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Human Intervention by Faith S. Lynn (Intervention, #1)

Human Intervention
by Faith S. Lynn

Series: Intervention - Book 1
Publication Date: November 28, 2015
Publisher: F.S. Lynn
Genre: YA Scifi | Dystopian
Print Length: 227 pages
Available from: Amazon
Some things in our lives we don’t put much thought into because we either think they don’t hold much importance, or maybe, we just don’t want to put in the effort to find out just how wrong our little worlds are.
My name is Sadie, and this is how I have survived all eighteen years of my life. I have ignored the things that I shouldn’t have, and didn’t ask the questions I should have. I am a Norm. Just an average Joe, living in a world obsessed with genetic enhancements.
He... he is everything. Gorgeous, smart, and a Norm as well. He is also my new science teacher. And when he came into our small little town… hell came with him.

Human Intervention by Faith S. Lynn (Intervention, #1)

Human Intervention (Intervention, #1)In a world striving for genetic perfection and evolution, where science has been warped into a tool for power and wealth, the wealthy can custom order their child for everything from looks to intelligence. Meanwhile the middle and lower classes are forced to allow nature to take its course, widening the ever growing economic and social gap.

Bright, beautiful and filled with attitude, eighteen-year-old Sadie is a Norm, no genetic altering and yet, there is something different about her and she knows it. She also knows that her mother refuses to talk about their past, the father she never knew and she cannot even answer a simple question, like where did she come from? What happened to her father, a nameless shadow in her mind.

Sadie’s senior year will be marked by two big events, the hot new science teacher who takes an interest in her and the day school-wide testing was to be done by the corporation responsible for the “selects.” Little did Sadie know that these two events would forever alter her world, skew her perceptions on life and take her into the bowels of hell and beyond.

Human Intervention from Faith S. Lynn is one giant leap out of the box in a world full of fabulous YA science fiction and fantasy. Fresh, frightening and almost far too real to ignore, Ms. Lynn takes us on a journey into the dark side of humanity and science. In a world where we consider science to be a godlike entity and hold beauty, station and intelligence in high regard, Ms.Lynn found me asking myself just how far will humans go in the quest for perfection?

Faith S. Lynn has taken a bold leap into a world filled with twisted minds, heartless “tests” and inhumane acts while Sadie proves she can take whatever they dish out, until her heart becomes involved. Even then, this hard-headed girl proves that being a guinea pig or lab rat doesn’t mean one is docile and compliant. I practically sucked each word off the page as I fell into this tale, mesmerized by this author’s talent to plow through every twist and every turn without a single misstep! Fabulous characters who feel perfect for their role, dialogue that is genuine and scenes so detailed there were moments I could smell the copper or ozone in the air.

Do yourself a favor, just read it, you’ll love it, I did!

I received this copy from Faith S. Lynn in exchange for my honest review.


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