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Joy by Lena North (The Dreughan, #3)

by Lena North

Series: The Dreughan - Book 3
Publisher: Flat-out; 2 edition (September 30, 2015)
Publication Date: September 30, 2015
Genre: YA Fantasy
Print Length: 231 pages
Available from: Amazon
Troy finally has what he always wanted, a place where he belongs. Vilda and Sannah are like sisters to him, and through them, he has a place in their Dreughan family. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for his family, he’s already killed for them and he would do it again, without remorse.

The Waterfolk called for a meeting to discuss how to end the war that never ends, and Troy is asked to be a part of a small group that goes with Brock, the General of the Dreughan, to the negotiations. He's happy to be chosen, to be trusted, but he also has another reason for going. They suspect that Valerian of the Waterfolk could be his half-brother, and Troy is eager to take a look at the man. This turns out to be more complicated than he thought, because the Waterfolk seem to recognize him immediately, and neither Troy nor his family can understand why.

As a part of the negotiation, it is decided that a group of Dreughan will visit Pantano, the main village of the Waterfolk, and Troy is going with them. It soon becomes clear to him that, whether he likes it or not, he has more than one family.

Troy’s warrior friend Mal and Drake's sister Rinna are also part of the group and they’re all happy to be in the beautiful village, but strange things are happening, things that no one can explain. Slowly they start to suspect that someone wants to keep the war going.

Then Troy has to do everything he can to protect his family, his families. If he succeeds, then it would help ending the war, but it looks like he will have to pay a high price.

 Joy by Lena North (The Dreughan, #3)

Joy (The Dreughan, #3)He can lighten hearts and the strained moments with his wit and charm. He can also kill with deadly precision and he will. Troy’s is the third heart that beats in sync with Vilma and Susannah’s. Loyal to a fault and the easy going joker, life has uncovered the secrets of his heritage and finally given him a blood family, but life never makes things easy and his heart’s journey “home” will be treacherous and painful, if he survives. He will trade his own life to save the lives of those he calls family as well as the thousand unknown faces trapped in a war that someone wants to re-kindle.

It’s time for his heart to find a safe haven, a woman to belong to for eternity. It’s time for Troy to find Joy and author Lena North is just the one to show him the way, but not without consequences and the true tests of loyalty, love and honor as he shows the world what he is made of behind that crooked smirk.

I felt this tale in my heart, it vibrated in my soul as Troy secretly takes on a mission to find a traitor, a band of cold-blooded killers that will shake the very core of all he treasures. Only one woman will continue to believe in him as one by one, family and friends turn their back on him, leaving him banished and without the home he thought he had found. I could have cried, I got angry and disgusted and I could almost hear the music of each event, particularly the soulful notes of betrayal, as well as the swells of Joy that became the highs in a tale rich with vivid scenes, truly realistic characters and the search for one’s identity. Lena North is a master story-teller who can write humor and heart as easily as she writes darkness and pain. And her endings? Perfect!

I received an ARC edition from Lena North in exchange for my honest review.

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