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When The Dragon Roars by Nesly Clerge (The Starks Trilogy Book 2)

When The Dragon Roars
by Nesly Clerge

My rating: 5 stars

Trilogy: The Starks Trilogy - Book 2
Publisher: Clerge Books, LLC (October 10, 2016)
Publication Date: October 10, 2016
Genre: Crime | Thriller | Suspense
Print Length: 400 pages
Available from: Amazon
Secrets and lies force their way to the surface in Nesly Clerge’s newest novel of deception, crime, and buried history. Frederick Starks thought he’d already lost as much as one man could: A beautiful family, the luxurious life wealth provides, success, admiration—all stripped from him in one moment of madness that resulted in a fifteen-year sentence in a maximum security prison. Certain that life has gotten as bad as it can get, Starks contrives a way to rise to the top of the inmate hierarchy. But his assumption is wrong. Amid stunning revelations, betrayals, and violence, Starks faces one challenge after another, until a life-altering event forces him into the most brutal confrontation of all: the truth about himself.  

 When The Dragon Roars by Nesly Clerge (The Starks Trilogy Book 2)

When The Dragon Roars (The Starks Trilogy #2)A wealthy and successful businessman strikes out in rage and his wife’s lover is dead and Frederick Starks will spend the next fifteen years of his life in prison. A thinker, a man who likes to solve problems, a man used to being in control, Starks has found that the only way to stay alive is to gain power and respect among the hardened men he now lives with. A few “gifts” here, a few bribes there, fulfilled promises and a gang of his own give Starks a false sense of security.

Starks has remade himself after the last attack on his life, he no longer looks the part of the man he was, and he has become hard, edgy and manipulating. He also has vowed to stop prison bullies from taking advantage of the weak. But life isn’t always fair and power behind bars does not mean the rest of the world stops until he is released. His divorce is ongoing, his wife spending his money like its water, another man living in the home he paid for, and his children? He feels all he has done is for them, but even as a parent he knows he has failed the day he walked through the prison doors.

His friends on the outside are growing thin, lies, betrayals and heartbreaking revelations send him reeling into damage control mode, but is it too late? Who can he trust? What can he believe? But it is an event in prison that will bring the mighty Starks to his knees and the truth of who Frederick Starks really is comes slamming down like a freight train, leaving him a raw and bloody mass with no substance.

Nesly Clerge continues the story of Frederick Starks in When the Dragon Roars as this damaged man’s heavy armor is pierced and his heart is laid bare to the world as this anti-hero proves he is as human as any man with a heart that is bigger than he will let on. Mr. Clerge has given us characters that breathe, atmosphere that is desperate and many, many reasons to feel everything from joy to tears. Sometimes harsh, sometimes cold, every page is magnetic with intrigue. It takes a lot of talent to create so much turmoil and make it feel real. Nesly Clerge has that talent and it shines through brilliantly.

I received an ARC edition from Nesly Clerge in exchange for my honest review.

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