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Dark Water by J.A. Armitage Blitz and #Giveaway

Dark Water
J.A. Armitage
(Reverse Fairytales, #4)
Publication date: June 19th 2018
Genres: Fairy Tales, Young Adult
You think you know the story of The Little Mermaid…
A tragic accident on the eve of her eighteenth birthday leads Princess Erica to a chance encounter with a mysterious man on the beach. When he turns up at her birthday party and whisks her off her feet, she knows she has to find out everything about him, but why won’t he speak and where does he keep disappearing to?
Ari knows he’s crossed a line by mingling with the land humans, but how can he resist the beautiful princess whose life he saved? He must decide whether to stay on land and become like her, or continue to live without her in the depths of the ocean.
Trapped in a centuries long battle between his kind and hers, his decision will rock both their kingdoms.
With a sea witch that needs repaying and the small matter of Erica’s engagement to someone else, Ari knows the odds are stacked against him.
Dark Water is the fourth in the Reverse Fairytale series and the first Little Mermaid retelling by USA Today bestselling author J.A.Armitage. Take everything you think you know about fairytales and turn it on its head.
“May God bless her and all who sail on her.”
I cleared my throat, hoping I’d said it correctly, and gripped the bottle of champagne, terrified of letting it go too early or, worse still, missing the ship entirely.
Beyond the ship, the ocean shimmered in the midday sun. Diamond-like sparkles of light bounced off the calm cerulean water—water that looked so inviting, I wanted nothing more than to jump in, to surrender to the balmy ripples. Of course, wanting it and doing it were two different things. First of all, I couldn’t swim, and secondly, my mother would pitch a fit if I took another step closer to the dock edge. She was already a bag of nerves from today’s event.
I looked behind me, needing reassurance from my parents. This was my first official royal engagement, and I was terrified of messing it up. My father beamed at me with pride while my mother gave me a thin smile. I could see the fear in her eyes although she was doing her best to hide it. I was amazed she’d come at all. The ocean positively terrified her. My father’s hand was almost white with how hard my mother was squeezing it. Next to them, my little brother, Anthony, was picking his nose and examining the treasure he found up there. Not for the first time I was reminded how fortunate it was that I was the first in line to the throne.
Beside me, my life-long best friend nudged me to let go of the bottle. Officially, his title was Sir Hayden Harrington-Blythe, but to me, he was just Hayden. He’d been my first crush since our first day in kindergarten when he’d pulled on my pigtails, and I’d stamped on his foot. Despite our unpromising start, over the years we’d turned into friends. My crush on him was long since over, and his pigtail pulling days were long gone, but somehow, our friendship had survived.
“You do know you are supposed to let go of the bottle right?” whispered Hayden in my ear. I gave him a look I only ever reserved for him and lifted the bottle. Letting go, I watched it swing on a length of string, arcing towards the majestic ship’s wooden hull. It made a tinkling sound as it smashed against the side of the ship, scattering glass all over the paved dock. I couldn’t help thinking it was a waste of good champagne and that it would be better served at the ball being held in honor of my birthday in a couple of days’ time. Still, I felt invigorated by the salty smell of the ocean, the atmosphere of a thousand happy people coming out to see the launch, and the fact that I now had a boat that bore my name. I was feeling as excited as I could hope to feel, second only to being allowed to actually go out on the damn thing.
The Erica Rose’s white sails flapped in the breeze below the official flag of Trifork as if she were eager to be off, out onto the ocean. I couldn’t blame her. To sail on the ocean was a lifelong dream of mine. Ever since I could remember, I’d looked out of my bedroom window toward the ocean and dreamed of the day that I’d be able to disappear beyond the rolling waves toward the horizon.
It was a dream that had never, and would never, be realized as long as my parents were in charge. For a kingdom so well-known for its naval and merchant vessels, my parents were ridiculously strict about letting me go near the ocean. This was the closest I’d gotten in the whole eighteen years of my life, and I had a full team of palace guards surrounding me, stopping me from taking one step closer to the water’s edge than I had to. It was all because of my mother, of course. My father might have been the one that ruled Trifork, but in the palace, my mother was the one that wore the pants, so to speak. If my mother said I couldn’t go near the ocean, then my father wasn’t going to argue with her. However, today was a special day, and not even my mother could come up with a good enough reason for us not to be here. She might have been absolutely petrified, but she was the queen, a duty she held above everything, even crippling panic.
Everybody clapped as the wooden ship began pulling up its anchor, its crew readying themselves to set sail.
I took a deep breath and inhaled the salty air. Above the excited chatter of the crowd, seagulls cawed to each other as they flew overhead looking for an easy snack. Oh, how I envied them and their freedom.
My father managed to extricate himself from my mother’s vice-like grip and joined me on the dock’s edge. My poor mother’s face turned even more ashen, and she had to grip a nearby railing instead to save herself from fainting. It was almost cruel, living so close to the ocean and being so frightened of it. I saw her eyes darting past my father and me to the ocean behind us as though it could somehow climb above the dock and swallow us whole. I don’t doubt it could on a stormy day, but today the skies were blue, and the sea was calm.
“We here in Trifork have a rich sailing heritage, one of which I am immensely proud,” began my father into the microphone that had been set up for the occasion. “Today is a big day for me, both as a king and a father. As you all know, my daughter, the princess Erica Rose, will turn eighteen in just two days’ time. Her first official engagement was supposed to be at the ball, but she begged me to be allowed to launch this ship. Being the dutiful father I am, I agreed.” He paused at this point waiting for a laugh. When he got it, he carried on. “This is my birthday gift to you, dear Erica. I know you’ve always had a fondness for the sea and so this ship not only bears your name but also belongs to you.”
I blinked a couple of times, unsure if what I was hearing was true. The ship was mine? I wasn’t allowed to dip my toes in the shallow waves at the beach, but I was allowed to own a ship?
I gazed up at the huge galleon. “She’s mine?” Hope rose in my chest that I might, for the first time in my life, be able to go out on the ocean. My parents had never so much as let me sail in a dinghy before now, let alone go on a ship.
“She’s all yours, sweetheart. As part of our fleet and a working ship, she will be taken out by her captain, Captain Jackson. But when she’s back in Trifork, you will be able to see her whenever you want.”
“See her?”
“Yes,” beamed my father, oblivious to the disappointment I was feeling. Only see her? I didn’t want a ship to look at. I’d spent my entire life watching the ships of Trifork sail in and out of the harbor. I wanted to sail to foreign lands, to feel the sea breeze upon my cheek. I wanted to know what it felt like to roll over the gentle waves with the vastness of the ocean the only thing in view.
My mother caught my disappointment though. She could read me like a book. An elegant woman with a sharp tongue and an even sharper sense of style, she swallowed her terror and took a few steps toward me, toward the ocean. She walked tall and calmly, but a slight tremor in her step gave her away.
“Aren’t you happy with your new ship?”
“Yes ma’am,” I lied. What was the point of having a ship if I wasn’t allowed on it?
She flicked her eyes past me, once again, toward the ocean. What was it she was looking for? Her eyes snapped back to me. “You know my feelings on you going near the sea, Erica. It’s a dangerous place. I nearly drowned when I was about your age.” She took my hand and pulled me a couple of steps toward her—away from the dock’s edge.
I’d heard the story a million times. Every time I even hinted at wanting to go near the sea, she’d dredge up the same story about how she nearly drowned when she was younger. I wasn’t in the mood to hear it again.
The ship was cast off, the gangplank raised. My ship was about to go on an adventure I could only dream of. The wind caught the sails and the majestic vessel began to move, her crew waving at us as she inched away from the dockside.
My father clapped me on the back, a beaming smile on his face. Even my mother, who usually had a face like a prune when it came to anything to do with water, had found her smile again. I glanced over at Hayden. He knew I was disappointed. I talked about nothing but the ocean with him. He loved the water as I did, but unlike me, he could go out onto it whenever he wanted. He even had his own boat. It was nowhere near as grand as the Erica Rose, but at least, he was allowed to sail in it.
He flicked his eyes almost imperceptibly towards the ship. I arched a brow.
“Do it,” he mouthed silently and cast his eyes towards the ship once again.
He wanted me to jump on the ship! He was actually daring me to do it. Thoughts of all the silly childhood pranks and adventures he’d led me into filled my mind. Hayden was the epitome of an irresistible bad idea. I followed his eye line to where the gangplank had been pulled up. The gate was still open, but it wouldn’t be for long. The ship was already a foot away from the dock and moving swiftly towards the open sea. I had seconds to make a decision.
My heart hammered, and adrenaline took over. Without thinking too hard, I ran from my parents, barged past the palace guards, and jumped as far as I could right off the dock. The ship had moved much faster than I’d anticipated, and I missed the gate by a long shot, and instead of landing on the ship, I plunged head first into the sea.
All I could hear were my mother’s screams as the water crowded in around me.
The water that had looked so warm and inviting when I’d been standing on the dock was actually a lot colder than I’d imagined, and as I scrambled for air, its icy grip took my breath away
Mouthfuls of briny water flowed into my mouth, causing me to choke as I tried desperately to keep above the water’s surface. In one terrifying instant, I realized what it was that my mother had been keeping me from for all these years. As I’d never been allowed in water deeper than a bath, I’d never learned how to swim. It occurred to me now that this wasn’t exactly my finest moment.
The dress I’d had picked out for me, a knee length cotton blue dress was perfect for looking smart and launching a ship. It was utterly useless as a floatation device. The heavy, waterlogged fabric weighed me down, making it even harder to try to keep my head above water.
Beside me, I heard a splash. I looked over to see a red and white life ring bobbing close by with a rope attached to it. On the other end of the rope, the Erica Rose’s crew shouted at me to grab hold. After I’d managed to pull myself through it, they heaved me up and pulled me over the side of the boat.
A group of worried faces peered down at me. One of the men reached a hand down to help me up. As I righted myself, my dress dripped ocean water all over the deck and tightened around me. I felt so uncomfortable in the soggy outfit, but when I saw how far from the dock we’d already moved, excitement flooded through me. The fear I’d felt just moments before dissolved, leaving me feeling exhilarated. I was on a ship for the first time in my life, and we were sailing away from the dock.
With giddy excitement, I gripped a railing. On the edge of the dock, my parents shouted and waved for us to come back. My heart fell as I caught the expression on my mother’s face. Her usual stern expression had contorted to one of absolute fear, and she wasn’t trying to hide it anymore. Her screams pierced the air, her usual stoic facade dropped completely as she tore at my father who was desperately trying to pull her back from the edge of the dock.
Her fear of falling into the ocean was obviously smaller than losing one of her children to it.
My stomach churned as I realized the severity of my actions. I’d only wanted to go out to sea. I didn’t want to hurt my mother in the process. I was going to be in the worst kind of trouble for this little stunt, and as we floated further and further out to sea, the more I realized that the adventure was not worth it.
Captain Jackson, a tall man with a perfectly groomed black mustache and oiled down hair greeted me with a salute. I’d never been saluted before. Bowed to and curtseyed aplenty, but a salute was new to me. I raised my hand and saluted back, unsure of the etiquette.
“I’m going to try to turn the ship back, your highness, but it may take a little time to adjust the sails. The wind is not optimal right now. There’s a squall coming, and I’d hoped to get far enough away to miss it.”
I glanced out to the horizon. The seamless blue sky was darkening, and the sea below it matched its threatening color. Where had that come from? Only seconds before, the weather had been as perfect as anyone could wish for.
“Yes, please turn around.” My heart dropped as I realized that my adventure was over before it had even started, and I’d gotten nothing out of it except to embarrass myself in front of thousands of onlookers and terrify my poor mother.
I looked back over to the shoreline. My parents and all the onlookers were barely dots on the horizon now. To my right, I could see the public beach to which people flocked in the summer months. Beyond that were magnificent white cliffs that I’d heard plenty about but never actually seen before as they were only visible from the sea. To my left, the coast was much rockier, and here was where the royal castle stood. Only a wide promenade separated the rocks from the castle. It looked so dark and imposing with its granite grey towers; I barely recognized it from this angle.
“Why don’t you go to my cabin and get changed out of those wet clothes. I’ll have one of my crew show you where it is.”
Captain Jackson swiveled on his toe and left me alone, feeling terrible. I’d not paused to consider the crew or the captain, and now they were going to have to abort their mission. I could chalk up a few more people to the list of those I’d disappointed. With a sigh, I walked to the other side of the deck to look out at the vast ocean. In the distance, the sea turned black and churned ominously almost as though that part of the ocean was alive and out to get us. It was a stark contrast to the crystal clear and calm water beneath the ship. Above me, the crew of the Erica Rose battled to maneuver the sails to turn us around.
“Your Royal Highness.”
I heard someone shouting at me above the wind that was now blustering fiercely. Lightning forked, splitting the sky in two, and the wind tugged my hair from the clip that had been keeping it in place. Strands of long red hair whipped around my face. I turned to see a young man heading toward me.
“I’m Joe, Your Highness, the second in command of the Erica Rose,” he said, giving me a quick bow. “The captain has asked me to escort you to his cabin.”
Joe was barely older than me, with short, dirty blond hair and a winning smile. I was surprised to see someone so young be the second in command of such a ship.
“It’s getting a little choppy,” Joe cautioned, his cheeks red as he took my hand. “They are going to struggle to get the ship back to shore. The forecast mentioned a little bit of turbulent water, but it looks to be shaping up to be a proper storm out there.”
I followed Joe to a big wooden doorway, which he opened for me and beckoned me inside. As I thanked him, a boom filled the darkening sky.
“Thunder,” Joe remarked, taking my hand and leading me down a corridor. I held on tightly to him as the ship listed violently to one side from the sharp turn of the wheel. He showed me to a large room with a writing desk on one side and a bed on the other.
“There will be some clothes in the wardrobe there,” he said, pointing to a small door. “I don’t expect the captain has any dresses, but I’m sure you’ll find something dry to wear.”
I watched the storm unfold through a small porthole as Joe left me to help the captain. It seemed no one was expecting the weather to be this bad and how could they? Only ten minutes earlier, there hadn’t been a cloud in the sky, and now there was barely any blue left, only the darkness of the sea and the sky. It was strange how quickly the storm had taken hold. I certainly had never seen anything like it before. Outside, the rain began to lash down, pitter-pattering on the round window. Thunder crashed as the waves became more intense with the roaring wind that whipped all around us. The storm had sneaked up on us quickly, and as far as I could see, we were getting further and further away from the coastline. Whatever Captain Jackson’s men were doing to turn the ship around, it wasn’t helping.
I hated admitting it to myself after dreaming of the day I could finally sail on the sea for so long, but I was beginning to get scared. My mother’s screams echoed in my head, although we had drifted too far to really hear her. The boat creaked with the strain, and from out of the window, I could see we were being pulled closer and closer toward the storm. A crash from behind me made me jump. I turned to find that some previously neatly stacked dishes had been flung from the cupboard and were now in hundreds of pieces on the floor. Holding on was almost impossible, the ship was lurching so much. I tried walking over to the wardrobe that Joe had pointed out, but the floor beneath me was rocking so much under the motion of the waves that I could barely stand at all. With a shock, I saw a stream of water pushing the remnants of the dishes across the floor. It was coming from the doorway. We were taking on water. I held on to the writing desk to keep myself upright, but the motion of the ship knocked me to the floor. Something sharp pierced my side, and when I looked down, I saw a sliver of broken plate had cut through my dress and into my flesh creating a bloom of fresh blood on the wet fabric.
I looked up to grab hold of the desk to pull myself back up and was shocked to see that the window was now partly submerged. We were sinking, and we were sinking fast. Pulling myself up, I ran to the door quickly. I had to get out, or I would drown. I yanked the door as hard as I could, and as it opened, a deluge of water rushed in knocking me over once again. The lights flickered out leaving me in complete darkness as the water engulfed me, sending me flying into something hard. Water filled my lungs as the blackness folded in around me, my mother’s warnings of the fierceness of the ocean echoing in my head.

Author Bio:
J.A lives in a total fantasy world (because reality is boring right?) When she’s not writing all the crazy fun in her head, she can be found eating cake, designing pretty pictures and hanging upside down from the tallest climbing frame in the local playground while her children look on in embarrassment. She’s travelled the world working as everything from a banana picker in Australia to a Pantomime clown, has climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and the bottom of the Grand Canyon and once gave birth to a surrogate baby for a friend of hers.
She spends way too much time gossiping on facebook and if you want to be part of her Reading Army, where you’ll get lots of freebies, exclusive sneak peeks and super secret sales, join up here
Somehow she finds time to write.
Reviews for J.A.Armitage's work.
Endless Winter is a unique story that takes place in a beautiful world. J.A. Armitage's writing is lyrical and almost poetic. Janelle Fila for Readers' Favorite
I devoured this book like a rich box of chocolates. Sara C Roethle


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A Merciful Silence by Kendra Elliot #Release & #Giveaway

Author: Kendra Elliot
Release Date: June 19, 2018
Publisher: Montlake Romance


For FBI agent Mercy Kilpatrick, returning to rural Oregon has meant coming to terms with her roots. Raised as a prepper, Mercy is now relying on her survivalist instincts to defend her town from the people the law can’t reach. But this time, an investigation calling up a dark past for her and police chief Truman Daly may be hitting too close to home.

A rainstorm has uncovered the remains of five people—a reprise of the distinctive slaughter of two families twenty years ago. Except the convicted killer is in prison. Is this the case of a sick copycat, or is the wrong man behind bars? One person might have the answer. The lone survivor of the decades-old crimes has returned to town still claiming that she can’t remember a thing about the night she was left for dead. As the search for the truth becomes more dangerous, Mercy fears that the traumatized woman may not have buried her memories at all. She might be keeping them a secret. And there’s a price to be paid for revealing them.

Author Biography

Kendra Elliot has landed on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list multiple times and is the award-winning author of the Bone Secrets and Callahan & McLane series, as well as the Mercy Kilpatrick novels: A Merciful Death, A Merciful Truth, and A Merciful Secret. Kendra is a three-time winner of the Daphne du Maurier Award, an International Thriller Writers finalist, and an RT Award finalist. She has always been a voracious reader, cutting her teeth on classic female heroines such as Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, and Laura Ingalls. She was born, raised, and still lives in the rainy Pacific Northwest with her husband and three daughters, but she looks forward to the day she can live in flip-flops. Visit her at www.kendraelliot.com. 

Social Media Links

Website - http://www.kendraelliot.com/  
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Aut horKendraElliot 
Twitter - https://twitter.com/KendraEl liot 
Goodreads - https://www.goodreads.com/au thor/show/6150778.Kendra_Ellio t 

Message from Kendra Elliot: Mercy’s road to the FBI

Mercy Kilpatrick, the heroine from my newest release A Merciful Silence, was raised by anti-government preppers in Central Oregon. She grew up learning to live off the land, avoid law enforcement, and never trust the government. When she was eighteen, she and her father had a falling out that forced Mercy from the home.

She entered the regular world but could never leave her prepping roots behind. She eventually joined the FBI—thereby becoming the two things that her father hated most. Estranged from her family, Mercy keeps one foot in the regular world and another in her hidden past. She can’t help but prepare for the end of the world. No one at the FBI knows she escapes to her mountain hideaway every weekend where she stocks firewood, food, fuel, and medical supplies.

An FBI domestic terrorism case pulls her to back to her hometown where she must face her family for the first time in fifteen years. The case takes place in a survivalist world with which she is all too familiar, and suspects some of her family may be involved.

Excerpt: A Merciful Silence

Her GPS took her on a wet, winding trip thirty miles out of Bend. Mercy revered privacy, and it appeared Britta Vale did the same. The terrain was flat, with clumps of huge trees and fields of scattered volcanic rock. She took the final turn off the two-lane road and was pleasantly surprised to find a well-maintained gravel driveway. A wood fence lined one side of the drive, and Mercy idly wondered if Britta kept cows or sheep in the field. A wide creek rapidly flowed through the pasture, full of the recent rains. A few minutes later she stopped in front of an old white farmhouse. Fields flanked the house on two sides, and a small ancient grove of fruit trees was to the east. 

The paint flaked from the two-story building, and large pieces of railing were missing from the wraparound deck. Lace curtains appeared at most of the windows, and a newer Ford pickup was parked next to the home. As Mercy stepped out of her Tahoe, faint barking greeted her, and she spotted a black lab inside, watching through a tall window next to the front door, alerting the residents that company had arrived. Its wagging tail defied the belligerent barks. 

Overall, Mercy liked the home. It felt shy but friendly. Sequestered but welcoming. 

The door opened and a woman appeared. In one hand she gripped the lab’s collar. With the other she balanced a rifle against her shoulder. 

Not threatening, but making her stance clear. 

Mercy approved. And stopped moving forward. Mercy stood with her right shoulder and hip slightly farther back and casually held her hands out in front of her stomach, the palms up. A nonaggressive pose, but she was ready to move to the gun in her shoulder holster if needed. “Britta Vale?” 

“Who wants to know?” The woman’s tone was polite but direct. Her long hair was black. The flat-black, obviously dyed tone. Blunt-cut bangs just above Britta’s eyebrows gave her a no-nonsense look. 

“I’m Special Agent Mercy Kilpatrick from the Bend FBI office. You’re welcome to call them to verify me.” 

“Take three steps closer.” 

Mercy took three measured steps, her hands still exposed. She felt the weight of her weapon at her side and watched Britta for any warning movements. The woman stood perfectly still, the dog’s wagging tail a contrast. At this distance Mercy could meet Britta’s gaze. The woman had light-blue eyes and skin that looked as if it’d never seen the sun. She also had a huge tattoo that wrapped around the front of her neck. Mercy couldn’t read it but wondered how painful the process had been. She swallowed, imagining tiny sharp needles jabbing at the tender skin on her throat. 

The woman released the dog, who instantly sat, its dark eyes still locked on Mercy. 

“Are you here about Grady Baldwin?” 

“Yes,” Mercy answered. 

“Is he out? I’m supposed to be notified if he gets out. No one has said anything to me.” Britta’s voice shot up an octave as the words spilled out of her mouth, terror and anger flashing in her eyes. Her fingers tightened on the butt of the rifle, and Mercy tensed. 

“He’s not out and he’s not getting out.” 

The woman lowered her chin a notch, and her shoulders moved as she exhaled. “I have nightmares about police vehicles abruptly showing up at my home, trying to get me to safety. They’re always too late.” She nodded at Mercy’s Tahoe. “You’re clearly armed, and you have government plates, so you understand my reaction.” 

“I do. You are Britta, right?” The woman acted like a survivor, but Mercy wanted to be certain. 

“I am. Why are you here?” 

“Yesterday we uncovered five bodies. Possibly a family—we aren’t certain about that. But each one of them had been struck in the mouth. Their teeth and jaws shattered.” 

The pale woman went a shade whiter as she slapped a hand across her mouth, and the dog whined, leaning hard against her thigh.

$25 Amazon Gift Card and Digital Copy of Kendra Elliot’s A MERCIFUL SILENCE

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Quinsey Wolfe's Glass Vault (Glass Vault, #1) by Candace Robinson

Quinsey Wolfe's Glass Vault
by Candace Robinson

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: May 16, 2017 * New Re-release: June 26, 2018
Publisher: Candace Robinson * New Publisher: The Parliament House
Genre: YA | Horror

Some see it... Some don't... 

People in the town of Deer Park, Texas are vanishing. There is a strange museum, known as Quinsey Wolfe's Glass Vault, that appears overnight. Perrie Madeline's best friend and ex-boyfriend are among the missing. Perrie, along with her friend August, go on a pursuit to search for them in the mysterious museum. Could the elusive Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault have anything to do with their disappearances? 

A book that intertwines horror with retellings mixed with humor and darkness

Quinsey Wolfe's Glass Vault (Glass Vault, #1) 
by Candace Robinson

Review for updated, Shiny Gem version!

Quinsey Wolfe's Glass Vault (Glass Vault, #1)Do you ever re-read a book? I do. This time out, Candace Robinson’s QUINSEY WOLFE’S GLASS VAULT has had a makeover, and it shines like a diamond! There is still something dark going on in Perrie’s town and it can be downright terrifying, especially knowing that not everyone can see the new establishment in town.

Written for a young adult audience, this new, shiny gem screams READ ME, no matter how old you are! A fabulous dark mystery, true evil and Perrie, filled with her own brand of attitude and snark, is determined to discover what is going on and is just the girl to put a stop to it!

Candace Robinson listened to what people said, she went back to the drawing board and she has created a reading masterpiece of entertainment to get lost in, reality left far behind…Yes, this gem now has “meat” enough to sink your reader’s teeth in!

Old Review:

There is something strange going on in Deer Park and it all started with the unusual museum that seems to disappear at the most inconvenient times. Author Candace Robinson has conjured up a tale of magic, mystery and horror that even blends fact and fairy tale! QUINSEY WOLFE’S GLASS VAULT will peck at your imagination and challenge you to keep up as Perrie and August enter the museum to find their missing friends, only to discover there is more to each horrific display than meets the eye, as well as more to the mysterious owner than Perrie could ever imagine.

Looking for a very dark, very busy read with more twists than a Twizzler? Candace Robinson has it right here. The concept is fabulous, dark and at times truly evil. There will be moments of sadness and moments of relief as Perrie goes in search of her best friend only to find that sometimes, one can never escape their fate.

This definitely felt like a young adult read, sometimes I thought that it would be perfect for middlegrade/younger YA readers, except for the liberal use of profanity. Perrie came across as a one tough cookie on a mission, although she also felt very young to me. I could see this tale being expanded into more than one book and I wanted more meat, but for a younger reader, it was great, again without the profanity. (And I am not a prude, I can *#@ with the best of 'em)

I applaud Candace Robinson’s talent to take on more than one genre, to give me the creeps and to make me recognize the scenes she has created or re-created. It just didn’t feel like an upper YA read to me and I think there is a huge younger audience out there that would fall all over this one!

I received this copy from Candace Robinson in exchange for my honest and voluntary review!

Flying High by Nicole Douglas (Davis Brothers, #2)

Flying High
by Nicole Douglas

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Davis Brothers - Book 2
Publication Date: September 7, 2018
Publisher: Nicole Douglas
Genre: NA Romance w/Grit
Print Length: 240 pages
Available from: Amazon
After the arrest of his sadistic father Chris Davis' life changes dramatically. He is clean and sober for the first time in years and is ready for a better life.

Natalie Johnson is recovering from her own emotional wounds inflicted by three years in the Davis home. She has scars that can't be seen with the naked eye and only Chris knows the depth of each cut.

Together they rebuild their lives one small piece at a time. Both immerse themselves into managing the rehab facility they've shared for a year and maintain their shared apartment and the safe space they've created.

As they begin the rough road to healing these two friends find themselves craving each other in a way they never thought possible. Being together would risk everything they worked so hard to build.

Can they overcome their haunting pasts and find salvation in each other? 
Flying High by Nicole Douglas (Davis Brothers, #2)

Flying High (Davis Brothers Book 2)He grew up with a monster for a father. When his father was arrested, Chris had the chance to clean up his life, to be sober, to be a real man with dreams and goals, to find love. Now sober for the first time in years, Chris is giving back at the rehab center he built with Natalie, his best friend, another victim of his father’s depravity.

They share past horrors, they share the rehab center and they share an apartment. Now, they are about to share something more terrifying, feelings for each other. Could they ever be more than friends? Do they know too much about the darkness they each harbor within to build a future filled with joy and light? Will this be the end of a dark chapter and the beginning of normalcy or will exposing themselves to romantic feelings be the end of them?

Nicole Douglas proved she can create something special out of dirt and grit with SPARKS FLY, and now with FLYING HIGH she has raised the bar on her writing talent. The internal struggles of Chris and Natalie are torturous, yet in the darkest of times in their pasts, they shared ice cream and that ice cream represented the only sweetness and light they knew in their world. Such a simple act became the foundation for their future, the support they gave each other and maybe even hope for more, whether they thought they deserved it or not.

Chris is fiercely loyal, Natalie is stronger than she realizes and all I could do was hope the outside world would give them a chance to be happy together…but that chance will not be without pain.

The grit is back, the emotional tsunami is gut-wrenching, and the writing is raw and bold. This is a must read book, a must read series because these are characters you cannot help but stand behind.

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Nicole Douglas!

Entangled Destiny by Scarlett West (Immortal Breed Series - Prequel) w/#Giveaway

Entangled Destiny

By Scarlett West

My Rating: 5 Stars

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
Available ONLY from Scarlett West!
See Below for YOUR Free Copy!

Their love is dangerous. Their love isn't their destiny. 

Her parents were murdered. Her vampire coven faces war. All Laima has left are her healing arts to keep her afloat. 

A vampire aristocrat bound to his coven’s duty, Rudis is determined to take Laima as his mate.

When Laima and Rudis collide, it ignites a dangerous and alluring fire.

But in the shadows of violence a new threat arises. A lethal female covets Rudis and will do anything to obtain him—including murder. Laima and Rudis will have to fight for their love.... And their lives.
Entangled Destiny by Scarlett West
(Prequel - Immortal Breed Series)

With the atmosphere of a fairytale, Scarlett West’s ENTANGLED DESTINY is a dark tale of love, jealousy, fate and destiny.

In a world where duty to the coven is paramount, one vampire aristocrat will throw caution and tradition to the wind in favor of love. Will the petty jealousy of Laima’s sister turn the love Rudis and Laima share into a nightmare of blood between covens?

As the prequel to an upcoming series, ENTANGLED DESTINY is a superb, well told tale of betrayal and desire that will change the future and the face of the vampire coven wars, setting a firm foundation for dark fantasy lovers to devour!

Scarlett West has forgone the vicious blood-sucking denizens of the night for a romantic, yet dark tale of love that feels like a fairytale for grown-ups. Well written, this this tale flows softly along, setting the stage, introducing the characters, both good and evil, while letting us know HOW their attitudes came to be!  Trust me, you are going to feel like you were swept into another world and another time and you WILL feel the strength of the love two souls hold!

Not yet published, Scarlett West is offering a free review copy to paranormal romance lovers by clicking on the link below!  

Scarlett West would like to thank her three F’s: Fans, Family and Friends. Thank you forever for your support.
An avid reader and writer who will never stop dreaming, Scarlett has traveled to many countries and been on tons of adventures. She draws her stories from these places, life experiences, and her grand imagination.

Besides writing, she’s a hobby herbalist and a dancer. If she’s not by the computer typing these things up, she can be found by the in a forest, on a mountain, or by the ocean.

Scarlett West writes sexy paranormal, romance novels. She’s working on an adult, vampire series set in exotic to familiar places including the United States, Latvia, Italy, Poland and Argentina.

Her hot, European males and females struggle with duty to their coven and must risk it all to find love. Each book is a standalone, but the stories are connected. The books are works-in-progress. Stay tuned!

Though Scarlett loves paranormal romance, she covers other interests in her blog about nutrition, writing/books, and life inspiration. She would love to hear from you so please drop by and say hi on Facebook and Twitter.

Click below for YOUR FREE review copy from Scarlett West!

Digging a Hole (OHellNo, #3) by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Digging a Hole
by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

My rating: 5 stars

Series: OHellNo - Book 3
Publisher: Mimi Boutique (June 19, 2018)
Publication Date: June 19, 2018
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Print Length: 201 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


My name is Sydney Lucas. I am smart, deathly shy, and one-hundred percent determined to make my own way in the world. Which is why I jumped at the chance to intern for Mr. Nick Brooks despite his reputation. After ten failed interviews at other companies, he was the only one offering. Plus, everyone says he knows his stuff and surely a man as stunningly handsome as him can't be "the devil incarnate," right? Wrong.

Oh...that man. That freakin' man has got to go! I've been on the job one week, and he's insulted my mother, wardrobe shamed me, and managed to make me cry. Twice. Underneath that stone-cold, beautiful face is the evilest human being ever.

But I'm not going to quit. Oh no. For once in my life, I've got to make a stand. Only every time I open my mouth, I can't quite seem to muster the courage. Perhaps my revenge needs to come in another form: destroying him quietly.

Because I've got a secret. I'm not really just an intern, and Sydney Lucas isn't my real name.

Digging a Hole (OHellNo, #3)  by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Digging a Hole (OHellNo, #3)Who’s fooling who and what are they going to do about it? When the meanest boss EVER meets the shy, sweet intern, the only thing that isn’t clear is who has the biggest secret! Mimi Jean Pamfiloff’s latest quirky, laugh riot of a romance, DIGGING A HOLE, the third entertainment-filled entry in the OHellNo series does its predecessors proud!

As if her recent adventures haven’t been enough, her shy, “don’t look at me” demeanor is about to be flushed down the toilet when our undercover intern finds being a doormat for her pompous boss wasn’t in her job description. Will she pull the “My Daddy owns the company” card or will she find that standing up for herself (or her alias) just might put Mr. I Am An A**, Nick Brooks in his proper place?

Good Grief, MJP had me almost in tears of laughter, yet, I could feel my inner “I Am Woman” fist pumping for Sydney/not Sydney. And the big boss’s little twist? It’s huge and clearly our girl is up for more than one challenge!

As always, start to finish, light-hearted, frenzied fun, because revenge can be so sweet!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Mimi Jean Pamfiloff!

As Right As Rain by J.M. Maurer #Release Tour

by J.M. Maurer

Hard Love by Shana Vanterpool Blitz and #Giveaway

Hard Love
Shana Vanterpool
(Guns & Ink #2)
Published by: Swoon Romance
Publication date: May 22nd 2018
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
When two people in pain collide, there is something intoxicating about drowning in the chaos of hard love.
Brando Hawkins is a detective with the Denver Police Department. The world should be his to take. He’s a dedicated officer with a promising career. But Brando’s got secrets. Dark, ruthless secrets. At twenty-six, he’s burned-out, and the sight of another body, one more unhappy ending, might just do him in.
Catherine Abbott is a woman who wars with her demons and guards her heart. Immersed in a world where people ink their lives on their skin, Catherine trusts only that which she can see. And, as a rape survivor, she finds comfort in control.
But Brando’s demons start to tangle with hers. They’re dangerous, like hers. But they’re beautiful too.
A spray of bullets brings them together, and the pain of their pasts collide with the lure of their futures. Cat wants to mend his heart and his wounds, but Brando’s secrets lay tucked away in a vault so tightly sealed, she can’t get through.
Everything around them is covered in the confusion of love and the burn of revenge, but no one ever said love was easy.
Hard Love is the next standalone installment in the Guns & Ink series by Shana Vanterpool, a world of tattoos, love, and redemption from Swoon Romance.
Life had a way of expunging your expectations.
But it also had a way of rebuilding them.
I met a hero the day I walked into Klayton’s tattoo shop, broken and terrified. My heart was tattered, and my mental state was a plain of rubble in my skull. He wasn’t your typical hero. But atypical was exactly what I needed. I needed strength to combat my weaknesses. I needed love to fight my terror. And I needed someone to look at me like I was whole, when I feared I never would be again.
I sometimes wished we could have a do-over. That I could walk into his tattoo shop smiling, clean, and glowing. But that would only erase the brutal, beautiful truth of us. I didn’t walk into his tattoo shop smiling, I wasn’t clean, and I was severely damaged.
But Klayton loved me anyway. Even when I was empty, even when I was broken.
Even when I was mad.

Author Bio:
When I walk into a book store I feel at home. When I smell the pages of a brand new book things make sense. When I read I am who I always wanted to be. I read to escape and I write so others can as well. My family, my actress dog Bella, coffee, and a steamy love story are a few of my most precious things.


A Lot Like Home by Kat Cantrell Tour & #Giveaway

Today we have the blog tour for A LOT LIKE HOME by Kat Cantrell! Check it out and get your copy now!


From USA Today best seller Kat Cantrell, comes a small-town romance series with a touch of magic. Welcome to Superstition Springs, town in progress. After being kicked out of the Navy, ex-SEAL Caleb Hardy needs a new mission, and rebuilding an old Texas mining town into a tourist attraction is it. If he does it right, Superstition Springs will become a new home for his band of world-weary teammates... and maybe a place to atone for the horrific mistake they'd made in the line of duty. Havana Nixon has other plans for the quirky dot on the map she never could quite call home. The town is falling apart. Struggling. Solution: convince the folks to sell out. Except she didn't count on the infuriating (and gorgeous, not that she'd ever tell him that) obstacle who plunks down in the middle of her land deal and acts like the careful barriers she's erected against the world don't exist. Thank goodness she's arrived armed with a fiancé in tow, never mind that it's all a sham designed to keep one of her aunt's famous love predictions from coming true. But in a mystical place like Superstition Springs, nothing ever goes as expected, least of all a head-to-head between two people with opposing plans, who spark every time they get in each other's way. If they could just unbend long enough to compromise, they might figure out they both want the same thing--forever.

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The gaze of the other half of Team Doritos hadn’t strayed from her face once, and being the sole focus of a man she’d had such a bone-deep response to was starting to make her a little breathless. Better to let that cat out of the bag pronto before it turned into something much bigger than it was.
With a bright smile, she offered her hand to him. “We’ve already met. All except for the exchange of names, that is.”
“You’ve already met?” Serenity’s gaze cut between them. “What on earth—”
“Long story,” he said smoothly, his voice as ragged and fascinating as it had been back at Mavis J’s. “I’m Caleb Hardy.”
When he clasped her hand, the buzz that she’d convinced herself had been imaginary arced between them, nearly frying all her circuits as well as it had the first time.
“Caleb,” she croaked and snatched her hand to her side in hopes of jump-starting her brain back to some functional level, which did not work apparently.
By the time she could speak again, the other three men had introduced themselves, and the best she had to show for it was the impression that the one with a full beard had the same last name as Caleb, so they were brothers or cousins, or it was a raging coincidence that she knew nothing about because a man had touched her.
Time to get control of this crazy train. She cleared her throat. “Nice to meet you all. If I might steal you away, Aunt Serenity? I have something I need to discuss—”
“Actually,” Caleb drawled, forcing her attention back to his face, where a day-old shadow of whiskers had darkened his jaw to the point of distraction. “You and I need to have a conversation first.”
“We, um… what?”
“Clear out, Elmer,” he instructed the dark-haired one next to him, who moved instantly, allowing Caleb to slide from the booth.
Before she could peep out question one, he hustled her away from the table with a gentle grip on her elbow. No one at the table stopped him. Or said a word. Including her aunt, which was typical. She’d always let Havana take care of herself along with everyone else.
Too shocked to protest, she let him lead her a good four steps before she remembered her voice did actually work. “What are you doing? I need to talk to Serenity, not you.”
“Oh, I disagree,” he countered, and somehow he’d gotten her feet to move again. “Best we do this outside.”
Outside? Where there were no witnesses? The man was former military, which explained why his arms were the size of a tree branch but not what he could possibly have to say to her privately.
Unless he’d mistaken pig wrangling as an expression of interest. Maybe that was considered courtship where he came from. Privacy meant loads of opportunity to flirt with a woman he’d decided to pursue. That stymied her so much she forgot to argue. Where was Damian when she needed him?
Back at the hotel, of course, because she’d stupidly told him she didn’t need him while she tried some different persuasion techniques with Serenity—she had to figure out why she wasn’t selling this deal, and having a discussion with the other half of Team Doritos wasn’t going to get her closer to that.
Fine. Caleb Hardy wanted to talk—so did she. So she could tell him that strong-arm tactics didn’t work on her. Once on the street, she jammed her hands down on her hips and whirled to face him. Holy cow, he was much closer than she’d realized and smelled like man and something clean, bright.
His eyes were brown. The dim light at Mavis J’s hadn’t revealed that, but out here in the sun, it was hard to miss the unusual almond color. Fascinated, she fell into them for a brief moment of insanity, recalling how he’d looked at her after helping her off the floor—as if she was special simply because she’d helped him chase a pig.
She liked helping, the rush of knowing she’s made someone’s life better. She liked it when people recognized her efforts even more. And he had. For a shining moment they’d had perfect cohesion. They could again; it was all right there in his eyes… She shuddered at the cocoon of awareness that had just formed between them and willed it away. Who cared what color the man’s eyes were?
She took a step back. But he followed her, not letting her get more than an inch or two away.
“Stop that,” she instructed throatily, mortified that he’d managed to affect her voice. “You’re crowding me.”
“Stop moving away,” he countered, his voice low.

About Kat Cantrell

  USA Today Bestselling Author Kat Cantrell read her first Harlequin novel in third grade and has been scribbling in notebooks since she learned to spell. What else would she write but romance? When she’s not writing about characters on the journey to happily ever after, she can be found at a taekwondo tournament, watching Big Bang Theory or dancing with her kids to Duran Duran and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Kat, her husband and their two boys live in North Texas. She was a former Harlequin So You Think You Can Write winner and a former RWA® Golden Heart® finalist for best unpublished series contemporary manuscript.

Before Dawn by Elizabeth Arroyo Blitz and #Giveaway

Before Dawn
Elizabeth Arroyo
Publication date: June 12th 2018
Genres: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Young Adult
Survival rule number one: eat before being hunted.
In a world infected by violent hybrids, survival comes with its own set of rules. Sixteen-year-old Zoe is an expert at breaking them.
While Zoe has abilities she cannot explain, just getting through another day without being killed is a challenge. She has survived since her mother’s murder with help from an unexpected ally, Morph.
Morph is part of the Arcane, an elite force of teenagers from an Alliance of space stations. After the Arcane are destroyed in an explosion, only Morph and his brother survive. They are sent on a new mission to capture a dangerous hybrid.
Morph is torn between duty and his attraction to Zoe. With threats to the planet from above, Morph knows Zoe’s chances are limited. Trying to save her could be a betrayal to the Alliance.
When Zoe recovers memories of her mother’s death that point straight to the Arcane, she realizes Morph might be the real enemy.
As more mysteries are brought to light, telling friends from foes becomes difficult. For Morph and Zoe, the world is more dangerous than ever. And trusting each other is the key to them living to see another day.
Are you a book reviewer?
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Her concern at the moment stood out in front of her – movement in the shadows. At first glance they looked like children, though when you got closer they were nothing like children. Not even human anymore. Their heads too large for their bodies, their eyes black slits on their ashen faces, their mouths extended and filled with jagged teeth. Bulbous body on stubbly short legs. They weren’t intimidating, but their numbers swelled in the hundreds and they hunted in packs.
They crowded every ridge, waited behind every rock formation, watching her. One of them charged, and the others followed. Zoe pulled out her pistol and fired, catching the leader in the head. It took three steps before it realized it had no head and fell to the ground. The creatures behind it didn’t seem slightly interested in their dead comrade and ran over it to get to her. She flanked the ridge and ran alongside the tracks, feeling the tremble of a hundred little suckers stomping the ground behind her. A train stood off about fifty yards, half of it hung inside a pit. It looked like the tongue of an overzealous monster had rolled out of its maw and choked to death. She slipped between railcars and shot the first critter that followed her through. It fell, blocking the entrance from those behind it, giving her a few precious seconds to scramble out into the open. Though their heads were large, they weren’t that smart. Lucky her.
Hiding gave her the best chance at survival. She couldn’t outrun them. Exhaustion threatened to drop her, and she didn’t have enough spark to light a match. She regretted letting Jace convince her to kill him. She’d have had a better chance at survival had he been beside her.
The ground rolled under her, lifting dirt and rock into the air. It pulsed, forcing her to slow and balance her footing. She stopped when the ground in front of her caved in, expecting to be consumed by the hundreds of creatures behind her. When nothing happened, she risked turning around to find out why.
They too had stopped as if at an invisible wall. All of them. Spread out in a line, they stared past her. A swarm of gray, small, ugly things, eyes almost swallowing their faces. They’d forgotten about her.
Another rumble underground forced Zoe’s attention back to the sink hole in front of her just as a serpent exploded out of the ground and skyrocketed at least a hundred feet into the air before falling in an arc toward the mass of creatures under it. Including her.
She scrambled back, hightailing it toward the little monsters who decided they didn’t want to eat her anymore. They wanted to live, so they ran. She followed suit. The serpent struck the ground, smashing a dozen or so creatures to her left, causing another jolt under her. It slid along the ground, its massive scales cutting a deep path in the dirt. It snatched one of the creatures in its mouth, tearing through muscle and bone, leaving only stubbly legs on the ground. Pitching right, she turned back toward the pit. Anything would be better than remaining out in the open. If those little suckers ended up avoiding or killing the serpent, they’d remember they wanted to eat her. She had to lay low, hide, and wait it out.
But the snake had other ideas. It circled back and slammed into the train initiating its final descent into the pit. The world shimmered for a second and adrenaline fueled her. She had to get to Mecca and find answers about her life. She didn’t intend on dying before she got them. She jumped into the last railcar, clawing at anything she could use as a hold.
She found nothing but air.

Author Bio:
Born and raised in Chicago and the youngest of five, Elizabeth spent most of her younger years as an avid reader with a wild imagination which led her to write her first manuscript at the age of fourteen.
Influenced by the gamers in her household and her love of action adventure, Elizabeth delved into the realm of science fiction and wrote her first full-length science fiction/dystopian YA novel—Before Dawn—acquired by Ellysian Press in 2016.
Elizabeth is the author of the Second Sign and the Second Shadow, a dark YA paranormal romance series, (Sapphire Star Publishing, 2013), and Darkness, a YA paranormal thriller, (Indie-Published, 2014). She has a short story published with SQ Magazine, and advice on her writing journey can be found in The Write Path: A Compilation of Letters, (Amazon Digital Services, Inc.).
Elizabeth enjoys spending time with her family, listening to music, and binge watching her favorite shows.
You can reach Elizabeth at her website www.elizabetharroyo.com, Twitter, and Facebook.


eBook copy of Before Dawn
Ends June 28, 2018


Butterflies and Flutterbyes Release Tour

Dreaming in Words
by Maggie Lowe

Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Serpent by Sarah Fine (The Immortal Dealers, #1)

The Serpent
by Sarah Fine

My Rating: 4.5 Stars

Series: The Immortal Dealers - Book 1
Publisher: 47North (July 24, 2018)
Publication Date: July 24, 2018
Genre: Fantasy | Action & Adventure
Number of Pages: 316 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

One woman is in a world of otherworldly trouble—and she’s going to have to bet her life to save humankind.

Ernestine “Ernie” Terwilliger has put her dreams aside to look after her eccentric mother. Case in point: saving her from a mysterious stranger who’s just stormed the terrified woman’s antique store wearing a rattlesnake tattoo, leveling threats, and brandishing the weirdest deck of cards Ernie’s ever seen.

When Ernie grabs some of the cards and runs, she’s launched into a world she never knew existed—one her mother may know more about than she’s revealing. With a handful of stolen cards, Ernie has just been made an unwilling player in a game of good versus evil. But she’s not even playing with a full deck, and its original owner is more than happy to kill to get his cards back.

Suddenly Ernie’s matching wits and plays with the supernatural Immortal Dealers, who can raise empires, damn souls, and shape the world’s destiny. It’s up to Ernie to defeat the most brutal member of their order. And if her roguish new ally isn’t bluffing, he can help. The mystery is all in the cards, and to save her life—and humanity—Ernie had better learn how to deal.

The Serpent by Sarah Fine (The Immortal Dealers, #1)

The Serpent (The Immortal Dealers, #1)Who knew a partial deck of cards would have Ernestine Terwilliger caught up in a battle for her life among supernatural card sharks known as the Immortal Dealers. No, this isn’t a tale of gambling in Vegas because Ernie will be gambling for her life and the lives of those she loves and no one has told her the rules.

Sarah Fine’s THE SERPENT is fresh, fast and furious fun as one quirky heroine finds herself caught up in a world where the deck is stacked against her, and her eccentric mother and absent father knew all about it. Can she trust Gabe, another Immortal Dealer to have her back or is it every Dealer for him/herself?

Quirky fun, magical cards and a villain who wants his cards back…Ernie must navigate a world where just having a poker face isn’t going to cut it. The cards have power, but first she must make friends with the deck. A completely new take on the supernatural, the groundwork has been laid for what looks to be a fun new series. Sarah Fine’s latest is sure to be another great, light escape-from-reality series.

I received a complimentary ARC edition from 47North!

Danger Rising by E.D. Richards

by E. D. Richards

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: April 27, 2018
Publisher: E.D. Richards
Genre: Science Fiction
Print Length: 197 pages
Available from: Amazon
All things are not as they seem as Dr. Abbey Bertrand races against time, while glaciers threaten and others are after her.
Danger Rising by E.D. Richards 

DANGER RISINGMan has created the power to control the devastation of nature in the harsh Antarctic world. But something has gone wrong and Dr. Abbey Bertrand may be the only person to discover what it is.
Bundle up for action and adventure as scientists race to prevent the abuse of technology designed to stabilize nature. DANGER RISING by E. D. Richards is a suspenseful tale of good versus evil as one woman races against time to uncover events of glacial devastation that will resound around the globe.

Is someone out to lure Abbey to her death? Travel underwater, across the globe and be part of the life or death events that could shatter the planet.

A fast-paced suspense in the not-too-distant future! If you love a well-told story with a little grit and few twists, put DANGER RISING on your reading list.

I received a complimentary copy from Author Buzz!

Someone I Used to Know by Patty Blount

Someone I Used to Know
by Patty Blount

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire (August 7, 2018)
Publication Date: August 7, 2018
Genre: YA | Sexual Abuse | Family
Print Length: 384 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

It's been two years since the night that changed Ashley's life. Two years since she was raped by her brother's teammate. And a year since she sat in a court and watched as he was given a slap on the wrist sentence. But the years have done nothing to stop the pain.
It's been two years of hell for Derek. His family is totally messed up and he and his sister are barely speaking. He knows he handled it all wrong. Now at college, he has to come to terms with what happened, and the rape culture that he was inadvertently a part of that destroyed his sister's life. 
When it all comes to a head at Thanksgiving, Derek and Ashley have to decide if their relationship is able to be saved. And if their family can ever be whole again.

Someone I Used to Know by Patty Blount

Someone I Used to KnowAn innocent young girl is raped as part of a demented game, her life twisted into a mangled parody of normal and society is guilty of continuing the emotional and psychological deed in ignorant or self-righteous bliss. One family devolves into a quagmire of devastation, rage and unconsciously mimics society’s callous opinion that boys will be boys, while passing judgment on a fourteen year old girl’s “guilt.” It will take two long and painful years for the complete implosion and now the question is, can they find a way back to finally support each other, and help Ashley heal?

If you read nothing else, every man, woman and young adult MUST read SOMEONE I USED TO KNOW by Patty Blount. Although fictional, it is a scathing and raw indictment of a world where sex sells, “dirty jokes” are told and beauty is a perceived license for demeaning and condescending behavior.

Told through the voices of Ashley, the rape survivor and her self-centered brother, Derek, this tale is meant to make people uncomfortable, to make us feel guilty, to open our eyes. For parents who say, this is too raw for my teen, think again, this is EXACTLY what EVERY teen needs to read, male or female. A court verdict does not end the pain of the survivor, long after we are on to the next news bite, the cancer continues to grow, for everyone touched.

Devastating, dark and brutally raw, this gut-wrenching read is filled with triggers, truths and rightfully puts the blame solidly on “the good people of our culture.” And aren’t we ALL good people?? Buy a copy for a friend, a family member and make sure every library you know orders several. Perhaps this should be required reading in school, certainly more relevant and timely than those "classics."

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Sourcebooks Fire!