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Return to Me by Taylor W. Law

Return to Me
by Taylor W. Law

My rating: 5 stars

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Finding herself means losing everything she knows...

An empty-nested southern woman has her life turned on its head after an encounter with a young student from halfway around the world.

~A novella inspired by true events ~

Jill Edwards is just now learning the true definition of an empty nest. With her only child deployed in Iraq and her husband always gone on business, she finds herself often alone and awfully bored. Worse, it's getting harder and harder for Jill to relate to the other housewives of Faithville, the little Christian college town she calls home.

Luckily, salvation comes in September.

Every year, Jill gets her only glimpse outside of Faithville when Faithville University welcomes its international students. This year, when one of these students moves in across the street, she’s surprised to find herself unusually drawn to the intriguing, athletic young man from half a world away.

As their unusual friendship develops, Jill discovers parts unknown within her soul - wild desires never before entertained. Awakening her long dormant hunger for life seems to be exactly the thrill she needs, but she soon finds herself on a journey that not only challenges her faith, but life as she knows it.

Return to Me is inspired by true events observed and experienced by the author during a pivotal tenure in rural North Carolina.

Return to Me  by Taylor W. Law

Return to Me
Salvation takes many forms. For Jill Edwards there was the journey through Hell to take and the uncertainty of the route she was taking. Was Jill condemning herself to a life of lies and guilt or was she finally freeing her soul to find what joys life can share? What has Sean done to her, freed her or become just another prison for her heart?

Welcome to Faithville, a small Christian college town where everyone knows everyone else and students come and go in a never ending cycle that gives comfort to many, while fueling discontent and deceit in others.

Debut author, Taylor W. Law is starting out at the top of my hidden gem pile with his must-read novel, Return to Me where one high profile woman suffers from an empty nest and an empty heart. Her daughter is grown, her husband is rarely home and the repetition of putting on a good front has finally worn Jill down. After a devastating discovery, she dares to live life on the edge when one college boy kindles a spark of life in her once dead soul. Follow her journey as she wars with her conscience, her heart and the mirror in front of her that dares to taunt her with a promise of better things to come. Will she break every vow and standard she has set for herself for a young man half her age or will she wither away to keep up appearances in a marriage that died long ago?

Do you like women’s fiction with no holds barred? Where the age difference barrier is smashed and becomes irrelevant? Where the hearts and thoughts are laid bare and you can’t help but feel for the characters? Jill can be almost childlike with her dreams of travel, of feeling free and enjoying life. When truths are revealed, Jill learns that love knows no bounds when it’s real, and there is no shame accepting love freely given, no matter how unlikely the source.

Keep your eye out for Taylor W. Law, his voice in the literary world is making some strong statements.

I received an ARC edition from Taylor W. Law in exchange for my honest review.

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