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Tales of Crucified Blunt by Areesh Fatmee

Tales Of Crucified Blunt
by Areesh Fatmee

My rating: 4 stars

Publisher: Beyond Sanity Publishing; 1 edition (December 13, 2015)
Publication Date: December 13, 2015
Genre: Poetry/Prose Collection
Print Length: 63 pages
Available from: Amazon

The tales of crucified Blunt is like a black hole. It washes away the light and there's just a gloomy grim darkness. It may not prove to be a soul relaxant yet it is something someone gasps reading after. Its a collection of tales from our lives. From our very own dark episodes of life. It might not solve the issues but it might assure
you that you do have issues with your soul. Mental banalities... Emotional chaos... and the disastrous social mockery.
Its terrible indeed.

Tales of Crucified Blunt by Areesh Fatmee

Tales Of Crucified BluntPowerful brief passages of poetry and prose intertwined into a brief read that is both calming at first blush and disturbing when re-read. Tales of suffering, love and acceptance, told from the soul of Fareesh Fatmee. Tales of the Crucified Blunt is not sweet poetry, filled with fanciful words, but a statement of life, maybe not yours, but of someone’s existence. Both eye opening and emotionally riveting, while not overbearing or lofty in its dialogue. This is a wonderful reminder of those around us, seen and unseen who we forget to give thought to.

Very short, very readable and certainly gently thought-provoking.

I received this copy from Areesh Fatmee in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. What a fabulous title and I'm drawn to the cover art too. Sounds very interesting and I enjoy short stories and collections. Great review!