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Irony Book 2 - Gin Soaked Dreams by Robert Shroud

Irony Book 2 - Gin Soaked Dreams
by Robert Shroud

My rating: 5 gritty stars

Series: Irony - Book 2
Publication Date: October 12, 2014
Publisher: Robert Shroud
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Print Length: 282 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

For both Detective Reginald Thomas Williams and the citizens of Bay City, Irony 2 picks right up where Irony left off. Just when the streets were thought safe, The Animal is replaced by serial killer Henry Louis Needle. In the case of Detective Williams, he seeks revenge on those he feels responsible for his tragic loss. His partner, Detective Reuben Garcia, is determined to stop him. His greatest obstacle? The bottom of a gin bottle, where Reg is firmly planted.

In the meantime, Henry's lust for killing grows, sacrificing people in the name of his god and running the streets red with blood. Things become especially dire when someone close to Reg is threatened. If he is to save them, he must come to terms with his demons and stretch the limits of his mind and beliefs. And he needs to do it fast, because time is not on his side. Getting people to believe he is anything but a washed up drunk, however, is a hard sell. His solution? Get the job done himself, no matter what it takes, gin soaked dreams and all.

 Irony Book 2 - Gin Soaked Dreams by Robert Shroud
Will there always be one more demented killer to threaten the lives and peace of mind of the citizens of Bay City? The Animal is a past memory, a dark nightmare, but from the slime of the earth rises a new killer, one even viler, more dangerous and more deadly. Henry Louis Needle, is terrorizing the streets as he sacrifices his victims to his personal twisted god. He has chosen the wrong town, the wrong time and the wrong enemy to taunt. Detective Reginald Williams will stop at nothing when, once again, death threatens to steal someone from him. Reg has few friends left, his partner stands as his blockade against doing something foolish, but his bottle of gin has his back, gives him the false strength he needs and feeds his head with visions of grand vengeance as his wrath grows to know no bounds. Determined to bring this monster down, Reg must first crawl his way out of the bottle or be deemed a parody of the man he once was. Must he and his trusty bottle stand alone? Whatever it takes, someone is going down, because no one should live the nightmares his world has become.

Once again, Robert Shroud takes us behind the façade of day to day living, ripping us from our safe little cocoons we have woven and forces us to crawl through the seedier side of life where darkness prevails and one man stumbles, barely clinging to his own existence. Reg has become a shrouded ghost of himself, empty, except for the gin in his belly and the pain in his heart. Will he seek revenge alone or will he find that someone stills believes in him, his gut instincts and stand with him? Is it possible that answers may come from the unexplainable? Unlikely heroes will rise, but it is up to Reg to regroup and rise with them.

Robert Shroud sugarcoats nothing, his characters are flawed, with human failings and lofty dreams as one creature of the night pulls no punches in playing a psychological game of cat and mouse that will leave you chilled. Feel the grit, the despair, the determination and follow the clues, the taunts and the angst that leads to that last page. Suspense in its raw glory, grit like the sands of the desert and a plot as twisted as vines in the jungle of life.

I received this copy from Robert Shroud in exchange for my honest review.


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