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Portraits of the Dead by John Nicholl

Portraits of the Dead
by John Nicholl

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: September 1, 2016
ISBN-10: 1786972670
ISBN-13: 978-1786972675
Genre: Thriller | Dark Suspense
Print Length: 324 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Emma didn’t know how long he hid, silent and unmoving, in the large Victorian wardrobe to the side of her single bed. She didn’t know how long he peered, salivating and drooling, between the two heavy dark oak doors, and watched, mesmerised, as she slowly drifted into fitful sleep. She didn't know what time he pushed the doors open and crept towards her in the drab grey darkness of the night.

Detective Inspector Gravel finds himself floundering when a local nineteen-year-old university student is abducted and imprisoned by a sadistic serial killer, who has already tortured and killed at least five young women.

The greater the evil, the more deadly the game… How far would you go to save your life?

Portraits of the Dead by John Nicholl

Portraits of the DeadUniversity, a time for young adults to spread their wings, to hold themselves accountable for their actions and hopefully it is in an environment that feels safe. As excited as the young adult is to get away from home, their parents can only worry that something vile won’t happen to their child. But it did happen to Emma’s parents, their worst nightmare came alive the day their daughter was abducted.

As devastated as they felt, what was truly happening to Emma is beyond anything a sane adult could conjure. She has become the slave, the plaything and victim of a twisted monster. Beaten, locked away, tortured and dehumanized, Emma barely clings to any hope of rescue and almost prays for death….almost…but the portraits of the girls that came before her are begging for revenge...against The Master.

Meanwhile, dedicated Detective Inspector Gravel and his team search for clues, anything at all that may lead to finding Emma, hopefully still alive, hopefully not damaged beyond repair. What their inquiries lead to are the graves of other young victims, mutilated and decomposing and they all have similarities to Emma. Is it someone she knows, an old lover, a stalker looking for someone that looks like her?

Heroes will die in the search for Emma and nothing concrete will arise, as law enforcement works around the clock and the sands of time and sanity run out for Emma…
John Nicholl has dredged up a nightmarish tale that could be all too real in his latest dark piece, Portraits of the Dead. His bold writing and attention to even the smallest of details will bring every scene to life. You will cringe, shudder and want to cry for the Hell one girl must endure. You may even feel rage for the reporters who see a sensational story, not a human in desperate need of saving, I did. It was all too real, all too horrific. That said, this proves that John Nicholl has got the chops to deal out riveting reading that feels alive on every page.

I received this copy from John Nicholl in exchange for my honest review.

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