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The Nash Criterion by Erec Stebbins (Intel 1#4)

The Nash Criterion
by Erec Stebbins

My rating: 5 stars

Series: INTEL 1 - Book 4 / Armageddon Duology - Book 2
Publisher: Twice Pi Press (July 4, 2016)
Publication Date: July 4, 2016
Genre: Thriller | Suspense | Political
Print Length: 149 pages
Available from: Amazon

We believed our government was of the people, by the people, and for the people. We were wrong. A terrorist's last words lead a team of special agents to the discovery of an unimaginable global conspiracy. But time is running out. The numbers are converging. Can a group of fugitive FBI and CIA operatives prevent the coming catastrophe before the world crosses The Nash Criterion?

The stunning conclusion of an Armageddon duology and sequel to The Anonymous Signal. Book four in the Intel 1 Novels.

The Nash Criterion by Erec Stebbins (Intel 1#4)

The Nash Criterion (INTEL 1, #4)What if one conspiracy theory was more than just a theory? What if the sovereign nations around the globe were merely puppets in a game of control and wars, monetary crashes and booms were the manipulations of one secret group? Terrifying thought, isn’t it? We are not talking just politics here, we are talking complete control where every action is choreographed to attain one ultimate goal? Erec Stebbins is back with another tale of rapid-fire action, as one of the world’s darkest secrets is uncovered within the mathematic equations of a once beautiful mind. Are we unknowingly part of The Nash Criterion?

They have remained hidden through generations, a secret group with the power to shape the world as easily as a child shapes clay. Now they have been found out and it wasn’t through the CIA or FBI directly, it was through fugitive agents, daring to break the rules and determined to expose the ruse we have all lived under. This is their story, it is intriguing, sinister, terrifying and far too believable in a world where making connections and giving orders is only one mouse click away. Forget 1984, that was child’s play.

Once again, Erec Stebbins brings his creative brilliance to each page, as he weaves a tale of dark intrigue and ultimate power held in the palms of a handful of people. Could it be that the leaders of nations know of this group, that they are willing puppets? Your head will spin, as the possibilities race through your mind. Definitely powerful and thought-provoking reading from a talented wordsmith.

I received an ARC edition from Erec Stebbins in exchange for my honest review.

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