Friday, May 23, 2014

NovaForge by Scott Toney (Nova Trilogy, #1)

by Scott Toney

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Publication Date: April 29, 2014
Publisher: Breakwater Harbor Books
ISBN: 1499134525
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Print Length: 186 pages
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Solaris. A planet like any other, rife with wars, science and love. But at the peak of its civilization, a great meteor fell, bringing long-dead souls to Solaris, souls that had been sustained by the life-force of one lone man, Ineal.
At the moment of impact, these souls scattered across Solaris, giving inhuman abilities to mortals while scarring their bodies and corrupting their lives.
Samuel was one such man, a man of faith who thought to use his powers to worship his God: he watched his followers, and his planet, die. Seas turned to lava and the skies darkened. And as Samuel’s heart grew weary and angry, he used his powers to manipulate the world to serve him alone.
Samuel became god of a planet whose only life was the symbiotic life so like his own.
Centuries later, he discovered others, threats that had not been on this planet before. A winged woman; a cyborg; a future-seer and a child. A great vengeance burned a comradery between them.
They were souls that could overthrow him. Souls that he would need to destroy.

NovaForge (Nova, #1)My Review
NovaForge by Scott Toney
My Rating: 5 Stars

Another gem in the pile that defies genre! NovaForge by Scott J. Toney is an excellent science fiction read, but it’s also a wonderful fantasy, filled with imagination, creativity and adventure. Sometime in the future on Solaris, a planet far, far away a meteor crashes and scatters dead souls over the entire planet, enslaving people’s minds. Only one man can control these souls and there are four brave warriors who are out to stop him, each empowered by “essences” who give them each a distinct ability. Are these “essences” really friend or foe? How many planets have been destroyed when they accepted the dead souls into their bodies? Is the call of amazing power so great that people are willing to give up their own souls or will they find the price too high, after it’s too late? Is this invasion a matter destiny or can this destiny be changed?

Scott J. Toney builds an amazing world to journey through, teasing our own imaginations to grasp onto each word and to see what he sees, feel what his characters feel and become part of the action as its screams by at breakneck speeds one moment and slows enough to meet the characters on a more personal level. Is there a touch of romance, here, too? I believe so! The camaraderie that grows between our four heroes is earned and feels right as the weight of the future weighs heavily on their shoulders. Without wasting a word, Mr. Toney writes with a sense of timing and intrigue that will hold you prisoner until that last page. I guess that means we are on parole until the next book in this trilogy arrives!

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