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Seeking the Veil Part 3 by Clifton Hill

Seeking the Veil, Part 3
by Clifton Hill

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Clifton Hill
Publication Date: August 6, 2015
Genre: Fantasy
Print Length: 101 pages
Available from: Amazon
Follow the remnants of the Band of Orangebeard as they flee for their lives in a desperate attempt to warn Becken of what comes.

Seeking the Veil comes to an exciting culmination, secrets are revealed, and the question of true power is put to the task.

Seeking the Veil is a 3-part series following the adventures of Hestea Hammerblood and a prequel to the full novel: Veil of a Warrior.

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CONTENT: Part 3 is approx 110 book pages long, all 3-parts total about 250 pages. There is some violence and gore, minor and infrequent swearing and some implied sex. Recommended for 13 and up, or mature, younger readers.

 Seeking the Veil Part 3 by Clifton Hill

Seeking the Veil, Part 3In this final prequel novella building to the first full length novel, author Clifton Hill has attained his goals, representing a young hero in the making, the band of mercenaries he has joined, their battles and the many deaths they have endured, as well as showing the power of the magi of the world they live in.

Now it is time to warn their allies, their hometowns and their homelands that war is not only coming, but it has arrived and the battles will be brutal and deadly. First they must stay one step ahead of the enemy and then they must keep their heads on their shoulders. Will the remnants of the Band keep it together long enough to save their world or will death forge through them and into the heart of their lives? Has Hestea found his true calling at last? Has he mastered the art of war and the power of his warhammer?

The stage is set, the tension is full throttle and the future is in serious doubt, which means Mr. Hill has set the hook and to prepare us for book one and I am ready to be reeled in.

I received this copy from the author, Clifton Hill in exchange for my honest review.

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