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Trick or Sweet Halloween Haunt - Aubrie Dionne

Halloween for many is a time to dress up and have some fun. Ever wonder what your favorite Entangled Bliss author’s best Halloween costumes have been? Follow theBliss Trick or Sweet Halloween Haunt to check them all out.

Halloween Memories – Aubrie Dionne

The last Halloween party I went to was a few years back at my brother’s farm. He had a bonfire going, and it was freezing, so we all huddled next to it. I dressed as Arwen from Lord of the Rings, and my husband was a cross between Legolas and Aragorn- he just had to wear the blond wig I guess. I don’t want to mortify him by putting his picture up on the blog, so I’ll leave you with mine!
These were store bought costumes, but growing up, my family didn’t have a lot of extra money, so my mom made all of our Halloween costumes from scratch. I didn’t realize how special it was at the time, but now I can appreciate all of her hard work. I grew up with my sister, and we had matching outfits every year. As toddlers we started out dressing up as tigers, and leopards. When I was old enough to choose for myself, I always picked a princess: an Egyptian princess, a fairy princess, a gypsy princess, a ballet princess, etc. My mom would get creative. One year she used old curtains for our gowns. They looked glossy and beautiful, but boy did they itch!

Looking back, I was the luckiest kid on the block!

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  1. Aubrie, you looked awesome! And how wonderful that your mom made costumes for you and your sister. Those are definitely the most special. Happy Halloween!