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Somewhere in the City by Toby Neal (Michaels Family Romance Book 2)

Somewhere in the City
by Toby Neal

My rating: 4.5 stars

Series: Michaels Family Romance - Book 2
Publisher: Toby Neal; 3 edition (August 18, 2015)
Publication Date: August 18, 2015
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 219 pages
Available from: Amazon

It’s a long way from sleepy St. Thomas to the big city.
"It's dangerous to be too beautiful." The year is 1989, and magnet-for-trouble Pearl Michaels leaves her childhood home, the tropical paradise of St. Thomas, to live with her sister in Boston. Discovered as a model, Pearl finds fame, fortune, and Magnus Thorne.
Harley-riding, enigmatic Magnus is a man with a past and a hazardous, secret present. The last thing he needs or wants is an addiction to a woman so famous she's known simply as "Pearl," but he can’t seem to let her go.
Danger and passion stalk Magnus and Pearl from Paris to Dubai, and love's not the only thing at stake. 

Somewhere in the City by Toby Neal

Ask any parent, you raise your kids with the same love and care and they each come out different. Pearl was the family wild child, desperate to leave their tropical island and taste life in the fast lane. She was a dare devil, a rule breaker and it was breaking one of those rules that cost her one of the greatest losses of her life. But it was her guilt and cowardice coming forward that turned her life into an internal living hell. It would take a dark man of extreme self-confidence and natural power to rescue Pearl from herself. But first, they had to meet and moving to Boston with the responsible Ruby was the first step.

Her beauty opens doors to romance and a career as one of the world’s top models, but it is her weakness that may have landed her the heart of the only man who could unlock her inner strength. Brandon is kind, caring and wears his heart on his sleeve. Magnus is larger than life and he has taken Pearl under his wing, given her a sense of self-worth and then he tells her he must “go away.” Will Pearl fall back into her self-destructive habits or will she finally have enough self-respect to forgive herself for past sins and embrace the woman she is becoming.
What a ride, following Pearl as she becomes a model, watching her struggles to take responsibility for herself and her actions and seeing how she handled a lopsided romantic triangle.

Toby Neal is back with the second tale of three sisters, each unique, each trying to spread their wings and each struggling in a new world they were ill-prepared for. Somewhere in the City is both heartbreaking at times and filled with romantic heat and passion. Follow Pearl, a young woman comfortable with her appearance, yet miserable with her insecurities and dark secrets. Magnus, seriously, doesn’t his name say it all? Big guy, big heart and big Harley. Let’s not forget Brandon, the man who opened the modeling world doors for Pearl, a gentleman falling in love. But who is right for Pearl?

Once again, Toby Neal shifts for drama to delight with some heated passion along the way, will Pearl find her happy ending?

I received this copy from Toby Neal in exchange for my honest review.

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