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I Was, Am, Will Be Alice by Elise Abram

I Was, Am, Will Be Alice
by Elise Abram

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Pronoun (June 2, 2016)
Publication Date: June 2, 2016
Genre: Teen/YA Fantasy | Scifi
Print Length: 271 pages
Available from: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and Kobo

When Alice Carroll is in grade three she narrowly escapes losing her life in a school shooting. All she remembers is the woman comforting her in the moments before the gunshot, and that one second she was there, the next she wasn’t.

It’s bad enough coming to terms with surviving while others, including her favourite teacher, didn’t, let alone dealing with the fact that she might wink out of existence at any time.

Alice spends the next few years seeing specialists about her Post Traumatic Stress as a result of VD—Voldemort Day—but it’s not until she has a nightmare about The Day That Shall Not Be Mentioned, disappears from her bed, is found by police, and taken home to meet her four-year-old self that she realizes she’s been time travelling.

Worried that someone may find out about her problem before long, Alice enlists her best friend (and maybe boyfriend), Pete, to help her try to control her shifting through time with limited success. She’s just about ready to give up when the shooter is caught. Now more than ever, Alice is determined to take control of her time travelling in order to go back to That Day, stop the shooting, and figure out the identity of the stranger who’d shielded Alice’s body with her own.

I Was, Am, Will Be Alice by Elise Abram 

Meet Alice, now you see her, now you don’t, now you do. Seems Alice is part of a rare group who can time travel when stress amps up her hormones and it all started because of THAT Day, the day she was nearly murdered when a gunman opened fire in her third grade class. Her doctors called it PTSD, but her family knew she was not imagining these trips. Only the loyalty and love of her best friend could help save Alice from becoming lost forever, somewhere, some time.

Pack lightly for a trip through Alice’s life a she flashes back and forth through time with little to guide her except the fear that meeting herself could distort the time continuum! Brilliant barely covers this unique take on time travel by Elise Abram as she takes on a journey into Alice’s life, past, present and future. I Was, Am, Will Be Alice is the perfect getaway into fantasy for all ages as the feisty, outspoken Alice takes on time, the unknown and wonders if she could change just one little event without destroying the world she knows. Wonderful characters, young love, loyalty and a eerie concept with a few scientific “facts” thrown in.

Ms. Abram’s Alice is a delight, brave and determined. Pete is her anchor, and only he holds the secrets Alice cannot remember, maybe because she hasn’t told them yet? A kaleidoscope of adventure, danger and time that is comes highly recommended for pure entertainment! Imagine what it would be like to travel back or forward in time, with no control over it…how would you react to seeing those you love as their past selves while you stand there as your current self, which is really your future self to them?

I received this copy from Elise Abram in exchange for my honest review.

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