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Close Attention by Steph Sweeney

Close Attention
by Steph Sweeney

My rating: 4.5 stars

Publication Date: September 27, 2014
Published by: Steph Sweeney
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Print Length: 357 pages
Available from: Amazon


From the twisted mind that brought you the YFG Series comes a southern gothic tale of love, loss, and small town corruption . . .

Adam is a star athlete from the most well-to-do family in town. Hue is Adam's orphaned cousin who lives out in the country with his one-legged uncle. Once inseparable, they've been torn apart by bitter family rivalry, diverging social circles, and Adam's girlfriend Ellen, the most popular girl in school.

Then one summer day Hue stumbles upon a terrible secret in the woods: two girls, Eva and Emily, living in a tree house and relying only on themselves for survival. As he learns more about their circumstances, Hue comes to realize that the girl he is coming to love and her kindhearted little sister are in terrible danger.

And there's only one place Hue can turn for help.

Close AttentionMy Review
Close Attention by Steph Sweeney

Dark, edgy and emotionally chaotic, pretty much sums up Steph Sweeney’s Close Attention, the tale of a diverse group of teens in a very rural area, where you either get out and never come back, or stay and follow in the footsteps of your ancestors. Filled with teen angst, teen insecurities, the classic bully/bad guys, and the “privileged” basking in the power their parents wield, this rural setting also has the charm of a small community and its rustic closeness.

Adam is a gifted ball player. As a child he watched the new girl in town experience the cruelty of the old concession stand worker and that is the first time he came to her rescue. Eleven years later, they are still together, more out of habit than love. Then came the night of the big bonfire, where teens come from all around to party, drink and smoke, all while desperately grasping for a place in the teen community. It’s also the night his cousin, Hue needed him as never before, but Adam must decide to either become an accessory or a conscience to Hue. Whichever it is, their relationship will never be the same and the nightmare this night has become will forever scar Adam’s memories and change his life and his relationships forever.

Well! I have to say, Steph Sweeney took me by surprise, in a very good way! Close Attention is NOT a tale of a “Foot Loose” kind of place. There is evil, secrets and dark ambitions. There is also innocence, love and tenderness, all rolled into a realistic view of teens in need of more guidance, positive reinforcement and ambition. For some it was a journey to mediocrity, but for the main character, it was a coming of age as he came through the darkness and truly found himself and the person he wanted to be. Gritty, dark and far too realistic to be brushed off as a twisted tale, Ms. Sweeney had taken her bold strokes and created a wonderful read.

If you enjoy some dark and gritty action, teen growing pains, some mental instability and all of the confusion of being a teen, check this one out!

I received a review copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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