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Standing in Shadows by Cynthia A. Morgan (Dark Fey, #2)

Standing in Shadows
by Cynthia A. Morgan

My rating: 4.5 stars
Series: The Dark Fey Trilogy - Book 2
Publisher: Creativia; 2 edition (December 4, 2015)
Publication Date: December 4, 2015
ISBN-10: 1533044899
ISBN-13: 978-1533044891
Genre: YA Fantasy
Print Length: 244 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
After escaping captivity, Gairynzvl has been rescued by the Light-loving Fey. Now, he wants to return into the dark realm of The Reviled and rescue the innocent childfey trapped there.

But it will take strength, courage and more than one Fey to breach the borders of The Uunglarda, and to slip past the legions of Dark Fey who abide there. The daring mission will shake the foundations of everything The Fey of The Light have accepted as truth for thousands of years, but Gairynzvl knows the secret ways in and out of the dark realm.

Slipping into the darkness through darkness is easy; escaping with the childfey is another matter. Should they be captured, his band of liberators will pray for death long before it comes. Even is success, their deeds could spark a full scale war, unleashing the barbaric hatred and viciousness of The Reviled upon the peace-loving Fey of The Light.

Will the Fey of the Light risk a savage war in order to rescue the innocent childfey, and who are prepared to join Gairynzvl's quest to the realm of shadows and fear?

Standing in Shadows by Cynthia A. Morgan (Dark Fey, #2)
Standing in Shadows (The Dark Fey Trilogy #2)Accepted into the loving embrace of the Light Fey, Gairynzvl knows he must return to the dark realm and rescue the childfey trapped there in a brutal living hell. He needs strength, support and the faith of the Light Fey that he WILL succeed. Not warriors by nature, how can the Light Fey stand against the warriors of the Reviled? Their journey will be treacherous, the possibility of discovery an capture far too great, but this band of rescuers are determined to bring the precious youth of the Fey home to their families before they have been either killed or turned.

Standing in the Shadows by Cynthia A. Morgan is a tale of dark fantasy, new beginnings and the power of love over hate. As characters return in this addition in the Dark Fey Trilogy, there is a definite feeling of growth and awareness of others this time out. I visualized a world as giving as the Light Fey, who welcomed a former enemy back into their fold and then entrusted their lives and the lives of their precious young to his hands, knowing the possibility of a retaliatory war could be on the horizon.

Once again, each scene comes to life, as Ms. Morgan details the good, the bad and the terrifying. Unlikely allies join forces to protect the innocent at their own peril. Some secrets may be divulged as characters reveal themselves and a new trust is formed with love and respect as one Fey is willing to risk and accept his own death to protect his newfound “family.” Brilliant timing, high tension and bravery as the Light and Dark Fey prepare for the third and final act of this captivating trilogy. Travel through enemy caverns, through the dark and twisted maze of tunnels with death and discovery around every corner.

I received this copy from Cynthia A. Morgan in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Thank You Dianne for your beautiful and insightful review :) So very glad you enjoyed this second installment :)