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Mechanized Masterpieces 2: An American Anthology by Megan Oliphant and more!

Mechanized Masterpieces 2: 
An American Anthology
by Penny Freeman

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Mechanized Masterpieces - Book 2
Publication Date: February 28, 2015
Publisher: Xchyler Publishing
Genre: Steampunk
Print Length: 319 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Ride into the Wild West with ten steampunked expansions of classic American tales.

A Princess of Jasoom: An intrepid young researcher reaches for the stars from the Arizona desert, and finds love where she least expects it.

Winged Hope: The widow of a brilliant inventor fights insurmountable odds to see her husband’s dreams realized and save the life of her daughter.

The Van Tassel Legacy: A stranger arrives in Sleepy Hollow to unearth old conspiracies and bring the Van Brunts to justice.

Invested Charm: A mysterious woman doles out justice in Boston society, but who will catch her first: organized crime or the law?

Payoff for Air Pirate Pete: A pair of train-robbing outlaws bite off more than they can chew when they kidnap the son of a railroad bigwig.

Rise of the House of Usher: A mad scientist gains power over life and death at the cost of his family’s sanity, if not their very lives.

The Silver Scams: A fast-talking confidence man ensnares all of Holland in his scheme to eliminate dikes forever . . . for a price.

Nautilus Redux: Captain Nemo’s crew stumble upon an island castaway who claims to be Captain Ahab of the Pequod. Only Moby Dick knows the truth.

Mr. Thornton: Hounded by tragedy and betrayal, a gifted young blacksmith wanders from The Ohio to The Yukon searching for honor, loyalty, and justice.

West End: A heartbroken Theodore Laurence follows the siren song of steam to Jamaica, where love and law collide with explosive results.

Mechanized Masterpieces 2: An American AnthologyMechanized Masterpieces 2: An American Anthology 
by Megan Oliphant, 
Have you read any steampunk? There is a special feel and atmosphere to this alternate history that is both exciting and like a perfect fantasy to live in. Can the delicately woven threads of this genre be bound into short stories and still be true to the era? Mechanized Masterpieces 2: An American Anthology by a group of incredibly talented authors is a wonderful example of using a premium of words to convey a journey back in time, the marvels of the human mind and their inventions, all while being completely entertaining and feeling totally satisfying.

American classic tales about Ichabod Crane to the words of Emily Dickinson are given just enough “steam” to become something new and inventive. Do these tales actually feel complete? Yes, 10 times yes! Do they breathe life into a genre that is a current craze? Yes, again. There are well thought out plots, engaging characters, turmoil, deceit, hopes for the good of mankind and, of greed, the root of all evil. I did have a favorite, and it included all of the above mentioned details, along with amazing mechanical marvels capable of whatever these authors want! Imagine a mechanical bird, capable of being a remote home security system, a winged GPS and the key to unlock your door. That it was all made from recycling old garbage is even better! This is how clever these authors are at their craft and I was fortunate to get these tales in bite size chunks, easy to pick up for one tale and set aside until I can enjoy the next! Perfect for those who want to test the waters of steampunk or the connoisseurs who are short on time.

I received this copy from Megan Oliphant in exchange for my honest review.

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