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Black Orchid by Abigail Owen (Svatura, #4)

Black Orchid
by Abigail Owen

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Svatura - Book 4
Publication Date: May 22, 2014
Publisher: Abigail Owen
ISBN: 1499633394
Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy
Print Length: 224 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Adelaide Jenner feels nothing... she is completely numb inside. Her te'sorthene, her fated love, abandoned her and joined their enemy. On that day her sister turned off all Adelaide's emotions in order to save her from a heartbreak that could push her over the edge of sanity. But great power wielded without compassion or love can only lead to pain.

Nate Pierce believes Adelaide used her extraordinary powers to deceive him all these years. So he destroyed a relationship he thought to be false and hungers for revenge. Now, Nate serves Maddox, unaware that his new leader is using him as a pawn in a bid to enslave all Svatura.,

The only hope of finally defeating Maddox is for Adelaide and her sisters to combine their growing powers against him. But the the key to a Svatura's power is the heart, and Adelaide is still missing hers.

Black Orchid (Svatura #4)My Review
Black Orchid by Abigail Owen
My Rating:  5 Stars

Have you ever been so shattered inside over the loss of a loved one that going on is simply beyond you? When Adelaide becomes despondent, after losing Nate to the dark side, once again everyone bands together to ease her suffering, but are their methods the best way to go? Will Adelaide and Nate ever find each other again? What lies and betrayals are now standing between them and a love that was meant to be? Is it possible for love of friends, family and that one special person triumph against the odds?

Holy Grand Finale endings to a series! The fourth and final book in the Svatura series, Black Orchid by Abigail Owen is as magnetic as its startlingly beautiful cover. As every other book in this series, Abigail Owen plunged me right into her world. I was shredded, hopeful, felt my hopes falter, held my breath and sighed in relief, rinse and repeat. Abigail Owen can tell a tale, evoke emotions and glue the reader to each page. Her characters have grown, become familiar and are always fighting the good fight against evil. This time out, she has outdone herself with an ending that leaves your heart skittering!

I received this copy as part of Abigail Owen's Black Orchid Tour & Giveaway stopping at Tome Tender June 24, 2014.

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