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A Fox's Love by Brandon Varnell (American Kitsune, #1)

A Fox's Love
by Brandon Varnell

My rating: 5 stars

Series: American Kitsune - Book 1
Publication Date: February 28, 2014
Publisher: Brandon Varnell
Genre: Humorous Fantasy
Print Length: 278 pages
Available from: Amazon


The story of a boy, a fox, and a whole lot of ecchi…

Kevin Swift has the worst luck with women. It’s not that he’s unattractive or even unpopular. He just can’t talk to them. He blames it on all those Shōnen love comedies he enjoys watching. Fortunately, or unfortunately―depending on who’s asking―Kevin’s love life is about to start looking up.

After saving a fox’s life Kevin discovers that he actually rescued a Kitsune, a shape-shifter capable of transforming into a beautiful girl who appears to have popped right out of the pages to a Shōnen manga. Her name is Lilian, and she apparently wants to mate with him.

Between dealing with an overly amorous vixen’s zealous attempts at getting into his pants, his inability to talk to girls and school, Kevin is going to have his hands full.

A Fox's Love (American Kitsune)My Review
A Fox's Love by Brandon Varnell

Manga, Amine, do I know what they are? YEP. Did it matter to me when reading Brandon Varnell’s A Fox’s Love? NOPE. Before you gasp in dismay, or disbelief, once I started this quirky, sweet and often hysterical novel, I was a goner! No, I didn’t get lost in the story, Brandon Varnell cleverly placed reality checks along the way, kind of like speed bumps without the jarring or maybe like one-liners a comedian would toss out, a split second later you get the laugh value and love it! Tongue-in-cheek comments, aside, Brandon Varnell has a light-hearted fun read, definitely written from a male perspective!

A teen with a love for animals rescues an injured fox, sneaks it into his apartment and attempts to nurse it back to health. What happens next may justify the saying,”No good deed goes unpunished,” but I can’t say the punishment was completely unpleasant for Kevin, school geek, virgin and far too shy to even speak to girls. That adorable little fox not only healed amazingly quickly, but turned into a stunningly beautiful, well-endowed female, stark naked of course. Better than any fantasy, completely uninhibited and standing right in his apartment, tail wagging. So, like any normal red-blooded teen male, Kevin naturally succumbs to staring and assessing and sounding like a blathering fool, but do note, he managed to keep staring.
Lilian is a Kitsune, and has claimed our Kevin as her mate, with all that en’tails’. He is in way over his head, as Lilian is a force to be reckoned with, but wait, there’s more! Could there be more like her? Could Kevin be in danger? Come on, how much can a high school sophomore take?

Brandon Varnell has set the bar high for this new series; can he keep the laughs and quirkiness up? Can he create even more characters that make you laugh, make you want to visit their world just for the fun of it? Does Mr. Varnell have a literary work of art on his hands? Um, well, I guess that depends on how much one wants to enjoy a few laughs, look at high school from the eyes of a teen (trust me, this was a very REAL look) and if one wants to be in a good mood when they finish! Greatness is in the mind of the reader! I do know I will be recommending this to friends!

I received this copy from Brandon Varnell and as soon as I stop chuckling I will thank him.

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