Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Worldwaker by Dean F. Wilson (The Great Iron War #5)

by Dean F. Wilson

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Great Iron War - Book 5
Publisher: Dioscuri Press (August 31, 2016)
Publication Date: August 31, 2016
Genre: Steampunk - Adventure | Scifi
Print Length: 258 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Every victory is its own defeat. General Rommond's efforts to amass technological superiority over the enemy has resulted in the creation of a weapon that could destroy everything, and a faction just mad enough to use it.

The Armageddon Brigade has awoken from its deep slumber, and it seeks to wake the world with it. Attracting the brightest, and most unstable, of minds, this splinter group of the Resistance has become the greatest thorn in Rommond's side.

The Resistance and the Regime must unite to defeat a foe that answers to neither of them. Yet their deep divisions and long-held suspicions threaten to end the Great Iron War once and for all—by ending everything.

  Worldwaker by Dean F. Wilson (The Great Iron War #5) 

Worldwaker (The Great Iron War, #5)The Great Iron War has taken to the skies and both the Resistance and the Regime must stand together to save the world from total annihilation. Will this put their war into perspective? Will they learn to play nice and come to at least a temporary truce? Without it neither will be the last one standing. There are no longer two sides, but three and even in war, three is a crowd, a very deadly crowd.

When the efforts of General Rommond to gain technological superiority actually achieve the creation of the ultimate death machine, but in the wrong hands, it has become a terrorizing monster that must be taken down. But how? The Bomb is deadly, well-protected and one false move could set it off.

Do you believe in machine spirits? Is it possible to disarm the Bomb by communing with them?
On another front, the Birth Master must be taken down, his revolting control over female wombs must end, at any cost and one woman has vowed to do it.

Dean F. Wilson’s Worldwaker is non-stop chaotic action from start to finish, racing along at the same breakneck speed we have come to expect in his brilliantly detailed word. So many characters to follow and cheer for. So many scenes that come to life with razor-sharp tension. Through it all, there are sparks of humor, the atmosphere of the steampunk world and danger, grave danger to be overcome.

As Mr. Dean gives more life and color to his characters we tend to forget they are not real and when one hurt, we are up in arms! I can see this series on the silver screen or as a Television series, and it makes me smile! What an amazing series by a creative author who gives each page his all.

I received this copy from Dean F. Wilson in exchange for my honest review.

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