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Mela Ciano's BREAK THE CHAINS Blitz & Giveaway

Break The Chains 
by Mela Ciano

Publication Date: February 29, 2016
Publisher: Mela Ciano
Genre: Contemporary Romance | Second Chance
Available from: Amazon
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Hope against all hope…

When Linda Crane goes home for a visit, she is saddened to find that nothing has changed regarding her judgmental family. She is about to give up on her dream of happiness when she runs into the only light that has ever been bright enough to make all her shadows disappear.

He still hasn’t found what he’s looking for…

Marc Divanti once sang to a beautiful woman, and even after years of travelling abroad, the free-spirited guitarist realises that something is missing from his life. Believing in preordained love, he is swept off his feet when he meets her again.

Love is a choice, but is it strong enough to break the chains of the past? 

 TT:  Mela, you just rocketed into the published author world with TWO books!  How long have you been writing and why didn't you publish before? 
MELA:  I'm not so sure about the rocketing part, but thanks for the comparison. I'd probably call it orbiting my own imagination before finally finding a safe place to land. As far as the writing and publishing, it has been a consuming need for a few years and I hadn't published until now for the same reason most people hold back in life: fear.

TT: You write with the strength of voice that shows you love your craft.  How many unpublished stories did you write before you went "Public?"
MELA: Thank you for the compliment, and for your line of questioning. I am so tired of reading the 'What is your puppy's name?' style of interviews.
Break The Chains was my first and I actually wasn't planning to pub it, until a very special someone convinced me to do so. Between that and the Blud series, I have finished two other books, although there are some half written that lost the race as far as ideas go.
Book 2 in the Blud series is complete and due for release soon, with the third well on the way. I don't want the reader to have to wait years to get the next installment.
TT: I didn't know you had a puppy! You have made a big commitment to your readers, one that is admirable. Nothing makes a fan happier than an author publishing in fairly rapid succession. How many books to you foresee in the Blud series?  

MELA:  I wish I had a puppy. And when I do eventually get one, it will be a merle
As much as it is a commitment to my readers, it is also a reminder to myself that I am in it to write. The Blud series actually started off as a stand alone, and halfway through the characters pointed me in the direction of two more. Currently, there are five books planned. How many more will surface, nobody knows, but I can assure the reader that I don't write a book merely for the sake of spewing words. If I am totally convinced of a gripping story, I will write it. If not...well, then it ends there.
TT:  What do you as a reader consider a reasonable wait for the next book in a series? Most importantly, do you worry about the quality of your writing if you publish reasonably quickly?

MELA:  The standard of how long to wait has generally been set by the market, and more so the traditional publishing houses. Taking this in mind, we as indie authors that want creative freedom should not conform. If a reader is hooked and finishes your book in a few days, why make them wait a year or more if you can deliver two books a year? As far as quality, if you don't take pride in your work, no amount of time spent on it is going to make a difference.. Personally, I go totally against the grain by editing while I write. This means that when I am done, it passes through a few final beta reviews and is ready soon after. I also start the next book during this process of final feedback and edits.
Basically, I don't follow rules of any kind. 


Mela Ciano grew up in a large family, and as a result often drifted off into a different world
Listening as opposed to talking allowed for a better understanding of people and what makes them tick, and when the urge to write took over, there were already hundreds of characters running around.
A dreamer, a thinker, a reader; Mel sees the same things as everyone else...only differently.
Oh, and a rescued mutt rules supreme.

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