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Carol Riggs' THE LYING PLANET Tour & Giveaway

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They were teens hoping to gain entrance into PROMISE CITY
Has it all been a lie?
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The Lying Planet
by Carol Riggs

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Entangled: digiTeen (September 19, 2016)
Publication Date: September 19, 2016
Genre: 12+ YA Science Fiction/Fantasy
Print Length: 285 pages
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Promise City. That’s the colony I’ve been aiming for all my life on the planet Liberty. The only thing standing in my way? The Machine. On my eighteenth birthday, this mysterious, octopus-like device will scan my brain and Test my deeds. Good thing I’ve been focusing on being Jay Lawton, hard worker and rule follower, my whole life. Freedom is just beyond my fingertips.

Or so I thought. Two weeks before my Testing with the Machine, I’ve stumbled upon a new reality. The truth. In a single sleepless night, everything I thought I knew about the adults in our colony changes. And the only one who’s totally on my side is the clever, beautiful rebel, Peyton. Together we have to convince the others to sabotage their Testings before it’s too late.

Before the ceremonies are over and the hunting begins.

 The Lying Planet by Carol Riggs
The Lying PlanetStudy hard, they said. Be kind, have honor and trust in the system and you will be given your pass to Promise City, where your whole life will lay ahead of you like a midnight buffet. Jay Lawton was every parent’s dream, an excellent student, never getting into trouble, a rule follower, so two weeks before he was to take “The Test” when he turned eighteen, everyone expected a one of the highest scores ever, including Jay. It it all changed one night and his world went from an almost Utopian existence to the most horrific nightmare a child could imagine and there was no one to turn to, except his peers.

Too bad few were trustworthy enough to either believe in his words or at least not go running to the adults, the very beings that terrified Jay. Was it possible to undermine “The Test” and not be sent to Promise City? If one failed and were exiled, what then? This is Jay’s story and his fight for the survival of his fellow students. How much would you sacrifice to save your friends? What about your family?

Carol Riggs’ The Lying Planet is young adult science fiction at its best as one boy keeps a level head in the face of death and deceit for the sake of humanity’s future. And you thought your parents were evil because they lied to you about the Easter Bunny? Hang on tight as the tension ramps up, and the race is on for survival against the odds as teens are forced to come of age and make the hard decisions no child should have to make.

Carol Riggs  I’m a writer of Young Adult fiction. My YA sci-fi debut novel, THE BODY INSTITUTE, explores themes of body image and identity. My YA fantasy, BOTTLED, released July 7, 2016, from Clean Reads. My YA sci-fi, THE LYING PLANET (formerly called Safe Zone), will release September 19, 2016, via Entangled Teen. I live in the beautiful, green state of Oregon and have a Studio Arts degree. I’m an SCBWI member. You’ll usually find me in my writing cave, surrounded by my dragon collection and the characters in my head. I enjoy reading–mostly young adult novels–as well as drawing, painting, and quilting. I also attend writing conferences, walk with my husband, and enjoy music and dance of all kinds. 

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Inside the enormous building, I walk by rows of empty bleachers. My footsteps slow as I near an imposing apparatus.

The Machine.

A full three meters tall, the Machine’s silver arms flare out from a single seat, making it look like a predatory mutant octopus. A plexifiber dome encloses and protects it. A biolock secures access to the dome. It looks almost alive, as though it’s waiting, sleeping…conserving energy until it’s time for the graduation ceremony.

Shivers crawl down my arms. Eerie as it is, the Testing Machine is my ticket out of Sanctuary. It’ll show what I’ve contributed to the zone and prove I’m worthy to join the colony of Promise City. Thanks to the uncanny way it judges us—and the Board rewarding high scores and threatening banishment for low ones—productivity has skyrocketed. The Machine boggles my mind. For the last six years it’s been here, ever since kids were eighteen and old enough for the Testing to start up, it has held the power of life and death on this planet.


A rowdy whoop echoes around the stadium, making me flinch.

“Hey, Lawton, ogling the beast?” a deep voice calls. “Making sure it’s recording every single one of your dedicated community services?”

I turn to find one of my friends wearing a helioball cap walking into the building. Nash Redmond. A ludmium-powered pruning device and a maintenance bucket dangle from his hands. Two of our other friends are on landscaping duty with him, carrying tools and wearing gloves. Leonard walks beside him, his lanky form mimicking Nash’s casual walk, but Peyton copies no one. Her petite, tomboyish body moves toward me with purpose. Her uniform is mismatched, an orange shirt paired with dark blue pants.

“Hey, Nash,” I say. After what we’ve seen at the education compound, I don’t know how he can act normal, almost cheerful. I give Peyton a half smile. “Why are you still hanging out with these guys?”

She grins, her slightly crooked teeth crisp and white against her naturally brown skin. “They’re insane. I adore insanity.”

“I hope you don’t regret it.” I toss a meaningful glance at the Machine, and it’s not reassuring that she shrugs. She’s changed over the seasons, gone renegade. Ever since that one Harvest Equinox party two years ago, when we stopped hanging out. Now she skips education sessions with Nash and Leonard and works at community service only long enough to log in her required hours. I doubt she’ll flunk and get banished, but she won’t score very high. Apparently the Machine doesn’t spur everyone into being more productive.

“Peyton doesn’t care, so why should you?” Nash asks me. “All we need to do is pass the Testing, not reach superhero-level scores. Take me, for instance. Do I look worried? No, because tomorrow at my ceremony, I’m gonna pass.”

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  1. I wish I'd never heard about how lonely my parents are without me by my side. I'm torn between going home to live with them and continue living where I am now.

  2. I'm not sure what I would do if the world turned upside down on me...I would probably have an initial panic then sit down to try and work out what needed to be done first on the road to righting it all

  3. Interested in what the machine does and what happen to Jay.

  4. If my world was turned upside down. I'd need time to accept & think.

  5. If everything I had ever known was suddenly twisted and turned on its head I would surely have a pretty huge breakdown. I don't think I would handle it very well. Lol.

  6. I'd try to make the best out of the worst situation. Must not let my anxiety take over!

  7. I'm interested in the history behind the machine. Who built it? Why? And just what makes it decide who stays and who goes?

  8. I'm interested in reading this intriguing bit of sci fi.

  9. The book sounds very intriguing, so I'm looking forward to reading it!

  10. I think you would have to learn to change and go with the flow to survive.

  11. This looks like a great book & would be hard to put down.

  12. I would probably have a heart attack! Then I would try to adjust to my new surroundings!