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Stone Gaurdian by Danielle Monsch (Entwined Realms #1)

Stone Guardian

Written by: Danielle Monsch
Series: Entwined Realms
Sequence in Series: 1
Print Length: 266 pages
Publisher: Romantic Geek Publishing
Publication Date: June 26, 2013
Ratings: 4.5
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Age Recommendation: Adult
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Larissa Miller was born on the day the worlds collided, The Great Collision, blending the supernatural world with the human-only world.

Twenty six years later the oracle approaches a few factions of the supernatural community, telling them that Larissa will be a key person to the future including that of the Gargoyles. Not willing to blow off an oracle vision, Terak, the leader of the Gargoyle, starts to protectively watch Larissa.

Three months of watching Larissa has bestowed Terak with nothing but a slight obsession/fantasies with the little human until the day Larissa is attacked by zombies, created by a necromancer.

Dropping Larissa right into the fryer of the supernatural community comes as a little bit of a shock to Larissa. She has never had any contact with the other worldly beings till the day she is attacked. Rescued by Terak, Larrisa must be convinced that he is her only chance at safety. As the plot thickens and more and more attempts are made on Larissa's life do we discover the depth of Larissa role. The fate of the world truly does depend on the trust that a Gargoyle and a human can form.

This story is a paranormal readers dream. The Great Collision brings all your favorite and slightly unknown supernaturals to the fore front. Danielle Monsch masterfully blends these supernaturals into a delightfully original storyline that you can really sink you teeth into. Who would of thought that a Gargoyle would be completely steam worthy alpha hero. Stone Guardian was a fabulously exciting, action packed romance that shouldn't be missed.

I received this ARC copy of Stone Guardian from Romantic Geek Publishing in exchange for a honest review. This book is set for publication July 15, 2013.

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