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Callan's Damaged Love Story by Sonya Jesus Tour & #Giveaway

Callan's Damaged Love Story
Damaged Hearts Book 1
(Also July in The Calendar Men Series)
by Sonya Jesus
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

I don’t do love.

Or hearts.

Or anything that can get broken…
I’m already broken enough.

If you’re looking for the perfect guy, with imperfect actions and an undamaged heart…Stop! Keep scrolling…because I’m not effing good at being good. I’m not boyfriend material. I fill my loveless heart with sex-filled nights and distance myself from any type of commitment—while I still have the power to. Soon, I’ll relinquish my freedom to adulthood and take over Cohen Enterprises, but until then, I own my independence. I breathe bad decisions, blink away my flaws, and enjoy the detached life I’ll never have again.

At least I try to. My guilt-free mornings and shameless nights abruptly stop when I make my next mistake with my brother’s girlfriend. Now, I can’t stop thinking about Delilah. She triggered my heart alive, and I’m torn between the girl I might be falling for and the only person I respect.

Sonya´s a science nerd who decided to give into her creative fictional side in order to balance out the non-fictional scientific side of her PhD. She doesn´t have much free time, but she spends it enjoying her family and friends, watching Netflix and playing with her dogs.

On Sale during the month of April!

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Faithful by Frankie Love Blitz and #Giveaway

Frankie Love
(The Mountain Man’s Babies, #10)
Publication date: April 18th 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
The moment I saw her I knew.
Knew that we would have a future, a family, a forever.
Her father says she’s too young, too naive, too innocent.
But she is more than he knows.
She’s the love of my goddamn life.
Then she’s gone in the blink of an eye.
But this mountain was made for miracles, and I’m fighting for ours.
I have faith in the impossible.
Faith in us.
And nothing will stop me from being the man she needs.
Dear Reader,
FAITHFUL is the epic conclusion to the most romantic series to ever land on your Kindle.
I didn’t hold back with this one.
Suspense. Secrets. Steam.
But most of all, babies.
I promise you, Jonah is the baby-daddy of the year.
Get ready, sweetheart…
This trip to Miracle Mountain is gonna be one heck of a ride!
Book one in the series, TIMBER is FREE
from Apr 18-22 only!
My hand moves against her opening, she is slick and wet, my fingers at her center, her whimpers louder as I circle her clit. I need to taste her, and I ease down Faith, between her legs, my tongue running over her entrance. Her fingers run through my hair, her thighs trembling. I look up. “You okay, golden girl?”
“Yes,” she says, her eyes meeting mine. “It’s just… I’ve never felt so many things at once.”
My hand stills against her. “Neither have I, Faith.” She understands what this means. Not just for her; for her virginity. But for me. “This isn’t how it normally goes.”
“What do you mean?”
“I just met you, just tasted you, and fuck, I love you.”
Her eyes stay locked on mine. “Me too.”
It’s simple and true and crazy and ours. And when my mouth returns to her cunt, I lavish her with love. It’s fucking fast, this rush of emotions, but I don’t give a shit. I’ve spent a long ass time looking, waiting, wanting. Now I found Faith and I won’t let go. When you know, you fucking know.

Author Bio:
Frankie Love writes filthy-sweet stories about bad boys and mountain men. As a thirty-something mom who is ridiculously in love with her own bearded hottie, she believes in
love-at-first-sight and happily-ever-afters. She also believes in the power of a quickie.


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Shark's Hunt by Bethany Maines (Shark Santoyo Crimes Series, #3)

Shark's Hunt
by Bethany Maines

Series: Shark Santoyo Crime Series - Book 3
Publisher: Blue Zephyr Press (April 23, 2019)
Publication Date: April 23, 2019
Genre: Crime Thriller
Print Length: 192 pages
Available from: Amazon

Shark Santoyo knows his life is complicated. He's a top level lieutenant to Geier, head of The Organization, and he's in love with Peregrine Hays, the girl who saved his life with her sharp knives and even sharper mind. But after being blackmailed into abandoning Peri, by her uncle Al, the ex-special forces private investigator, Shark also knows he must focus on his mission—bring down Geier.Peregrine Hays knows her life is complicated. She’s got college around the corner and she’s also hunting down the gang of murderous sex traffickers who killed her best friend five years ago. With lives on the line, Peri knows she can’t be distracted by the fact that Shark Santoyo, love of her life, hasn't called in months—she has to focus on her mission.But both Shark and Peri’s missions are complicated by a brewing gang war between The Organization and the Scarecrow Jacks. And when Geier sends Shark head-hunting against the Scarecrows, Shark finds his paths crossing with Peri once again. And soon, Shark finds that he may be forced to rely on the man who hates him, Peri's uncle Al to not just make it out alive, but to save Peri.

Shark's Hunt by Bethany Maines
(Shark Santoyo Crimes Series, #3)

Shark's HuntShark is still on the hunt to take the head of The Organization down, a dangerous mission, especially as he must do so from the inside out. One slip up, one second without his head in the game and Shark will become shark bait and now Peri’s Uncle Al has issued his own threats if Shark doesn’t keep his hands off her. There is also that small matter of her age…

Peri is closing in on the sex trafficking ring she has vowed to take down, but will she get too close and become snagged in their net? Since Shark mysteriously fell off the face of the Earth, she not only lost a piece of her heart, but the one person she knows would have her back.

Neither expected to cross paths again just when they needed each other most…nor did they expect to find an ally with mad skills once hidden in a drunken haze.

Bethany Maines third book in the Shark Santoyo Crime Series has once again set the bar even higher on the “Must Read” scale with SHARK’S HUNT! Anti-heroes, bad guys, uncles and the dynamic crime-fighting duo of Shark and Peri equal reading bliss, especially if you like some heart, brains and wit with your down-and-dirty grit.

Make no mistake, this is real crime fiction with a contemporary flair that explodes off the pages with action that is nail-biting and a plot that will push all your buttons. Peri and Shark may not be by-the-book heroes, but they give THIS book a true sense of what heroics can be without being all dark and broody!

All I can add is read it and you’ll see what I mean.

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Bethany Maines!

Shark's Bite by Bethany Maines (Shark Santoyo Crime Series, #2)

Shark's Bite
by Bethany Maines

Series: Shark Santoyo Crime Series - Book 2
Publisher: Blue Zephyr Press (April 17, 2018)
Publication Date: April 17, 2018
Genre: Crime Thriller
Print Length: 246 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Shark has been doing his time in the suburbs and doing his best to stay away from Peregrine Hays. But when Shark becomes the target of a crooked ATF agent, he has no choice but to call on Peri. Peri has her own reasons for being interested in Agent Fowler. As they attempt to close down Fowler’s operation, Shark and Peri must contend with an angry biker gang, Shark’s smoking hot parole officer, Peri’s alcoholic uncle, and their own undeniable attraction to one another. Can Shark walk the knife edge between his gang and the law to bring down Fowler and get back into the upper echelons of The Organization? 
Shark's Bite by Bethany Maines
(Shark Santoyo Crime Series, #2)

Shark's BiteShark and Peregrine are back and the bad guys better beware, because these two are out to take a bite out of crime, but who are the bad guys and who are the even “badder” guys? Just because someone wears a badge, they aren’t necessarily batting for law and order. Will these two get caught in the crossfire? Will Shark’s cover be blown? How will he move up in “The Organization” while chasing down bad guys as he pretends to be one, himself? I know, I know, the webs we weave and all that, but Shark does have a secret weapon, Peri, whether he likes it or not…

Bethany Maines has struck reading gold once again with SHARK’S BITE and I couldn’t be happier! Humor, heart, a touch of forbidden romance, tons of action, bad guys being bad, good guys being bad and did I mention Peri being Peri? The young woman is more than brilliant, she is deviously brilliant with a bark that isn’t nearly as dangerous as her own bite.

Fabulous reading, amazing characters and over-the-top scenes do more than pull readers in, Bethany Maines has created a world that comes alive with a raw intensity that runs nonstop from start to finish!

If you like something fresh, entertaining and love to see the bad guys get outsmarted more often than not, this series needs to be on your reading list!

I received a complimentary edition from Bethany Maines!

Temper by Layne Fargo

by Layne Fargo

My rating: 4 stars

Publisher: Gallery/Scout Press (July 2, 2019)
Publication Date: July 2, 2019
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Print Length: 352 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
After years of struggling in the Chicago theater scene, ambitious actress Kira Rascher finally lands the role of a lifetime. The catch? Starring in Temper means working with Malcolm Mercer, a mercurial director who’s known for pushing his performers past their limits—on stage and off.

Kira’s convinced she can handle Malcolm, but the theater’s co-founder, Joanna Cuyler, is another story. Joanna sees Kira as a threat—to her own thwarted artistic ambitions, her twisted relationship with Malcolm, and the shocking secret she’s keeping about the upcoming production. But as opening night draws near, Kira and Joanna both start to realize that Malcolm’s dangerous extremes are nothing compared to what they're capable of themselves.

An edgy, addictive, and fiendishly clever tale of ambition, deceit, and power, Temper is a timely, heart-in-your-throat psychological thriller that will leave you breathless.

Temper by Layne Fargo

TemperI think my skin was crawling with tension throughout this dark, dry tale. Two women, both ambitious, both attracted to a sadistic, domineering actor, both driven beyond their boundaries and both on a collision course of destruction.

Twisted, brutal emotionally for the characters and filled with deceit and manipulation, there wasn’t really a developed character that I liked, but I give kudos to Layne Fargo who wrote in bold strokes to bring forth a tale one will not soon forget.

TEMPER by Layne Fargo had me unsettled throughout and after struggling to get through the first half of the book, it opens up into a full throttle, jagged edged thriller that made my head spin, a total love-hate read for me! I found myself wondering: How far would you go to achieve your personal dreams? Would you forsake your very soul?

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Gallery/Scout Press!

A Turn of Pandemonium Miranda Brock (Cirque du Shadow Book 1)

A Turn of Pandemonium
by Miranda Brock


Series: Cirque du Shadow - Book 1
Publication Date: May 16, 2019
Publisher: Miranda Brock
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy | Romance
Print Length: 317 pages
Available from: Amazon
The Cirque du Shadow isn’t your childhood circus. 

When Peyton Locke accepts a job in the menagerie, she isn’t expecting to be a handler for a half-demon, half-gryphon shifter with a bad attitude. 

Determined to be free, Ari wants nothing more than to live his own life. His new handler is just another person to control him, and he will tear the beautiful girl apart if given the chance. 

Unaware of the deadly game she’s walking into, Peyton not only has to train the golden-eyed man with the alluring smile, she must also resist his dangerous charm, or risk her life in the process. 

With an unforgiving ringmaster demanding a perfect show at any cost, how can one human hope to survive? 
A Turn of Pandemonium Miranda Brock
(Cirque du Shadow Book 1)

A Turn of Pandemonium (Cirque du Shadow Book 1)Read this one TWICE and I almost want to run away and join the circus, thanks to Miranda Brock’s incredibly dark and devious imagination and her astounding storytelling!

The circus like you could never have imagined, or is it the truth behind those death-defying, impossible acts? Whether you loved or loathed the circus, Miranda Brock’s A TURN OF PANDEMONIUM is definitely NOT the circus of your childhood, so step right up, popcorn and balloons optional, because we are going behind the scenes of the Cirque du Shadow and it is magical, dark and kind of terrifying for the weak of constitution!

Peyton never dreamed that things that go bump in the night really existed, but when she took a job as an animal handler, the world as she knew it was about to change in ways she never thought possible.

Ari is a half demon, half gryphon shifter and his attitude is 100% bad, but with good reason. Still, he is a deadly predator and the lovely human looks simply delicious, even more so than his previous handlers and he is tired of being controlled…

You know how they say there is no such thing as a bad boy, just one who is misunderstood? Could that be Ari? Will Peyton find the key to unlocking the fortress he has built around his heart? Can she turn his act into the greatest act ever? If not, it could cost her her life by “Cupcake”…

Eerie, dark and edgy, yet told with heart, this one is a fascinating black diamond of originality! Read it, you’ll thank the author for an incredible escape!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Miranda Brock!

From Geek to Greek Billionaire by Gloria Silk Blitz and Giveaway

From Geek to Greek Billionaire
Gloria Silk
(Anderson Brothers #5)
Publication date: December 12th 2017
Genres: New Adult, Romance
Olivia Moore has landed her dream job—to renovate a very special beach house for her best friend, Maria. The last thing Olivia needs is to bump into her teen crush, the geeky yet sexy Alexander Anderson. She fell in love with him so hard and completely and he broke her heart. Now he’s her best friend’s brother-in-law.
Despite his devastating mistake a decade earlier the shy, enigmatic bachelor now asks Olivia to help him with a special makeover and an infusion of confidence to woo a particular, special woman (unaware that she’s the one he’s after) she wants nothing to do with him. After all, despite her generous nature to help, she cannot risk getting closer to him. Her life has no room for romance or distractions. Still coming to terms with her secret past she fears that Alexander may discover it. She wants an uncomplicated life focusing on what she loves–redesigning homes–with no risk of being hurt.and , pain free and not risking being hurt.
This bestselling 40,000 word novel is an expanded and enhanced version of the novella first published as part of the amazing Billionaires on the Beach Anthology: which raised 100% of the proceeds for breast cancer in summer of 2017.
“…Ms. Silk’s uplifting stories pull you in and make you fall in love…” Elizabeth Lennox, Bestselling Romance Author
Nine and a half years earlier
Olivia hadn’t imagined that her first time would be in a large walk-in linen closet, even if it was in a five star hotel. One tentative kiss from the shy, sweet Alexander had changed everything.
Both of them were shaking in each other’s arms, the napkins they had come for lay strewn beside them by their feet.
Alexander’s touch stole Olivia’s breath. Everything seemed to move in slow motion. The inevitability was mesmerizing.
This shouldn’t be happening…We’ve only known each other a few weeks. Six whole wonderful, romantic weeks.
But no words would come out.
Was that romantic music playing only inside her head?
Within minutes their world turned into a grown up paradise where only love and pleasure existed.
Enveloped within those large muscular arms, Olivia welcomed the heat in her pulsating body as she tried to control her erratic breathing.
She smiled under Alexander’s stare, grateful that he also looked as shaken up as she was.
“Olivia, wow.” His low voice surrounded her in their cocoon. She loved the delicious scent of his understated cologne mingled with the smell of lemony fresh laundry.
“I…I’m sorry, Olivia. Are you OK? Did I hurt you?”
When she shook her head he sighed and added, “Good. I couldn’t help myself, I love you…so much.” He kissed her again and she wanted to cry from his sweetness. Her heart thrummed even faster as she looked up into his frank, green eyes. They were filled with awe as if he hadn’t realized the intensity of what he felt until the words had come out.
Their incredible bond of having given each other the gift of their virginities could never be broken. She felt it in her bones and saw it clearly in his face that Alexander was in the same exact nirvana.
As if psychic, he whispered into her temple, his warmth breath sending shivers of delight through her body, “You know I love you very much, right, Olivia? So much…it hurts. This isn’t just…”
She nodded and smiled, blinking tears away to enjoy the vision of the adoration in his eyes. In his arms she felt absolutely beautiful, not overweight or clumsy, or geeky.
Everything felt so perfect, so right.
She could imagine meeting his large family, those Anderson boys and the parents. She visualized how much her parents and her younger sister, Lisa would love this humble, shy yet amazing guy.
But there was no rush for any of that. At eighteen she was still in college to pursue interior design, and he was considering his options right here in Wrightsville Beach or in his birth country, Greece.
“I can’t wait to show you off at the gala tomorrow.” Alexander’s deep slow laugh reverberated within his chest straight into her heart.
“You make me so happy, Olivia. I could never imagine feeling like this about anyone in the world.” His lips trailed her temple to her ear, then from her cheek to her mouth.
Another kiss to seal their love. It was magical.
She was about to admit her love for him when the loud knock on the door jarred her.
“Hey, Alexander, are you there? Where’d you disappear to?” Brittany’s nasal voice broke through their haven.
Cool air met Olivia’s exposed upper body, making her shiver.
Alexander sighed and with a regretful expression let her go. “Be there shortly.” He called out. Then he helped her with her with her blouse before adjusting his own clothing.
“This summer, today, they’ve been the most important times of my life. You’re unforgettable. My Olivia.”
She felt her lower lip tremble again as she kept her happy tears at bay and smiled. They would see each other later and she would tell him that she loved him too.
It would all work out, she just knew it.

Author Bio:
Ever since Gloria Silk was little her passion was creating and sharing her romantic stories with others. She always loved reading contemporary and historical novels that grasped her imagination. Gloria now writes intense, sensuous love stories.
In addition to writing romance and women’s fiction, she enjoys writing intercultural romances and about family bonds. What can be more important in life than love and family?
Born in Russia, Gloria Silk has visited and lived in amazing, exotic places in the world. Loving Europe (especially the English, Italian and French countryside) and the Mediterranean, her other favorite country is Hawaii. She has yet to visit India and Australia, her dream destinations in the name of research, of course!
Being a writer gives her the privilege to explore, travel, and meet wonderful, new and exciting—and sometimes eccentric—people. Her background in English literature, writing, and psychology helps her create unique characters for her stories. Especially the charismatic heroes and feisty heroines who find themselves in sticky situations with each other, their families, and their cultures. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing readers love her warm heroines and the gorgeous enigmatic heroes, like she falls in love with them.
When she is not painting in various media or watching romantic movies, or cooking up a storm for her family and friends, she hangs out with her writing friends and other creatives.
Although she was brought up in England, she now lives – and writes – in the Toronto, Canada, with her own love of her life, soul-mate husband, her gorgeous and fun daughter and her smart, blonde Cockapoo, Princess Bella.
Please email Gloria Silk with any questions or comments at:


Dying on Edisto by C. Hope Clark Tour & #Giveaway

Dying on Edisto
The Edisto Island Mysteries Book 5
by C. Hope Clark
Genre: Cozy Mystery

One death. Two detectives. And unexpected backup.

A Callie Morgan and Carolina Slade crossover! (A standalone mystery)

When a renowned—and now dead—travel blogger washes ashore on the banks of Indigo Plantation, Police Chief Callie Morgan of Edisto Beach agrees to head the investigation as a favor to the county sheriff, whose reasons are as questionable as the death itself.
When death turns to murder and a watchdog from the county makes her investigation difficult, Callie reluctantly turns to Carolina Slade and Wayne Largo, vacationing agents with the Department of Agriculture. Because poison is growing on this plantation, and someone knows how to use it well.
"Page-turning...[and] edge-of-your-seat action...crisp writing and compelling storytelling. This is one you don't want to miss!" —Carolyn Haines, USA Today bestselling author
"Her beloved protagonist, Callie, continues to delight readers as a strong, savvy, and a wee-bit-snarky police chief.”—Julie Cantrell, NY Times and USA Today bestselling author

C. HOPE CLARK has a fascination with the mystery genre and is author of the Carolina Slade Mystery Series as well as the Edisto Island Mysteries, both set in her home state of South Carolina. In her previous federal life, she performed administrative investigations and married the agent she met on a bribery investigation. She enjoys nothing more than editing her books on the back porch with him, overlooking the lake, with bourbons in hand. She can be found either on the banks of Lake Murray or Edisto Beach with one or two dachshunds in her lap. Hope is also editor of the award-winning

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Everything in Me Tour & #Giveaway

Everything in Me
Everything and Always Book 2
by Mia Echo
Genre: Contemporary Romance

To say Harlow screwed up big time is an understatement. She had been young and scared, and she let that fear get the best of her. She left the man of her dreams, the only man to ever love so passionately, so desperately, the only man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with…all because she was afraid of her father’s reaction.

Max had been one of the guest speakers for Harlow’s studies, one of her teachers. She wasn’t supposed to fall in love with him, but who can argue when fate arises?

When she had to leave quickly, Harlow was so overcome by fear that she didn’t even take a minute to think about the consequences of her actions. Not only did she break her own heart by leaving, but also his. Could Max ever be able to forgive her for that?
When he shows up unexpectedly for the big family dinner one weekend, it looks like she might get her chance to find out. Letting go of the fear of her father’s reaction is easier said than done, but if it means having a second chance with Max then surely it would all be worth it, won’t it?
What will happen when the two most important men in Harlow’s life finally come face to face?
But it’s not her father alone she has to worry about. Harlow has a secret. It’s a big secret, an important life-altering secret. If she thought Max wouldn’t forgive her before, now he’ll probably hate her for life. Even if Harlow explains, even if she apologizes, could it ever be enough?

His Everything
Everything and Always Book 1

When you're the only girl growing up in a family full of soldiers, it's hard to find a date, let alone true love. Either your family scares the guy off, or the dating pool is slim pickin's because you know how a real man should act and won't settle for less.

All I wanted was to find a man I could start a family of my own with, but I never imagined how quickly I'd fall in love or how quickly I could lose it all to be his everything.

Mia Echo is an author who loves love. Strong women deserve strong protective men. Mia specializes in insta-love stories with an erotic twist that will tug at your heart strings and make you melt in the best ways possible. 

Mia is from a small town in the US and she loves to introduce you to new characters and their stories. Through twists and turns, and ups and downs, Mia proves that love really can conquer all. 

When she's not steaming up the pages of her next work in progress, she's spending time with her family and friends.

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Swag Pack
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