Sunday, May 26, 2013

Perverse by Larry Rodness

by Larry Rodness

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Creative! Imaginative! Clever and intense! Perverse by Larry Rodness has what it takes to be called all of that and more! Have you ever heard of a second generation Goth? That idea alone had me! Emylene Stipe is a Goth Princess, daughter to the ‘royalty’ of the Toronto Goths. Her Goth society prominent parents held sway over the city from their Goth club. Little did Emylene know that her world was going to shift into another dimension when she purchased an old sketch that seemed to call to her, there was NO way the picture was changing or moving, right? And what is it about the strange old shopkeeper who sold her the sketch? After bizarre things begin to happen, Emylene knows there is something about the picture that transcends the world as she knows it. The shop keeper, Lazlo, tells her of a curse that only she can break, and it involves the sketch. Laszlo and Emylene must team up to help save Toronto from the chaos that has been unleashed upon it. But can she trust him? What if things don’t go right?
Full of fantasy and darkly intriguing, Perverse is a fresh escape from reality into a world that Larry Rodness has brought forth with vivid details, a little humor and a lot of eerie moments. His ability to hold my attention throughout is to be commended as he deftly drew his characters and unfolded his plot, creating twists and turns that rival the best mazes. Great YA reading with a dash of mystery, fantasy, and a strong heroine who you can’t help but love, right down to her black nail polish! Thank you for allowing me to review this work! 4.5 well-earned stars! Publication Date: December 31, 2012

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