Monday, June 27, 2016

Shadow of the Coalition (The Two Towers Series #2)

Shadow of the Coalition 

by Jamie A. Waters

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The award-winning novel, The Two Towers, continues in Book 2...

What’s stronger? Free will or fate?

It's been a month since Kayla, a headstrong ruin rat, and Carl, an OmniLab trader, returned to the surface. After she helped to restore control of the towers to those who would look after the best interests of the people, she'd found herself irrevocably bonded to Alec, the new co-leader of the High Council.

Although her heart belongs to Carl, she finds it difficult to resist the strange bond between her and Alec. Caught between learning how to handle her new emerging abilities, mysterious earthquakes, and a strange group seemingly intent on targeting OmniLab, Kayla and Carl are once again swept up in events that threaten to change the entire future of the towers.

Shadow of the Coalition 

by Jamie A. Waters

Kayla, raised as a ruin rat, is back outside the towers control…or is she.

The leader, Alec, has forged a connection that cannot be broken. Even though her heart is given to Carl, her entire being yearns for Alec.

A rival power has infiltrated to area, ruling families are turning against each other and that is just the beginning or Kayla’s trouble. Kayla has discovered an untainted water source, something that is a magnificent miracle but will also bring the known civilizations to war.

Fabulous World Building!

There is just something about Waters writing that pulls the readers right into the heart of the plot. Emotional invested in the outcome, I couldn’t help but love Shadow of the Coalition and leaving me anxiously awaiting the continuation of Kayla’s story.

I received this ARC copy Shadow of the Coalition from Jamie A. Waters in exchange for a honest review. This book is set for publication June 28, 2016.

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