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Bound by Duty by Stormy Smith

Bound by Duty
by Stormy Smith

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Bound - Book 1
Publisher: Perfect Storm Publishing, LLC (July 23, 2014)
Publication Date: July 23, 2014
Genre: YA Fantasy
Print Length: 391 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Amelia grew up in a world of half-truths. She knows she's an Elder but has no idea what that means. Her father reminds her daily that she must maintain control but he refuses to explain why. Even worse, she's betrothed to the prince of the Immortals and she doesn't even know his name.

Finally breaking free to live a few normal years at a community college, the last thing Amelia expects is to find her best friend in a cheeky Southern girl and to fall for a self-assured human who sees her for who she is and not what she'll be.

As she learns more about herself, Amelia realizes the line between love and duty is a thin one. As her power continues to increase exponentially and her questions are slowly answered, Amelia must make the ultimate choice. The question is, will her head or her heart win the battle?

Bound by Duty by Stormy Smith 
Bound by Duty (Bound, #1)After growing up in a world filled with half-truths, Amelia is still confused and lost. She knows she is an “Elder” but what does that mean? It isn’t like the title came with an instruction manual or that anyone bothered to enlighten her. Yes, she has some magical powers, yes, they are a little out of control at times and yes, she seems to getting more coming online with each passing day.

If you were at teen kept in the dark, what would you do? Amelia took the high road and went to college where she found her first best friend and a young man who loved her for herself, the person, not “The Elder.” She also discovers she is betrothed to the Prince of the Immortals, lovely, huh? No name, no picture, only the word “duty.” What if you love someone dearly and your heart knows he belongs with you? How do you choose between love and duty when you don’t know enough to make such a monumental decision? Would she be risking the safety of everyone she loves for the life she wants?

Bound by Duty by Stormy Smith is a little jog off the normal path many fantasy tales take. Fabulous characters, brilliant dialogue and a writing style that brings each scene to life, I have to say, the fact that Amelia KNEW she was different was a nice change. Keeping her in the dark, wow, kind of brutal, but it does give a new layer to the plot!
Fresh, fantastic and full of surprises, I say read it!

I received this copy from Stormy Smith in exchange for my honest review.

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