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Amulet II by Fredrik Nath (Roman Wars 2)

Amulet II
by Fredrik Nath

My rating: 3 stars

Series: Roman Amulet - Book 2
Publisher: Fredrik Nath (November 26, 2015)
Publication Date: November 26, 2015
Genre: Historical Fiction
Print Length: 405 pages
Available from: Amazon

When Aulus Veridius Scapula flees Pontus his heart is breaking. He has been comfortable there for too long and realises he must find the amulet, stolen from him by his cousin Marcus, for it contains the key to untold wealth. He follows Marcus to Gaul where he fights under Caesar but despite his desperate efforts, he fails to find what he seeks. Sent back to Rome in disgrace, he continues his search, leaving a trail of blood in the streets and the arenas of the Mother City. In this tale of love, battle and family honour, Aulus follows his inexorable fate once again

Amulet II by Fredrik Nath (Roman Wars 2) 

The Gallic War (Amulet, #2)Grab a sword and a shield, you’re headed back to the days when Rome was a war machine, a conqueror and deceit could be just around the next corner. As one injured warrior takes advantage of his absent king’s palace, hospitality and enjoys the sins of the flesh with his wife. Aulus is on the hunt for an amulet promised to bring great wealth that was stolen from him and he means to get his revenge and his amulet back. Now healed enough to run for his life when news of the king’s return hits the castle, Aulus will resume the hunt. This is his story, right or wrong, he is a man on a mission.

Amulet II by Fredrik Nath has the potential for greatness! All of the elements are there, history blended with fiction, scenes that come to life and characters that could be cast in a movie to play their roles. Mr. Nath does have a wonderful tale to tell, but sometimes I was lost in the detail or repetition of facts. I do like how we are not asked to like the characters, we are allowed to make our own decision, but only to follow their thought train on the events that transpire.

I was asked to review this book as a standalone, assured I did not need book one to enjoy Amulet II, but what I found were references to the first book that I NEEDED to completely follow book 2. Missing that information or the flavor of how everything started, I just couldn’t connect with the story as deeply as I wanted to. I actively “live” in each book I read, but I felt there was a no trespassing sign in my way this time.

I received this copy from Fredrik Nath in exchange for my honest review.

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