Saturday, October 1, 2016

Obsidian Music by Scarlett Dawn (Lion Security #3)

Obsidian Music

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Written by: Scarlett Dawn
Print Length: 159 pages
Publication Date: September 27, 2016

The bestselling conclusion to the Lion Security series is here!

Beth and Daniil's passionate love story reaches its ultimate struggle when Beth is kidnapped by Daniil's enemies. Dark and dangerous killers hold her captive, but the Russian mafia will stop at nothing for her return. With the whole world searching for the mafia boss' lover, her safety is paramount, and it's only a matter of time before she is found. But will it be too late?

Can Beth return whole from her traumatic fight for survival?

Or will she be irreversibly damaged?

Obsidian Music (Lion Security, #3)Obsidian Music by Scarlett Dawn

Glut clenching action followed by glut clenching laughter, Dawn, once again, weaves a tale that enthralls you from start to finish.

Obsidian Music leads off where Obsidian Maskended. Beth has been taken, leaving her in the hands with Daniil’s enemies. Chained, demoralized and battered, Beth circumstances are beyond torturous. Holding on to Daniil’s command to survive, Beth does everything in her power to save herself and her babies.

What happens when you take the love of the Russian mafia’s life? All hell is going to break loose…and a blood bath of survival ensues.

I never thought with a high body count, I could find myself laughing and developing a complete investment in characters; but Scarlett Dawn somehow brings the bond of undiluted love, 100% the real deal for both a couple and a family, that will do anything not just to survive but thrive, shining through.

I received this copy of Obsidian Music from Scarlett Dawn in exchange for a honest review.

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