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Kick Assitude by Trish Jackson and Author Interview

Kick Assitude 
by Trish Jackson

Book Blurb

Self-professed redneck, Twila Taunton is back in her home town, Quisby, Alabama. She has started her own detective agency, with the most pressing objective being to find her mother's murderers and bring them to justice.

 She is adopted by a dog, whom she names Scratch. He rides on the back of her Harley with her and takes on the job of protecting her from from the bad guys, who will stop at nothing, even murder, to guard their secret.
Sexy cowboy, Tanner Ferrano -- young and deliciously handsome -- is determined to get Twila into bed with him.
The investigation leads Twila to a code -- Cyder Hill 1953. When she thinks she has cracked it, she and hard-drinking Aunt Essie make a clandestine midnight visit to a haunted mansion, mindful of the man-eating wild boars...

This is the sequel to Redneck P.I. 

My Review


Twila Taunton has just moved back to her home town of Quisby, Alabama. She is starting up her own detective agency/ real estate office. Recently having her mother murdered, Twila’s main goal...use her detective skills and discover the murder’s identity.

Twila and her side kick, Scratch, scourer the surrounding areas for clues in the unsolved murder. Her investigation stirs up some trouble and now, her and her family are being threatened...which only tells Twila she’s getting close to the truth.

Somehow each clue that is uncovered leads to multiple murders in this little Alabama town. Facing down unknown assailants, marriage proposals and other propositions...Twila must carefully arrange to keep everyone safe and solve the mystery before some one else is murdered.

Kick Assitude was a fun and enjoyable read. Twila is a self proclaimed “redneck” and watching her navigate through her world was extremely entertaining. No this isn’t one of my normal paranormal read, although there is talk of ghosts :D, I really found following Twila through her adventure very pleasurable. Trish Jackson created a strong connection between me the reader and her characters. Speaking of characters, I have to say Aunt Essie was brilliant! I’m hoping there will be more fabulous adventures with Twila...especially with that ending!

This copy of Kick Assitude was provided by Trish Jackson in exchange for an honest review. This book will be available in March of 2013.

Author Interview 
with Trish Jackson

What motivated you to become a writer?
Beth, first I want to thank you very much for having me on your blog. To answer your question, I grew up in Africa, and always had a vivid imagination. My late mother had several short stories and non-fiction books published, and she always encouraged me to write.

Where do you get your inspiration for your characters?
I have lived in three different countries, plus three quite diverse states in the USA, and along the way I have met some wonderfully interesting characters who have inspired the fictional ones I have created.

Which of all your characters is your favorite?
Twila is my favorite because she's totally uninhibited and doesn't care what anyone else thinks of her. Aunt Essie has to be a close second.

How often do you  write?
I try to write every day, even if it's my blog, or just a few paragraphs. I'm always working on my next novel.

Is there anyone in particular that really encourages your writing?
Both my parents always encouraged me to write, and my husband is very tolerant of me when I write -- he never complains that I'm not spending enough time with him.

Do you have any books in the works?
I do -- my next book is a romantic suspense called "Capricorn Cravings", set in a small town in Colorado, where veterinarian Riley Shaughnessy finds herself falling in love with a man who could be the serial killer who kidnapped, tortured and murdered her assistant. This is the first in a series which will be comprised of twelve books, each with a heroine belonging to a different star sign, and exhibiting the appropriate traits. I've actually almost completed this, the first in the series, and have started the second one -- "Aquarius Arousals" in about a psychic who lives in an old haunted mansion on the bayou outside New Orleans.

If you could give one piece of advice to new authors, what would it be?
Never give up on your dream, and if you self-publish, have an independent edit done before publishing. I often download books to my Kindle that have wonderful story lines but really need more polishing, and sometimes I have to abandon them before the end because they just really aren't ready for publication.

How do you come up with the locations for storylines?
I have almost always lived in the country and write mainly about country settings I've seen along the way.

What do you do for fun?
I love to go hiking with my husband, horse riding with my kids, and spending time with my grandchildren. I also love to curl up in a comfortable spot and lose myself in a good book.

Do you prefer e-books or paper books and why?
Both have their merits. I love that you can fit a gazillion books into an e-reader, that my Kindle is light and easy to hold, plus you can change the size of the print, which is great, and it even keeps your place for you. On the other hand, I always enjoy browsing other people's bookshelves, and somehow a home filled with books seems more inviting to me. 

Did you really know how to shoot an Uzi?
You bet! In my country, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), armed insurgents with AK-47 assault rifles often ambushed people while they were driving in their vehicles. It was, therefore, essential to be armed when taking to the road. I was deadly accurate with my Uzi and it was light and short enough to fit across my lap in the car. When I look back, I find it quite amusing to think of how I used to go shopping in a mall with my weapon slung over my shoulder. And no, I never had to shoot a person with it.

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