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CHECKED By Jennifer Jamelli - Spotlight & Giveaway


Publication Date: December 17, 2013
Publisher: 48fourteen
ISBN-10: 1937546241
ISBN-13: 978-1937546243
Genre: Adult/New Adult Fiction
Number of Pages: 336
 Callie spends countless hours staring at appliances to make sure they are really unplugged. She wastes obscene amounts of time checking for murderers in various corners of her house and entire sleepless nights performing pointless checking rituals. Then every spare minute is filled with inspecting doorknobs, chairs, floors, etc. for minuscule traces of germs. Oh, and she does all of this as she counts to three over and over again in her head. She does this every day. Without fail. Dr. Blake just doesn't fit into her schedule. Until he does. Until Callie begins to trust him. Until she starts to need him. And want him. And . .

Dii's 5 Star Review
All I want to say is WHOA! READ THIS BOOK! Checked by debut author Jennifer Jamelli is going to take you into the world of a woman who must deal with OCD every second of every day. Callie is faced with NEEDING to follow a set of self-imposed routines, phobias, and her own personal kind of Hell on Earth-what if her routines are altered, or she fails to follow every single step? What if one man, a professional invests more than is appropriate in “fixing” her? Is she willing to step out of her comfort zone and risk her sanity on learning to live? Is she doing it for herself or is it for HIM? Whose needs are greater? Callie needs and wants to be a functioning and whole person. Dr. Blake has his own reasons to be so fully invested in helping Callie. Are they healthy for either of them? Will his brand of therapy work or will it damage them both even further?

Do not think for one minute that Checked is completely dark and painful. Yes, it can be edgy, there are moments you truly feel for Callie’s out of control problems and you might get frustrated with her, but there is humor, a supportive family, and Callie’s outlook isn’t one of the timid victim, she has an inner strength you can feel trying to break through. Aiden was a professional, but he had his own demons to exorcise and he found Callie as the perfect way to “fix” the undeserved guilt he has carried from his past.

Jennifer Jamelli has created a world that is real, from the backgrounds to the characters. The mental dialogue that bounces around Callie’s brain is as chaotic as her condition, as gut wrenching as her torment. The dialogue between Aiden and Callie is often subtle, but his deeper meaning and his intent glides beneath the surface of his simple requests. You feel the electricity between these two through Callie. With wonderful supporting characters rounding out this tale, it is nothing short of amazing.

If this is what we can expect from Jennifer Jamelli, readers are in for a slice of creative, intense reading, plots that flow with the moment and characters that will crawl into your hearts-in other words, some great reading! Jennifer Jamelli has taken a difficult topic and entertained while she gave insight into the life of someone who is truly OCD.


 Jennifer Jamelli has spent most of her life reading and writing; she holds both a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in English, and she is an 8th grade English teacher. 
She also directs a musical production each school year. Her most recent show was Beauty and the Beast.
Jennifer lives with her husband and her four-year-old son.
She, like the main character in her debut novel, has a rather hopeless case of OCD.

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 Jennifer Jamelli is offering a SIGNED COPY of CHECKED to TWO lucky winners!

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