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Stranded With You by Barbara L.B. Storey (Fate Chose Us, #1)

Stranded With You
by Barbara L.B. Storey

Series: Fate Chose Us - Book 1
Publisher: Barbara L.B. Storey (October 17, 2016)
Publication Date: October 17, 2016
Genre: Erotic Romance
Print Length: 122 pages
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Becca –a shy, lonely set decorator – and Jon – a confident, gorgeous, and famous actor: stranded together on location, in the middle of nowhere, for an entire weekend with no way to call for help. How can such a thing happen in the twenty-first century? But it does, giving both of them the chance to let someone special into their carefully guarded lives . . . to fall in love. As utterly different as they are, fate decides to take Becca and Jon down a path neither of them could have foreseen.

If you loved Notting Hill, you're going to love Stranded With You, Book One of the Fate Chose Us series.

Stranded With You by Barbara L.B. Storey (Fate Chose Us, #1)

Stranded With You (Fate Chose Us, #1)Poor Becca, her car is less than reliable and after being the last person to leave the secluded location shoot where she worked as a set decorator, she finds herself alone in the wilderness, the darkness of night and a downpour on the way. While trapped alone, no cell reception, the wrath of Mother Nature coming down all around her, she sees a man wandering in out of nowhere. Who is he? What does he want? Is she starring in her own slasher movie?

He is the star, the big name, the hot and handsome hero and yet, somehow when he fell asleep under a beautiful old tree no one noticed he wasn’t around? Jon can’t believe his luck, there was one car left, his last chance to return to civilization and inside was a quivering young woman, just as stranded as he is.

Forced into close quarters, with time on their hands and an opportunity to just be two normal people, the spark is lit as they share stories, laughter and the magic of romance. Barbara L.B. Storey’s Stranded With You is a fun mix of sweet and sassy romance about two people being brought together by fate who discover the heat of sexual chemistry and the light-hearted joy of falling in love.

Grab the fan people, this tale heats up quickly and threatens to burst into flames as two lonely hearts find acceptance for who they are, not the role they play in life! Humor, heart and just maybe a touch of magic makes the perfect blend of sweet and sassy that is a quick read made to make you smile.

Ms. Storey has used few words to set her stage, create her atmosphere and breathe life into two of the cutest characters to grace a page! Part one of a three-part series, I see Sexy Cupid having a field day with this one!

I received an ARC edition from Barbara L.B. Storey in exchange for my honest review.

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