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Christmas Comes to Main Street by Olivia Miles

Christmas Comes to Main Street
by Olivia Miles

My rating: 4 stars

Series: The Briar Creek Series - Book 5
Publisher: Forever (September 27, 2016)
Publication Date: September 27, 2016
Genre: Holiday Romance
Print Length: 337 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

The mistletoe is out, and the gloves are off . . .

'Tis the worst season to be single, but Kara Hastings won't let a little Christmas funk spoil the festive season. Sure, running her own bakery is a little harder than she expected, but she can handle it. And she'll prove it to a certain infuriatingly handsome, bossy Big City guy. She may be sugar and spice, but she can kick his butt twice.

Nate Griffin is in Briar Creek only for the holidays, and he refuses to fall for the whole "small town, candy cane-scented Christmas Wonderland" thing. He's more interested in the fresh-faced cookie chef who always knows exactly how to get under his skin. So when Nate challenges Kara in the town's big holiday contest, it's not just the competition that starts to heat up. If he's not careful, Kara won't just melt his icy resolve against a small-town Christmas . . . she'll melt his heart too.

Christmas Comes to Main Street by Olivia Miles

Christmas Comes to Main Street (Briar Creek, #5)Let a Holiday Romance melt your heart as an elderly, yet sneaky aunt, a big city man who Bah Humbugs the Season with his past memories and a small-town wild child turned business owner discover there is more to the Season than one can see, unless they are looking with their heart. Olivia Miles brings Christmas to life, complete with all of the pressures humanity puts on the season with a heartwarming tale of, yep, you guessed it, L-O-V-E. CHRISTMAS COMES TO MAINSTREET is a delightful read, light, fluffy and sweet, like the cookies Kara Hastings bakes in her new little bakery!

Kara is working hard to make her business flourish, including doing her own deliveries. Nate has come to town to celebrate Christmas with his aunt, the owner of the local inn. To say he isn’t thrilled with the prospect of missing out on the hustle and bustle of the Big City would be an understatement, so when he literally bumps into Kara and destroys a box of her special cookies, let’s say they didn’t get off to a great start. Is it possible that the magic of the season has a sense of humor and is about to create its own special recipe for love? Can two people from diverse backgrounds stop assuming the worst about each other long enough to really see the person under the winter coat?

Past memories can weigh heavily on one’s heart, but the past is gone and here are two people who need to learn to look to the future with open minds and hearts. Olivia Miles has taken a slice of reality and sprinkled in her own special ingredients of attraction, competitiveness and a group of people who mean well, but seem to be missing out on the true meaning of the season. She topped all of this with two people in need of real love and joy and has come up with a cozy read that will make you smile, sigh and yes, that IS peppermint in the air!

I received this copy from Forever/Grand Central in exchange for my honest review.

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