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Written for You by Joseph Cognard

Written for You
by Joseph Cognard

My rating: 3.5 stars

Publication Date: December 26, 2013
Publisher: Joseph Cognard
Genre: Fiction |Comedy
Print Length: 129 pages
Available from: Amazon
Somebody must have suggested Bob Curry write a book. He didn’t just wake up one morning with the idea. Or did he? Well at least working in a publishing company he should have no problem finding people to read it. Or will he? Read along as this dark comedic play moves quickly to an epic conclusion. Will you enjoy reading a play? Of course you will don’t forget it is and will always be Written for You.

 Written for You by Joseph Cognard

Written for YouThe curtain rises, the house lights dim and the stage lights come up. Cue the actors. Joseph Cognard’s Written for You is actually a play put to pages, so consider this a character driven tale! Bob wrote a book, and figured he could get his friends and co-workers to read it, because, well they work at publishing company, which, I might add does NOT mean these employees have the talent to write.

It seems no one has time for Bob’s book and the excuses are pretty farfetched and often comical. Were these characters made of wood, there would be a lot of noses growing, for sure! Will Bob ever get his book read? Will he ever get it published, even on his own? Is this the plight of every first time author?

Now an obsession, he starts seeing a doctor to talk through his writing issues. Also offering a copy to the doctor, who also, has a million excuses not to read it. Could it be that bad? Maybe someone has read it and hasn’t the heart to come forward! Who knows??

Follow Bob as he goes from scene to scene in a desperate attempt to find just ONE person who will read his work. Comical, with a bit of snark, this short read actually came across my inner theatre as a coffee shop kind of play! Amusing, light, with great dialogue, you’ll find yourself offering to read his book just to give him some peace!

I received this copy from Joseph Cognard in exchange for my honest review.

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