Friday, July 22, 2016

Amber and Blue by K.R. Rowe

Amber & Blue
by K.R. Rowe

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: January 7, 2014
Publisher: K. R. Rowe
ISBN-10: 1502710889
ISBN-13: 978-1502710888
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Print Length: 252 pages
Available from: Barnes & Noble | Amazon

"You can contain the passion of your heart no more than I can control the breath that I take. "

Alex was just an adventurous kid when he saved a young girl's life. Years later, sudden bouts of recurring nightmares drove him to find her, only to have her ripped from his life by a lunatic. The one time he needed help, he was forced to call on Lucien; a criminal, a spy, and a man he despises. Lucien is driven to help by guilt and obsession, and in the process, he is willing to risk his own life and betray a madman he once called his brother. Stolen from the banks of the Tennessee River, she was swept to the war torn streets of Old Montreal. Is Alex's love strong enough to protect her once more? Not from the grip of the madman who took her, but from the arms of Lucien, the criminal, who saved her.

Amber & Blue by K.R. Rowe

Amber and BlueIn a future that has become wild, divided severely by the haves and have-nots, young love between the classes must remain hidden, but when a wealthy young woman is kidnapped by a handsome, smooth-talking man and his monster of a partner, one horrific moment will alter their relationship and her kidnapper will become her world and her protector.

Alex wasn’t more than a child himself when he became her hero. As a wild boar caught young Grace in his sights and death was all she could imagine, as she looks up to meet the raging beast, Grace finds the eyes of an angel, her hero and her savior. Alex sees his future and has sworn to always keep Grace safe even if Grace can never be his. When Grace is kidnapped for ransom, Alex is forced to ask for the help of the one man he is loath to owe anything to.

Lucien doesn’t play on the right side of the law, but Grace becomes his chance for redemption as he hides her away in one of the world’s most dangerous cities, and finds himself falling for her innocence and beauty. Will Grace all for the man who hides her or will her love for her young savior bring her home to his arms or to the cold arms of the man she is betrothed to?

They say the eyes are windows to the soul and K.R. Rowe’s Amber and Blue is the tale of the one young woman who has lost her past and found a powerful attraction to the man who holds her captive while dreaming of the eyes of another she cannot recognize. Tense, engaging and fraught with turmoil, each page pulled me deeper into the intrigues of the heart and the mysteries of attractions as two men and one woman struggle to find inner peace, each in their own way. Ms. Rowe’s tale contains a touch of sweetness, innocence, cruelty and personal loss, as well as a chance at redemption through love.

K.R. Rowe has created a magnetic read that will tug at your heart while keeping the next twist just around the corner. Scenes that feel alive, characters that are very human and a plot that is simply amazing! This is a keeper for sure!



  1. Thank you so much for the lovely review. I'm so happy you've enjoyed it. :)

    1. Thank YOU for writing Amber & Blue!