Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Twelfth Sun by Mae Clair

Twelfth Sun
by Mae Clair

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have to say, hands down, I loved this book! Twelfth Sun by Mae Clair is just one of those books that is pure escape pleasure! Reagan Cassidy was only doing her uncle a favor when she agreed to represent him in a bidding war for a valuable nineteenth century journal written by a man lost at sea when the ship he was on was lost at sea. Her uncle’s friend, Elijah Cross, a marine archeologist, will meet up with her to authenticate the journal. Easy in, easy out, home with the journal, right? Not quite…Reagan arrives the night before, driving through a rainstorm, soaked, tired and looking forward to a relaxing bath, instead, she opens the bathroom to her room to a very hot, very naked younger man…and I’m hooked from there, because there was no way this wasn’t going to get better and I was right, but no way am I ruining this by telling what happened! Fast forward to the next morning, when she has to meet the old archeologist, wait for it, … wait for it, … the hot, naked guy enters the café and heads straight for her, still all hot, but dressed, and guess who he is, yep, Dr. Elijah Cross, the well-known, well-respected authority she was to work with! To make matters worse, he is ten years her junior at only twenty-five! It seems he is a genius, but his attitude is that of a cocky young man, who is thoroughly enjoying Reagan’s discomfort! Can they work together? Can she get the sight of him gloriously naked out of her mind? If not for her promise to her uncle, she would have run home as fast as she could!

The story only gets better when the reclusive and eccentric Eric Sothern, seller of the journal changes the rules on the bidding and turns it into a scavenger hunt, filled with mysterious clues and unexpected danger for Reagan and Elijah. Meanwhile, their attraction is off the charts, but Reagan is all hung up on the older woman/younger man thing, while Elijah is all hung up on getting Reagan into bed! Will they live long enough to see who wins? As the game progresses, even friends become suspect and can’t be trusted as it becomes clear there is more afoot than meets the eyes. Is anyone who they say they are? Is the journal real? Will Elijah wear down Reagan’s resistance with his boyish charm and computer-like brain?

Mae Clair has written a delightful romance complete with mystery, intrigue and danger! Did I mention humor? The banter between all of the characters is priceless, from the uppity representative for Mr. Sothern to Elijah’s best friend, also competing for the journal! Reagan is completely believable, her conflict was almost painfully real. Elijah is a breath of fresh air, funny and full of himself one minute, serious and obviously brilliant and analytical the next, then sweetly insecure when his real personality unfolds. Ms. Clair has definitely left the driving of this plot in the capable hands of her characters who charmed me from page one and not once did I want the story to move at a different pace, it was perfect! I swear, from this day forward, I will NEVER think of grape soda without thinking of Twelfth Sun!

Do I recommend this book? Oh, yes! But only if you enjoy a few chuckles, a few nail-biting moments, some sigh-worthy moments and an ending that you never saw coming! Can you say “Go Cougars?”

Publication Date: July 24, 2013
Publisher: Lyrical Press, Inc.
Number of Pages: 215
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Mystery
Age Recommendation: Adult/Great Summer Reading!
My Rating: 5 stars
Available from: Amazon / Barnes & Noble

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